The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 12

Voshgurvaghol… the sunken city that was once home to mighty Aboleth. Papa has been pushing for us to go for at least two days to explore the once mighty city. I agree that this would be a great educational opportunity for us; however his tone has become somewhat insistent.

This morning we sent out for the sunken city.

As we approached I bribed an eel to go ahead and scout for danger. I wish I had access to smarter animals as most sea life seems to be lacking in helpful information. But some information is better than no information and we proceeded.

As we entered the city we slowly proceeded through the ruins. Occasionally we would see a Skum sleek by out of the corner of our eye. Papa decided to operate his beard in a manner to mimic that of an Aboleth’s tentacles to try and encourage the once slaves to stay away from us. It seemed to work as we were not approached while we were out in the open city.

While walking we noted a blue light above the city, it was the only source of light aside from the parties lit items that we could see in the city.

We made it to the base of the lit object without alteration and noticed that someone or something had gotten inside. There was a medium sized tunnel dug into the base of the structure.

I decided to swim up to the blue light to see both what it was and it I could see into the structure from above. I was shortly joined by my compatriots; they must be scared or curious as well. As we peered in we saw that the blue light that was being generated was originating from 4 very large sapphires that sat at the four corners of a pool of water, with four other pools off to the sides. While Ikeda was busying herself with drooling over the gems I was noticing that something had moved between the pools around the gems. Something was or is in there.

We went back to the base of the structure and proceeded to go into the tunnel leading us inside. Weyland led the way into a room that was a sort of Aboleth museum. Papa’s eyes lit up like a child on its day of birth as he entered the room, but as he entered he triggered an illusion of an Aboleth. This illusionary Aboleth who referred to itself as Igroon, the Dragon Eater of the Lost Island started speaking about the rooms features in Aboleth and Papa loosely translated his words to the group, including that the area where the sapphires are located is called a containment pool. I don’t think he knows that being native to the sea and now its defender, some of my studies brought me to learn Aboleth. I am curious to know how he speaks it so fluently. Between this and how he knew to move his beard as they move their tentacles something seems as if it is being omitted.

We took the “tour” around the room and Papa took a souvenir, some eyes and gel from the original Gibbering Mouther. I hope that it is only a souvenir and not something more of his intentions in this place.

As we proceeded down the hallways, toward the containment pool we pasted rooms in various states of disarray.

We came to a room that contained a nest of Skum and a standoff pursued. As a team I am finding our tactical are chaotic at best. It is something that we should address and plan ahead for in the future. In this instance Araris was trying to calm them down and talk them into letting us by while Papa was trying to intimate them into cowering and Ikeda and the Captain pulled out their swords. Tacticals like this when faced with an unexpected danger could hurt us in the future.

To my surprise we did manage to negotiate to send one person to get their leader so he could grant us safe passage.

After pleading our case to their leader, a large Skum named Polyppa, he proceeded to stab himself with his spear and howl in pain. Araris offered aid and Polyppa charged as soon as the words left his lips. Combat ensued and we made short work of their Skum. During combat Polyppa called for “Little Chew Face” which turned out to be a live Gibbering Mouther that he had apparently kept as a pet. This would explain his madness.

We pressed on to the containment pools where the party stopped at the end of the watery area. Papa was very adamant that we not go in however would offer no initial explanation aside from the spirits told him there is evil ahead.

After Araris checked and told us the only evil was the gems, Papa and I went into the room while invisible to scout the area and inspect the sapphires. He wanted to grab one to inspect later while I thought it prudent to ensure they were not important to the safety of this area before we touch them. It was fascinating that 2 of the gems read as evil while the other had no aura, all appeared to be powerful magics.

After determining that the gems did not have any bearing on this area and inspecting the room we noted that the only place something could be hiding would be the central pool area. Papa went in to inspect and after traveling downward for quite some time he found what he called a Shoggoth.

We joined up with the rest of the group and decided to come back in the morning when the group was rested. I stayed behind to watch the tunnel to ensure that this evil was not let loose upon the sea. Late in the night I did note that it was trying to get out but could not fit through the tunnel.

After the others returned the next morning I rested from a long night or intently staring at a hole in the structure. After briefing them on what I had seen during the night we ventured in to combat the unnatural beast and put him to rest.

We swept the building and found that he had returned to the central pool. Papa walked up to the edge while Weyland began prying one of the gems off its hinge. This was enough to get the creatures attention and it soon surfaced to grab Papa and pull him into the depths below.

We attacked it with all our might but eventually it managed to get Papa in its mouth and dove to the murky depths to consume him. We gave chase and came upon it asleep mere seconds later. Papa must have slept the creature. I signaled for the rest of the team to prepare for a unified attack, gave the signal and we unleashed a volley of damage to surely drop the beast.

But it was not enough. The beast awoke, turned and attacked once more. I quickly put it to sleep myself and once again coordinated an attack on the creature which was enough to finally drop the beast. Looking around at the others I could see that if this had not worked we would have been in grave danger as they looked exhausted, and I was low on spells.

We explored the rest of the pool and found other Gibbering Mouthers that were ready to be born. I committed genocide on them, eradicating every last one from existence. The sea is in a delicate equilibrium and something as evil as this would surely offset the balance of nature. It had to be done.

Once we surfaced we tended to the wounded, took the gems back to the ship and started studying their properties.

I hope that we are capable of being able to balance the powers that now reside on our ship. In addition to our Crew we have a Half Dragon of unknown origin, the ghost Captain of a sunken ship, a living Rune, and now these gems. I am pleased beyond belief to be able to study these items, but it is still worrisome that Vilya Sol is somewhere… or everywhere watching our movements.


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