The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 3

I managed to slip away from the COUP (see Entry 1) for a period of time to take care of some personal matter and ready for the voyage ahead. I do not think my absence will be noticed as we are still unfamiliar with one another and they do not yet know what I am capable of… …also I have noticed that some members of the COUP seem to disappear nightly to indulge in sins of the mind, so a masquerade is not needed with this group.

To my surprise Elliot was absolutely elated with the idea of slipping away; however she had other plans in mind for us. While she has embraced her new role as my familiar she can be one of the most unpredictable and needy creatures I have ever encountered.

While I was looking to attend to personal matters, and working towards the advancement of all mankind she starts prodding me to go back to the sea. We have only been away from it for a few days, and I miss it as well, but we must remain diligent in our plan or we will not succeed. But the bond between us is very strong.

I found some common ground with her that would allow us to do as she wished while allowing me to attend to other matters.

I must admit I missed the sea more than I realized. It had been a while since I was able to take some time for myself; it must be years since I took a day off. But you don’t become the best without sacrifice.

While in the seas Elliot frolicked in the waves and in the air, pausing occasionally to mock my inability to fly. I spent my time conversing with the creatures in the area, the ones Elliot did not torment. I was fascinated to hear the information some of them held on Magnimar’s history, and current state. People often forget that someone or something is always witness to your deeds.
As we returned inland I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted from my being.

I now realize a lesson that I should have learned from my dealings with Master Toth. He is a kind man with the same passions as I have, but you can see the years have taken their toll. I believe that the need to take time for one’s self is a lesson he did not intend to teach, I see that now and I believe I have a plan for him.

After spending much of the morning at sea I was finally able to pursue the trade that I slipped away to see done. I do not enjoy doing these things, but they are a clear means to an end.
I will rejoin the COUP and Master Toth as we finish our preparations for departure.


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