The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 9

After returning to Magnamar, a place where some crew swore never to return, spirits seemed high on the ship. We achieved our first objective and made it safely back to port, thus eluding the spire elves that stalked us on the voyage back.

Araris and I made plans to meet up later in the day and take the map to Sybilla the Arcanscenti of Magnamar’s chapter of the Arcanamirium. He is an intelligent and trustworthy man; just the sort we want aiding us in this research.

Since Araris was to be tied up with reports for several hours I thought it best to head out and look for some trade. There was one particular item of interest to me after our last encounter at sea, a ring of sustenance. I have found it to be far too dangerous on this journey to rely on the traditional eight hours of rest and subsequent hour of meditation and this item will cut that requirement drastically while also allowing me to dedicate more time to me research.

After meeting up with Araris we went to the Arcanamirium to meet with Sybilla. He was intrigued by the map and pointed out several points on it that were magically hidden and written in Aquen. One item of interest for me personally was the location of a Undine city, I was unaware of any cities out that far from a main port so I would love the opportunity to see if it is still intact as well as see how they have evolved away from other civilizations. Araris was not as excited as I was to reseach the map, Vilya Sol and Yigorin Slate

The only information that we were able to turn up was that they were all very old. Knowing this I decided to send a bird to Lady Darchana the Arcanamirium’s Archdean for more information on them. If anyone can get me some information on these magical beings I trust she can.

As we returned to the ship Papa pulled me to the side to talk about Yigorin and what he saw. Apparently he saw him in a form that was not his own. He had been taking care of some business in a bad part of town late into the night and came across a half dragon of no lineage that he had ever seen before. We went through some possibilities and ruled almost all of them out immediately. This peaked my interest both in him and in what I would hear back from Lady Darchana.

Later that night Wayland was on watch and Vilya revealed herself to him. He was not very helpful with her message as she speaks in subtleties and he does not understand the intricacies of conversation. But from what we could make out it seemed to be a threat that she would like to remain our friend but could only do so if we liberated the lamp from Yigorin.

Araris called a meeting the next morning at the Captains Quarters with the principle investors to discuss what to do about Yigorin, Vilya, and the lamp.

We came to the conclusion that asking him about Vilya and the lamp directly would be the best. I was honestly more interested in his true form than I was about hearing about the drama the two of them have. Yigoran arrived about an hour after we did and seemed upset that everyone else was there before him. Araris began a line of questioning and as he did I couldn’t help myself. This man might be a half dragon of type we have never encountered, but we were not going to talk to him about his true form…

So I decided to ask him how his eggs were in Draconic. He gave me an odd look and his dragon familiar answered that they were good.

Araris continued with his questioning on the relationship between Yigorin and Vilya and had him agree to meet with her to settle their differences, temporarily, and try to work together. I then asked him question and once I felt they had all the information that they needed. I asked him “is there anything else we should know?” in Draconic and then said “I apologize” and repeated it in Common. (for everyone else)

Yigorin then got up, let out a sign and closed the windows and revealed his true form. I then thanked him for not lying to me when he told me that he was a dragon when I first asked him and, apologized for not believing him initially. He told us, with some prodding, that he is infact very old and after one certain item on this journey. A suit of armor that is “amazing”. He said that if we agree to give him this one item we can have the others and we can even examine the armor before he takes it. We agreed and set up a meeting for the next day with Vilya.
Hopefully the meeting with the two of them goes as smoothly as this one did.


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