The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Papa Talking Out Loud To No One In Particular While Walking Around the Boat

Bad Hoodoo is everywhere man, I tell a you now cause I know. I’m the dual headed doctor wit da Live Thing In Me!?! First da small Conjure Women hexing our food, leaves a stink like a bokor. Then dees Elves are bad news too, the masked ones have got a bit of the Àshe wit dem from the old world. Papa will have to leave Cross Marks on this boat cause things only goin’ down from here man. Maybe time to leave a few Gris-gris around as well, could need help wit dat though. I know Gran can help, maybeins that one with the Fish Spirit live inside could help too though he doesn’t seem to be takin’ no shine to Papa. Papa going to have to start putting the Cross Marks on himself too, da time has come. Da Ezili, Da Tin man, Da Devil tongue, Da Fish Spirit, and the Cap’n, all gonna have to listen to Papa. Papa ain’t crazy, they’ll just have to wait to see crazy when we get there. Cause Papa knows…. Maybeins a Goat sacrifice wit some Silver DImes can make us some Toby’s…Need a proper Monkey on this boat too…


blakealandarst blakealandarst

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