The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Araris’ Incident Report

Paralictor Halst:
Incident Report
Hellknight Araris Septimus

Paralictor, an interesting series of events has just transpired of the course of the last two days. As you know I have been assigned to a client of some note to oversee the safe transactional nature of her expedition she is very much inclined to defer to my judgment in the ways of proper contractual obligations, which I see as a golden opportunity to be pursued through the course of our time together. During the first meeting of our a rough contractually bound group of adventurers was formed. I have my doubts about some of the selections but the employer’s choices are of no real concern to me and I will enforce her wishes with an iron fist as is fitting.

A charge was given to us to procure sea transportation by whatever means to facilitate our journey. I immediately sent a runner to the impound yard to see what might have been recently possessed by the city for whichever reason. Time is of the essence so it was out of the question to requisition a ship built or refitted to our exact requirements. Upon finding that there were several vessels impounded by the city, myself, and two of the more nautically skilled member of my group visited the yard to see what might be available. I encountered a Symond Crane, overseeing the yard. He quickly saw to my persuasive reasoning and allowed us to view the ships giving us information as to what was available. The night’s information gathering and the public viewing of the ships provided us with intriguing information. I am not at liberty to say exactly what we uncovered on one ship suffice it to say that the Golem Works sought the vessel.

Working through a project manager by the name of Foreman Garash I was able to negotiation a signified agreement of action by which my party would purchase their desired ship in proxy for the foundry and transfer both the ship and papers to them in return for services rendered. The details of this arrangement are bound by a nondisclosure sub clause in the contract and I can once again not go into the exact detail.

After the meeting with the Golem faction I felt the most profitable course of action would be to go through with the proposal I had worked on with Garash by which we would purchase one boat in proxy for a pittance and then obtain another vessel, which lacked papers for a substantial discount. Garash assured me that their guild would supply us with proper paper work for the undocumented vessel upon transfer of the proxy purchase. All members in attendance at an early meeting agreed and signed the proposal and a majority of the shareholders carried the resolution all that was needed what enacting the proposal.

Arriving at the city auction for the vessels I spoke again with Symond Crane and was able to secure a fast sale for a very agreeable price. One member of the party was able to remove the only competition from the auction through the use of a few choice words. We now had one part of our agreement resolved and it was time to purchase our second ship.

Arriving at a seedier dock in town with the previously signed agreement we sought to make our transaction with a, Tebrilith Peril. I did not trust her to honor her agreement and prepared accordingly bringing along all of our party who were able should the individual seek to break her word. Upon completing the transaction for the agreed upon amount of 7,000 gold another party entered the dock area. Later intelligence revealed this party to be a Belumbor Thrul, known and wanted pirate. The pirate attempted to take possession of the property that we had just purchased by attempting to kill Tebrilith and my associates in the process. Seeing an opportunity to gain more leverage in this situation I was able to convince Tebrilith to hire us to protect her life from the newfound adversary for a princely sum of 2,000 gold.

A battle ensued with the pirate whom was extremely capable. I believe Thrul is a half elf able to swim at incredible speed, which allows him to jump from the water like a great fish and lunge with a spear to make attacks upon the deck of a ship. Thrul’s tactics where sound and it soon became clear that he was also enraged. Seeing the tactical situation it became clear the best order of action to protect our new charge would be to move the ship to a more protected location at the golem foundry. Working together with our new captain, Boniva, we were able to get the ship under sail and repel the attack with only minor injuries.

Once under sail our vessel was brought to the safety of the golem works to finish our contract with them. Needless to say I have made the order proud by negotiating a favorable outcome and future services and favors with the guild. The vessel now rests there as we work to outfit and find crew. I will most likely be submitting a requisition request for a cleric of the order to join us on the journey but we will see.

Paralictor, I see several avenues where the order could gain based on the series of events I have just described. First, I believe that Symond Crane should be contacted and employed by our brotherhood. It could be very profitable to have such a contact at the impound yards. He seems a very agreeable sort and only wishes to look out for his family. These factors would make him a perfect agent of the order. Should you wish to present him an offer I will be having dinner with him before we leave the city.

The second avenue that I feel should be exploited is the new contacts I have made with the Toth Bhreacher of the golem works. The powerful mage seems more interested in exercising his skills and expending his magic on projects that interest him. I believe this knowledge could benefit our order in the future and color how we approach each negotiation with the guild. I will attempt to secure as much favor as possible with Toth as we proceed to finish our ship outfitting.


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