The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 1

Unfortunately I have had to throw in with another group of “Treasure Hunters”. I have been told by the Arcanamirium that this group is different so I will honor her wishes and follow this through. All of these groups are starting to look the same to me anyway and offer little new knowledge to me.

I must admit that these people were not as I expected them to be. Typically I find the other races unremarkable; but the group that I have been tasked to join seem especially so.

Maybe it is how we met that is influencing my view of them; meeting these people in a dreary tavern in the middle of town when the sea is right there! I can’t for the life of me understand why some people would settle for crowded city life… on the land no less, when you can hear the seas call so clearly.

Luckily we were able to leave that place in what seemed a reasonable amount of time after negotiating percentages for this adventure. Although I have no real interest in gold this expedition should gain me enough coin and influence to finally pursue my work.

Anyway I digress; the group was made up of the majority investor, an ignorant women named Kaledith, a pretentious Hell Night (as all seem to be), and arrogant con, a witch that seems to have taken a strange path and what I can only assume is a man that is devoid of emotion. He is of particular interest as there is something strange about him. Lastly there should be a Captain that was unable to attend; I have been assured that he is up to the task, but words from their lips carry little weight. I will refer to them going forward as a Collection Of Unremarkable People or COUP for short.

After our meeting the COUP wanted to go out and look at ships, I know right! It seems that every adventure starts the same way for me. I again assisted with inspecting the boats, one of these days I should actually learn more about boats. Heheheheehe good one Alcades!! Anyway there was an item of interest in one of the boats, a magical device that would allow someone to delve into the depths of the sea. The item seems to be in poor repair but may be salvageable. They seem more interested in this boat after mention of the item. We have a schedule to leave on expedition however these things never seem to start on time so I would put little stake on the time line, especially if we end up with this decrepit ship.

A 3rd ship has presented itself as an option it is as you would expect; with the exception it has features of a dragon. I find this intriguing however impractical.

I assisted in negotiating a fair price for this ship and the COUP wants to look at other ships again.

I wish they would hurry up and decide between the two ships, a ship is a ship. Too much time is wasted on debating means of transportation instead of focusing on the journey.

Some members of the COUP are infatuated with a smaller magic ship. While the magical aspects are appealing, the ship is not large enough should we face bad weather on our journey. I don’t want another group lost at sea due to their own arrogance.

Tomorrow we go to auction to gain a ship.


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