The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Papa’s Explanation to Septimus of the Battle

It is too bad you were unable to join us in the battle versus the pirates, we came out victorious with no losses!! The spirits must have looked out for us today. It is too bad the Captain did not offer up to the Sea Spirit the proper offerings after the battle. I told him what was necessary to appease Besmara. But all is well, Papa took care of it. The Sea Spirit will hold no ill will against us.

The Captain was lured out with a false promise of Parley from the pirates. They were to meet the other Captain between our respective ships on rowboats. He was ambushed along with the women, Ikeda. Fortunately Ikeda is better at battle than I expected and she killed to protect the captain. She leapt 15 feet between the two rowboats and shot one of their warriors between the eyes. I have never seen such prowess in a women. Who would have known a women could fight at all??!! Women are still bad juju to have on a boat though.

The Fish man, Alcades, jumped into the shark infested water and entreated sharks to help. He even rode one into battle, very exciting!! That one has much Juju, he will work well with Papa and Grann.

As first mate, I assumed command of the ship in the absence of the Captain. I ordered the ship to assume ramming speed and that the Fiend’s Mouth cannon be armed. The strategy would have resulted in losses but the Fish man disabled the rudder of the enemies ship by ramming it with the shark he was riding. This stopped the enemy from being able to volley on us with their cannons. The fish man even rode the shark out of the water onto the deck of the enemies ship!!! They were shocked to say the least.

By disabling the rudder, we were able to avoid the volley of the enemies cannons and rammed their ship, simultaneously firing the Fiend’s mouth. We then boarded their boat. The Tin Man, Weiland, cut a swath through their ranks with his great Scythe. Their crew was rallied by the Sea Barbarian that you all had unsuccessfully fought when Papa was gone. Papa made short work of him though and brought him before the Captain. We executed him and fed him to the sharks. We let a few of their crew live. Apparently most of them had been pressed into service against their will. We freed them with just enough for them to reach shore. The Captain let them leave will 3 days rations, just enough for them to get back to Magnimar. He is such a magnanimous Captain!!! Stern but fair, Papa likes him very much.

I hope you can join us in future battles, that bow of yours could be very useful!!!


blakealandarst blakealandarst

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