The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Report Detailing Voshgurvaghol

We arrived at the location in the early morning, and began our first descent. We prepared by weighting ourselves down, and using a rather disgusting spell to allow us to breathe underwater. So distasteful.

We made it down to near the outskirts of the ancient city, and saw lights shining from several towers. As we entered the city, we saw isolated skum and small bands. One of the witches associated with our party made himself to look sort of like an aboleth and scared a group off rather easily.

We approached the largest tower for investigation. It seemed largely sealed up, from what we believed at the time to be against outside intrusion. I noted that, way up in the spire, there seemed to be several large sapphires glowing, behind the glass that made up the crown.

We entered through a breach, and came into some sort of aboleth museum. After a particular party member entered, an aboleth appeared. It was an illusion, programmed to give information about the various specimens. We learned that the aboleths had experimented on gibbering mouthers (to what end, at the time, we did not know), and that some beings known as “veiled masters” were involved—they were represented by the four large sapphires. We also heard a story about Igroon, Dragon Eater of the Lost Isle, who could eat not only dragons but their hoards and souls it seemed. Such a waste of treasure. The illusion also told us something cryptic about gibbering mouthers being used as a seed of some sort.

As we left the exhibit, we found some skum living in an abandoned room. We made to show them we were passing through and meant no harm. Our Hellknight wanted to acquire a trident from them, and one went off to fetch his broodmaster. The broodmaster returned and was rather off. He stabbed himself whilst conversing with us, and suddenly attacked without provocation. He acted very erratically, and he nearly killed me. During the fight, a small mouther named “Little Chew Face” was released, and proved quite annoying to fight. The skum were defeated, and we pressed onwards and upwards.

We arrived in the large room at the top, and began to investigate. Our witch seemed to argue with himself and “consult the spirits” while cursory investigations of the sapphires began. Two were found to have strong evil auras, and the other two had none. A brief investigation of the central pool found remains of aboleths—possibly the veiled masters. Time running out on our ability to stay underwater, we returned to the ship and prepared for a second journey down.

Our return to the chamber had some more interesting results. After one sapphire had been carefully collected, a very large mouther came up from the pool and attacked us. I was unable to effect much damage on it, and it grabbed the crazy witch and dragged him below. The party followed after, and we managed to defeat it. We surmised that the aboleths were attempting to grow shoggoths from the mouthers. What role the veiled masters had in this is uncertain—it was clear that bodies of some sort of aboleth had been consumed, and that aboleth souls were in two of the sapphires, but the exact nature of what happened with these mad schemes is unknown, and probably best kept that way. I am unsure if there are more of these pools in Voshgurvaghol or not. Further exploration of the area is warranted, but by members with large research capabilities and are quite capable of underwater defense. We got lucky, perhaps, but lucky counts.

Marchioness de Carabas


blakealandarst blakealandarst

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