The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 10

I sometimes wonder about the logic of my compatriots. Some actually wanted to take the map to the Pathfinder Society; I cannot fathom why they would think this to be a good idea. To me this seems like waving a fish in front of a shark. Against my better judgment we decided to show the map to them anyway. We will see what ramifications this has down the road as they were not able to provide any help with the map. It should tell you everything you need to know that only myself and Araris went to the Arcanamirium with the map, yet the entire crew went the the Pathfinder Society to protect it.

After our meeting with the Pathfinders we went to meet with Vilya Sol and Yigorin Slate. We were able to talk them into working together as unwanted alliance. You could see that Vilya has much disdain for Yigorin and would end him now if she could.

In our conversation Yigorin let Vilya see the occupant of the lamp, one Balijan. He mentioned that Yigorin used one of the three wishes that he held. When those words left his lips Yigorin recalled him back to the bottle with haste. I wonder what the significance of that is and why he did not want her, or us, knowing that information.

After they agreed to be civil towards each other for the duration of our journey we set out to sea. Araris managed to secure the location of a sunken pirate ship. After some searching we managed to find it deep in the sea. This is the first time I saw the Captain in water and I must say it was quite a surprise. He recently added gills and swims much faster than the other land dwellers.

When we arrived at the sunken ship I noted that it was covered in Sea Amoebas. I tried to communicate with it but it was a mindless creature and unable to do little more than consume those that it catches.

Because it was in the way the crew wanted to destroy it. I will never understand why they have such a disregard for the lives of the sea life. It is one thing if we are sacrificing a creature for consumption and nourishment but it is another thing to needlessly kill out of ignorance.

We managed to slip past, without killing the Amoebas and captured some treasure and magical items from the wreckage. It made for a tidy profit for us.

Later that night as the winds picked up we encountered another storm, this one seemed worse than the first one. When I noticed it coming I proceeded down to my cabin to make sure all of the equipment was secured. I think that this may become a standard procedure for the end of each day and when we expect a storm, this will be a good task for Falath as it will help her learn all the tools of the trade and familiarize herself with them more quickly.

Just after we secured all of our gear the ship started to tip and ended up on its side. Poor Falath was severely injured in the commotion and required quick attention which I gave to her. I calmed her and her sister and assured them that I would get them out safely if the ship went down. Shortly after the ship did manage to right itself.

Once I had calmed the Halflings and tended to their wounds I heard commotion above deck, the sounds of combat.

I raced above deck just in time to see what looked to be shark people with much disdain in their eyes for us. And at that point one lunged at me and paralyzed me with a potent poison. Combat and chaos danced in front of me as all I could do is watch and defend myself by putting these abominations to sleep as quickly as I could.

Once I regained my ability to move I noted the leader of the group had slipped into the water to escape the fray. I called to Elliot and dove in after him. Fueled by a rage of my own by being made prone for so long Elliot and I quickly hunted him down.

Elliot caught up to him before I and used his breath weapon at him. It did not do much damage but was enough to slow him down until I got within range. I then unleashed a lightning bolt that finished him off. I then drug his remains back to the ship and tossed him back on the top deck.

But the weather would not be ignored. A giant wave swept the deck and knocked several of our crew into the sea. Notably Araris and his Griffin were prone in the water. I went in and levitated the griffin back onto the ship, followed by helping Araris to a line.

When I returned to my cabin I noticed that Faleth had been injured once again by this last wave. I may need to teach her how to move on the boat when there is inclimate weather… or I could simply lash her to her bed from now on.

The next evening following an uneventful day one of the crew called out as he spotted something afloat in the sea. Araris flew out to retrieve the item with this man and came back with a hat. When Papa and I examined the hat we noticed that had faint magical as well as cursed properties.

After much debate over what to do with it Papa decided that he would like to wear it. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what this does and bear witness to its effects so I endorsed his poor choice. After he put it on, nothing happened. I will have to monitor him over the next few days to see what, if any, affects this has on him.

Wayland is on watch now and should pick up on any changes… well any major changes.


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