The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 2

Best… Day… Ever!!! The night started off slowly as myself the Hell Knight and the emotionless one went to a city office to go over some papers. Normally the quest for knowledge in itself is adventure enough to keep me entertained, however this was tedious at best. This task took seemingly forever although my compatriots did not seem fazed by this.

When we left we encountered a skittish mage that seemed to be of interest to the Hell Knight. He did not seem to be exceptionally adept so he was of little interest to me until I noticed the Golem he kept lurking in the shadows. It was simply exquisite! The Mage let me examine it and I have to admit that the craftsmanship was top notch. I wanted to see it in action but without knowing the martial prowess of my compatriots decided against it. The mage then invited us to have a meeting with The Foreman of the Golem Works. I have wanted to get in there for quite some time, if I play my cards right I may be able to meet Master Toth himself!!

We then proceeded to head back to the tavern to meet up with the rest of the COUP (see above for information on tavern and COUP). When we arrived the Captain had finally made an appearance, he was as expected, an unremarkable pirate. He seemed confident in his abilities, but they all do until they are face to face with danger.

When we went to the Golem Works we met with the Foreman he had a room surrounded by Golem husks, as I examined them all it seemed odd that he surround himself with no operable golems. I inquired as to his reasoning behind this and he explained that they could be made to animate very quickly if need be. Simply remarkable!!

A deal was struck that would allow us to help the Golem works recover some lost property while allowing us to gain some enhancements to which ever ship we end up with. To make the deal even better Master Toth will be doing the enchantments himself and I will be able to assist him with them!!

To think the COUP would rather shop for a ship when they could be in the presence of a man like Master Toth. To be fair these are the actions I have come to expect from the majority of people I have run into.

The COUP and I proceeded to get a ship for Master Toth and I to enchant. When we arrived to purchase the Dragon Ship an odd elven man appeared from the water and began attacking the Emotionless one and yelling about being there for a “Tebrilith”. I assessed the situation and decided that the fastest way to end the conflict was to give this woman to him as she was not a member of the COUP and of no interest to me. The Hell Knight saved her at the last second when she mentioned contracting us to save her. He agreed and told the COUP and I to take out the elven antagonist. As you would expect the COUP went about it via brutish means which proved ineffective as the elf outsmarted them.

The Captain showed some leadership abilities as well as some command of the boat I have never encountered before. He was working as two men to get the ship moving, including using a firearm to cut ropes at a distance. This was intriguing as I had never considered this possible due to the precision required to hit such a small target with the wind and vibrations moving the rope. The concentration required would lend credence to my being told that this is not an unremarkable group, however one action does not a legend make. I wonder if any of the others in the COUP have similar abilities that they choose not to freely brazen.

Anyway back to the encounter, I called forth a squid to impede the elf’s pursuit of us and we sailed the boat to the Golem Works for Master Toth and I to begin enchanting it.

I must say that my time with Master Toth will help me to no end. I feel more confident in my abilities and think I have enough of a working understanding of the ship animating spell he used to be able to make repairs as needed and may progress to alterations. I will have to see if I can meet with him before we leave the city. Normally I would seek an apprenticeship with him however I cannot break my word to the Arcanamirium.

I will leave the Golem Works bettered for my time there.


blakealandarst blakealandarst

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