The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 8

These people I have teamed with… They seem to have no respect for a mages need for rest and convalescence! You do not disturb a mage while he sleeps, let alone several times in one night! Granted one of the times it was warranted but still it is unacceptable! I will need to take some precautions to ensure that this does not happen again, I do not like being defenseless after such an ordeal as the island incident.

After we left the island encounter and returned to The Maelstrom we found that ten elven warriors and one druid had taken it captive and with it our crew. I did not see Falath or Kia among them but did detect a signal of light from the bowels of the ship. Papa and I slipped off and into the water to get on the boat from behind while the others engaged our adversaries in conversation to buy some time.

I found Falath, Kia, and Kaledith hiding below decks. I instructed Falath and Kia to return to their hiding places and asked Kaledith if she was ready to take up arms, she seemed willing. We then went topside just in time to see the fighting breakout between our men and the elves. Araris dove in front of some of our men to shield them from a volley of arrows and the conflict was quickly resolved as their mettle was lacking. The druid however dove off of the side of the ship and tailed us in the form of an octopus. I watched him for quite some time before the weather looked to turn rough.

I was awakened four hours later by Araris asking me about one Vilya Sul who apparently appeared on the boat and greeted him in the midst of the storm. While I wished I had been there to witness this event first hand I did need my rest. I told him all I knew and returned to my chambers.

Once the weather got rough I looked at the hour and decided to take my leave and go to bed. I was awakened about six hours later to the sound of a groan and someone hitting the water. I, quite upset, went to check on the commotion to see Papa playing with an octopus outside the boat. Quickly I realized that he was not playing and this octopus was the druid that had been tailing us and realized that he needed to be dealt with as I was not even sure if Papa knew how to swim well in the vast ocean.

The Druid submerged and I dove in to give chase. I heard someone else jump in after us but they must have abandoned their pursuit as I did not see them again. As he gave pause I used the last spell I had to try and subdue the beast however it was not enough to take him down. I took out my dagger, a crude means I know, and attempted to free Papa. Deeper and deeper we dove; Papa was surprisingly calm during this ordeal which is odd given some of his previous actions.

As we reached what felt like 600ft below sea level Elliot decided to intervene and help us with this Druid as he released Papa and fled. Papa grabbed my hand and looked longingly into my eyes… which was odd… However I could see his need for vengeance in his eyes and we continued to give chase. The druid got desperate as he dropped and ink cloud and attempted to flee once again however Elliot was not fooled and landed the killing blow. I am sure he will hold this over me as a point of bragging for years.

I sent Elliot topside to alert Araris that Papa was fine and that we would be topside shortly.

I drug Papa and the druid to the boat to check his properties and look for more information on why he would give chase for such a distance.

Once the situation seemed in hand I decided to return to sleep one more time.

I arose a few hours later and felt refreshed. I went above deck to see how things turned out for the rest of the crew and noticed that we had another prisoner, a griffon, and a new heading… back to Magnamar which seems odd since a few crew fought the idea of returning with a forceful vigor.

At least I can visit the Arcanamirium one more time and resupply.


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