The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Weyland Memory Log 1.3

We are nearing our departure, waiting on upgrades to our vessel, the acquisition of a suitable crew, and supplies. We have acquired devices called “cannons” for the ship, which will be assembled at sea, as it seems our departure must be made posthaste for reasons that are unclear. Captain Boniva is quite familiar with the nature of what he calls “firearms”, or weapons of impressive destructive capabilities, and has asked my assistance in assembling them. Conclusion: The Captain has unusual understanding of a rare technology, suggesting foreign origin. Must investigate further.

While one of the principal crew, Alcades, conducted his own, private preparations, the rest of the crew sailed the Crabcage, a vessel we had acquired for the Golemworks in exchange for their services on our ship, to a scrapyard after the Golemworks had taken all parts of interest from it. It is as yet unclear to me why we acquired the ship for them when they certainly could have on their own. On our way to the scrapyard, another vessel nearly collided with ours. Captain Boniva managed to maneuver our vessel out of the other’s path, a testament to his prowess that I imagine befits a man of his station.

As a result, the other vessel collided with a ferryboat. I moved to investigate the wayward vessel while the Captain remained with our own. Curiously, Papa Samdi and the Marchioness (a title of unusual linguistic origin; must investigate validity) de Carabas jumped in the water towards the ferryboat. The wayward vessel was devoid of any life, its only apparent remaining crew died in the collision. My investigation yielded the following: the ship, a merchant vessel, had been attacked and branded with curious markings of a skull with a crown. When I regrouped with the others, they were busy moving the passengers from the imminently sinking ferryboat on to this one. They were able to get all of the passengers out safely.

While I was initially at a loss to explain why my compatriots, particularly the ones in question would risk themselves for others, I soon discovered why. Not long after we got the passengers of the ferryboat to the shore, we were beset by throngs of people who were quite animated and heaped praise upon my compatriots. While such things are lost upon me, it seems that this might have been the motivation for Papa Samdi and the Marchioness, as they otherwise frequently seem to hostile towards others of their kind. Araris, the Hellknight, seemed to be motivated by establishing goodwill towards his otherwise feared Order of the Nail. As the celebration continued, we were approached by several individuals. Two were merchants, who competed with one another for our favor to an end that escapes me. The other was a man who wished to catalogue the events, though he seemed to desire more than a succinct account as he did not question me very long. As a result of their actions, we were rewarded with wine, parchment, rope, and a generous contract for supplies for our voyage. Perhaps this was the motivation all along, although this conclusion stretches credulity far beyond the bounds of reason. Conclusion: People are illogical, giving into their basest instincts in times of duress. Survival of the species overrides survival of the individual and when such action is undertaken, those who promote the species are rewarded.

After conferring with my compatriots, we determined that the brand on the merchant vessel was that of The Pirate Queen, an enigmatic individual whose identity is unclear. The title is one that is normally attributed to a god, though it is apparent that this is not the work of a deity (I imagine they have more important things to do). Conclusion: Nearby pirate activity in region. Given the incident with one Belumbor Thrul, a pirate under command of this Pirate Queen, and this one, it seems likely that we will encounter some at sea.


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