The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Bounty of the Second Vault Part 2
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Captain Boniva arranged docking passes in the Axian naval yards, and at some point he gained an audience with petitioner Vestin of the old Waybringer Crew. (Ed, you have no memory of this.) After seeing to many of the Maelstrom officers’ needs, Captain Modron escorted them to Second Vault 17E where they were to meet the Axiomite and receive a letter from Abadar himself!

Amendment: As it turns out, griffons are one of Abadar’s favorite beasts, and Scandrannon hasn’t been properly advanced and geared up as a cohort this whole time! So, this provided the perfect opportunity. Araris and Scandrannon were approached by a griffon rider and her own cohort – Zilvra the Axiomite and Wuyondra the celestial griffon. Long story short, Scandrannon and Wuyondra agreed to pair bond, charging both Araris and Zilvra with hatchlings to watch over in the near future. Scandrannon came out of the deal decked out in the best Axis has to offer and looking more virile than ever!

Back at Second Vault 17E, Tebrilith Peril disguised herself as Ikeda Akane – an uncharacteristic act of cooperation between the two. Few were aware of the plan’s specifics. With a magic map from the Pirate Queen, the kitsune managed to sneak into the lower holdings with a knock-off tiara. Meanwhile, the rest were introduced to Lorenz Vestin, former servant of Apsu in life and Abadar in death. He answered questions freely:

Lorenz once traveled with Aerodus Pavo, Lini Tacmet and Theodric Camrad on board the Waybringer – a sailing vessel named for their patron, Apsu. They accepted Apsu’s charge at the end of a treasure-hunting expedition that turned out to be a journey to the Obelisks of Fate. In pursuit of Grayscale to end the first Pakthryxl, they were ambushed and defeated by Ezgar in the Spellscar Desert. However, Vestin survived by offering his considerable mercantile talents in the Church of Abadar to establish the new Dread and Infernal Lines with the Grayscale Sept.

A man called old Hoary first tipped Lorenz and company towards treasure and adventure. He was also there when the Church of Abadar discovered Vestin’s crimes months later. The Osprey Piling of the Irespan Bridge of Magnimar contains a secret prison of the church. There, Lorenz was thrown in a cell next to Hoary’s (Lorenz didn’t realize it was Hoary at first). The Pakthryxl came to an end shortly after. The world outside was still shaking from the death of Aroden.

Lorenz grew old and demented from captivity, though he loved staring out his tiny porthole at the ocean and hearing the crashing waves. He vaguely remembers hearing Hoary being brought back to his cell several times, but he never recalls him leaving in the first place.

Everyone’s attention snapped back to the Second Vault as Lorenz produced a sealed letter from Abadar. A synopsis of the letter was…

That the irreconcilable differences between Apsu’s dragonkind and the remaining Grayscale Sept are once again causing major havoc to the planar economy with vast amounts of unexpected hoard wealth. It is forcing Abadar especially, and many other deities besides, to hold council and consider taking direct actions. Before that happens, Abadar would like the present crew to use their audience with the enraged god of dragons to consider a certain orb of dragonkind…

Though the orbs of dragonkind are fiercely hated by all dragons (none more than Apsu!), this orb in particular was designed by Abadar to harbor a contributed portion of will from every draconic sept. The resulting entity, the combined will of dragonkind, could then decree final justice for the grays. Of course, Apsu and a great wyrm from every sept would have to breath on the orb as an act of consent for it to work.

Other details in the letter spell out that a servant of Abadar must attend the orb at all times and that the orb must be contained in a “Third Vault” between breaths of consent.

“Why not simply destroy the grays?” someone asked. The question has been asked many times since Dahak cursed the resplendent platinums long before history was first recorded. Their prolonged misery is like none a species has ever known. It has prompted a creature like Grayscale’s desperate cunning. Even Vestin and Abadar suspect their own involvement was anticipated. Few can claim otherwise.

After Lorenz read the letter out loud a couple more times, Araris invited Vestin aside to talk privately. They discussed his possible station with the church and suitable upgrades to the Maelstrom (ship) and crew equipment for such a task.

In the basement level, Akane avoided magic detection by sliding THE PIRATE QUEEN’S CROWN from its holding with her inanimate balancing pole. Upon deftly sliding its replica back in place the tiara teetered with the slightest jingle. It was enough to alert the inevitables outside. She leaped over and beyond them with uncanny ease only to encounter a locked door. Fortunately, the constructs were no match for her flurry of swashbuckling swordplay.

The entire vault’s ambient light pulsed in alarm. Akane quickly ascended the steps and encountered Captains Modron and Boniva on their way upstairs. Where has the captain been all this time? Largely ignoring the vault alarms, Boniva announced that Slate had been sighted flying up the River Styx!

Bounty of the Second Vault Part 1
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Watching Weyland deal with his new emotions helped them pass the time while waiting on Besmara and Akane. Watching Kaledith acknowledge her existing emotions was even better. The two logically concluded that a dance was certainly customary given the situation. Afterwards, she gave him a gift and skirted away with a well-hidden blush. The lacquered box contained an authentic Drumish blackjacket. The guys nudged and winked for Weyland to “reciprocate,” so he made a Knowledge (engineering) check.

Alcades was poking around with the musical conch shell when Akane finally came out of Kaledith’s quarters. The resulting shanty sang, “Leave her, Johnny, leave her.” Akane reported immediately to Captain Samdi in his bilge cabin. Confused, Alcades looked inside Kaledith’s quarters per chance to speak with Besmara, but she was already gone. Instead, there stood a horse-sized bundle wrapped in paper. Alcades opened it without much forethought and uncovered a priceless jade dragon carving!

Kaledith welcomed the distraction and, together with Araris, they froze at the sight of it. Kaledith nearly fainted before yelling for Weyland to secure it immediately! A piece of jade this big doesn’t exist. The workmanship is exquisite. Nations would go to war over something like this. These were her thoughts. When Akane strolled into the room with Papa and saw a contingent of Hellknights and Sailors preparing to move it under Weyland’s command, she lost her six-tailed mind.

Once her voice grew hoarse and she could find no other vocabulary to vent her lifetime of familial rage, Akane listened to Captain Samdi. He agreed that the jade dragon was given to Akane by Besmara to clear her debts with the church of Abadar and the city nation of Goka, Tien Xia. It was off the table as venture capital and stowed safely in the bilge. However, Araris entered it on the ship’s papers. Kaledith felt the statue was worth far more than Akane’s debts and still has a hard time accepting the loss of profit. Of course, there was far more to Akane’s private meeting with Besmara than the jade dragon…

In more than a day’s travel, the Maelstrom (ship) sighted the Axian Line – Ships of the Line providing a border defense for the city plane of Axis. Eager to speak with the Axian naval captains and return the bottled Halcyon, Araris, Atz and Scandrannon flew peacefully to the line’s flagship. He was invited on board to privately debrief with Captain Linear, discussing recent activities near Ssilla’Meshnik’s lighthouse. Suitably impressed by the crew, Captain Linear eventually learned about the lighthouse beacon installed on the Maelstrom (ship). He agreed to summon an Axiomite mage to perfect the beacon and restore the Halcyon post haste.

Papa and the others had little time to plan their next move. Araris would fly back any minute! According to Akane, they failed to truly eliminate the false pirate queen, and Besmara presented her with an opportunity to make good. All they needed to do was swap a special crown in Second Vault 17-E in the city of Axis with a look-alike and one day bring it to Besmara. Akane produced both a special map of the location and the crown’s replica to prove it. The task would be dangerous and illegal in part because of the plane, and in part because of their resident paladin! They tossed out ideas like distracting Araris while exploring a thief-god’s secret passages!

Araris returned to the Maelstrom shortly before a powerful Axiomite mage teleported over to work on the beacon. Together with Alcades and Atz, they fully repaired it and restored the Halcyon. After a long glowing handshake with the mage, Captain Modron of the Halcyon was fully updated on his crew’s hundred year absence while inside the bottle. He even had new orders, the first of which was to escort the Maelstrom (ship) to port. Captain Boniva had somehow already arranged docking passes in Axis. Second, Modron invited the officers to Second Vault 17-E where a member of the Waybringer’s crew would give them a letter from Lord Abadar himself! Third, Captain Modron was ordered to take leave and restore his station.

To be continued…

Pirate Queen's Parlay
This was a super session...

Some may have noticed the captain thoughtfully scanning the horizon all night after defeating Ssilla’Meshnik. His abrupt absence came as no surprise when everyone woke from rest. Over the course of a few days, the Maelstrom (ship), the Salty Gear and even Quartermaster Septimus were restored to their original forms using the beacon of Ssilla’s lighthouse. It took great ingenuity on the part of Alcades and a new ally, the gnome mage Serucest of the Salty Gear. Despite intense discussion, Captain Boniva’s last standing order to keep the remaining bottled ships stored was honored by First Mate Samdi who stepped up as acting captain.

A week’s passage of strange ecological shifts and lesser protean threats kept the crews on their toes as the Maelstrom (ship) and Salty Gear sailed deeper into the Cerulean Void, Here, Serucest could finally continue her planar pilgrimage. Their friendly escort parted ways near the magically explosive domain of Nethys. A feminine being known as the Arcanothein welcomed her, informing both crews that Nethys was away, attending a divine council on the current state of dragonkind. Alcades turned down the flighty being’s invitation to study in the archives of Nethys and was given a copy of the god’s holy book instead. For their trouble, Serucest bestowed the crew with two pristine wood golems.

Another week in the heart of the Deep Maelstrom saw more quasi-real changes in the environment. The starless skies glimmered with magic ambiance that one could scarcely distinguish from the wind and waves. What appeared to be a distant moon was identified as Groteus, god of the end times.

Then, Redbeard abruptly teleported on board. He tried to hide his surprise over the crew’s success with the lighthouse and asked if it was time to bait the hook for the Pirate Queen’s herald. In the days that followed, the Sideburn joined with the Maelstrom (ship). In what had become a common occurrence, the Inscrutable Destiny was also spotted on the horizon. Finally, the Kelpie’s Wrath appeared. All hung flags of parley.

Araris flew ahead to great the Kelpie’s Wrath and found a familiar face – Captain Balta, now a petitioner in Besmara’s service. Captain Papa positioned the Maelstrom (ship) between the Sideburn and Kelpie’s Wrath, ready to use the diving pearl should the parlay turn violent. Unfortunately, a froth of air bubbles rose from below. Besmara’s sea serpent was here to back up Balta’s bravado. Unexpectedly, Captain Cahol of the Inscrutable Destiny silently appeared on deck. At this point, small tidal waves began rolling in.

Any good graces between crews were lost as threats were made and true intentions were revealed. The parley only seemed to postpone the inevitable, so Cahol recommended a game of Pirate’s Dice to settle matters. If Redbeard won, the Kelpie’s Wrath would turn over it’s plunder. If Balta won, Redbeard would willingly sail away. If Cahol won, he gained the service of a crew member from each ship. And if Samdi won, everyone was free to murder each other AFTER he finished his business with Besmara and AFTER the Maelstrom (ship) and her crew had sailed away. Around this time, soft snow began to fall.

The captains gathered with their cups on the Maelstrom (ship). Having won Kaledith in the last game, Redbeard was confident. With a goddess of luck on his side, Balta was smug. With inscrutable destiny watching over him, Cahol was unconcerned. With Alcades hexing his cup, Papa was… well, still a little nervous! As the waves peaked around 200 feet, keeping the dice from rolling over on the table became a challenge, but not for Papa. Whether calling or called a liar, the final count was often in his favor. With a knowing wink, Cahol conceded that Captain Samdi was clearly the superior dicer. The snow became like a blizzard and slush collected on the water’s surface.

All ships began to descend a new wave of even larger proportion. At it’s crest surmounted a Tien treasure ship, Chelish naval frigate, orc raiding galley, undine nautilus, cruising star hulk or anything else those gathered witnessed to be Besmara’s legendary Seawraith. Balanced on the crow’s nest, a garish woman’s silhouette raised a musket in the shallow albedo of Groteus. The bullet fired like a comet and froze the waves into disintegrating mountains of hollow ice.

Three ships began to slide. Redbeard leaped over the Sideburn’s prow to keep the bulky ship from leaning and rolling into the avalanche. His beard quivered and blossomed into steal tendrils of crab-walking pitons while his own huge stature strained to brace the forward keel. Like Redbeard’s crew, the Maelstrom’s (ship) sailors threw their anchors to port. Weyland hoped their drag would prevent a starboard fall. Likewise, Papa commanded every chain at his disposal. The Maelstrom (ship) risked unfurling her seldom-used gliding wings for the unavoidable plummet. Fairing far worse, the Kelpie’s Wrath immediately toppled towards the Maelstrom (ship). She gouged a sideways roll and her masts swung hard into the new landscape. The long sigh of bending timbers and a buckling explosion of heavy splinters kicked her into energetic bouncing barrel rolls, all of this just below the Maelstrom’s airborne keel!

Alcades was already flying towards the Seawraith, arriving just in time to land before the colossal nautilus shell he saw flew deftly beyond the ice formation. If this was indeed the Pirate Queen, she was tailing the Maelstrom’s descent. The undine inquired what in the nine hells was going on, and she promptly handed him a huge conch shell along with a dastardly knowing smile. Believe it or not, he was silent and waited.

Crazy devil gunners had opened several hatches and dropped all pretenses, opening fire on the now derelict Kelpie’s Wrath. However, that was behind them. The Maelstrom (ship) banked into a great valley formed by a trough in the frozen waves. A few thousand feet and she would clear the ice with room to spare.

Meanwhile, Besmara silently dove the Seawraithe as a shipbreaker seaserpent with eyes the size of wagon wheels silently approached beside them. The Pirate Queen spared Alcades only a moment’s glance while taking a very athletic posture and leaping from the submersed magical habitat of her ship. Recently blessed with a lack of good sense, he joined her. Recently blessed with dragon’s might, he was able to withstand 300 ft. of current! He watched as the beast’s head broke the water’s surface and Besmara climbed to stand atop it. Then, after taking a moment to look presentable, she casually stepped from snout to the aft castle of the gliding Maelstrom (ship) as it touched down.

Most were shocked or dumbfounded by the presence of the sultry goddess. Behind them, ice formations cracked and fell apart like thunderous summer icebergs. So, the Queen gestured at Alcades. He activated the conch shell, bringing forth a sudden sea shanty that few could resist singing and dancing to. Even Besmara took to the jig, exchanging dance partners and sharing private conversations with the officers. This included one flirtatious dance, in which Besmara simultaneously evoked jealously in Kaledith and caused Weyland to burn with new feelings! Once the ice had broken, so-to-speak, and her distractions were all in place, the queen asked Papa for Vaghol (living rune). She bit her lip as he pulled the rune out of his armpit tattoo!

Vaghol whirled around the adamantine cannon ball furiously as Besmara held it in mid air above her palm. She then invited Akane into Kaledith’s extravagant quarters. No one protested or eavesdropped. Few even noticed. She handed Akane a leather map and told her to clear a table. Akane obeyed with a wince and rolled out the parcel, upon which Besmara slammed the cannon ball. Unseen force and divine concentration darkened the room. Vaghol pushed against it, but slowly slid onto the map, becoming a mark of fluttering ink joined with countless others. “There now, go and play with your friends,” she smiled.

Not amused, Akane was sent for cups and rum. As she poured for the goddess, Besmara enticed her, “Thank you Akane. Now, I’m ready to grant your wish…”


Scenario 3 - The Lethe
Notes from the Infernal Line Arc...

Sessions: A Meloncholic Charter, The Sorrowmaker’s Summons

To leverage Ashen as “ransom” and continue their pursuit of Slate, the crew used the talisman to sail to Dis. Murk provides a suggested map across the Deep Maelstrom that could possibly put them ahead of Slate.

Made friends with Captain Hulihee of the Muttonchop and a contact of Captain Souvarov of the Chinstrap. They are the “Whiskers” of Captain Redbeard’s small fleet.

Preparations were made for the voyage and they used the talisman to sail to the Bolgian shore. There they worked with Souvarov to make it past a naval checkpoint. Redbeard’s devils were not in favor with Hell’s elite.

Suddenly, the officers disappeared and the junior crew is left fending for themselves as events turn sour. They handled themselves well as the chinstrap created an opening.

Meanwhile, the officers found themselves in a cave made of draconic viscera. Occasionally, gore would try assembling into larger forms as they journey through the maze-like galleries. Enough was enough and they smashed through walls to encounter a visage of Dahak himself.

It was discovered that the Ambulatory is in town and Dahak granted favors or curses depending on behavior. He was pleased that the grays were killing dragons and that dragons hated the grays. He could only encourage such behaviors on either side!

Scenario 2 - Miratanza
Notes from the Infernal Line Arc...

Sessions: Investigating the Regicona, The Binding of House Grulios

Immediately pursued the Emerald Arrow and encountered the Sarglagon, not long after setting sail from Absalom in favorable wind.

Danced around with Captain Marcellano and got the vibe that they were both protecting and preying on the Emerald Arrow.

Dove the ship to investigate further and encountered a real drowning devil. Noticed a great summoning circle on the hull. The crew’s devil’s talisman responded in strange ways.

Several days later the ship was suddenly slammed without warning. Cannons were rolled out, but they fell apart! While dealing with a colossal sea serpent, the crew realized that the ships supplies had been scrambled by gremlins, and their strange bottle of sea serpent bait has been on the menu for days! Distracting the beast was their only chance.

The crew arrived in Westcrown ahead of the Sarglagon and the Emerald Arrow and gained access to the Regicona, a walled island within the city still run by powerful houses. Here they found House Grulios, the Miratanza and the Grulios family warehouses in search of Murk.

Stuck in canals after dark, the crew was forced to fight a pack of Shadowbeasts. The devil’s talisman activated for the first time transporting the wielder to Dis in Hell. It provided an early opportunity to speak with Murk.

Discovered that the Emerald Arrow had somehow arrived ahead of schedule with Captain Marcellano. He is brushed aside while the crew confronted Grohen Grulios and Murk as they awakened the Green Dragon Achiusk of the Emerald Arrow through devil binding.

The Emerald Arrow’s slight crew was destroyed, the binding succeeded, and Achiusk took his rage against the crew to sea. Ashen was kidnapped, which put an end to Murk’s amusement.

A tricksy sea battle against the green dragon and his magic ship ended underwater.

Scenario 1 - Inner Sea
Notes from the Infernal Line Arc...

Sessions: Sewer Dragon Tribe, Pursuit of the Emerald Arrow

Waited in Absalom’s harbor lanes and noticed Ashen onboard another ship called the Emerald Arrow. She avoided answering questions and sarcastically suggested locating Dartakith deep below Absalom themselves. Of course, they did just that…

Settled the auction easily in Shadow Absalom along with several other faction interests, which outlined trouble among a tribe of sewer kobold trapsmiths.

Waded through several layers of traps while approaching the sewer kobolds. Found out that their patron dragon was asleep. The tribe was divided on whether or not to awaken the blue dragon on Dartakith’s Infernal Line. Chief Kibizax was played by Trapmaster Tok and the crew who didn’t think that would be a good idea.

Subjected themselves to even more of Tok’s devious traps while venturing into Dartakith’s domain of zombies, vampires and rot grubs.

Eventually met Dartakith in his lair. He was a fully grown vampiric gray dragon managing the Dread and Infernal Lines for his father, Grayscale. He didn’t seem to have Slate’s passion for gray-kind, but he did seem to enjoy the game the crew was playing. He offered that no one fully understands the game Grayscale is playing, not even himself.

Played at awakening the sewer kobold dragon on the Infernal Line to learn about their next contact – Dartakith’s son, Murk. Murk was said to work closely with House Grulios in Westcrown on the Miratanza.

Resurfaced to find that the Emerald Arrow set out on the Infernal Line with an Aspis Consortium escort, itself carrying a contingent of armed Hellknights.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 27

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 27

After striking down Ezgar like a dog in the street we spoke with Pact Broker Hashim, and set up a meeting with the Pact Masters at their palace to discuss the elixir and a potential reward for handling this situation for them. They said that they would roll out the red carpet for our arrival which would be a welcomed reception. Hashim then Scooped up the writ and began to leave with it. I asked what he was doing with the writ and he told us that the Pact Masters would effort to find the co-owner of the writ, one called Dartakith Quint. I asked if we could help him find this man to return it, and he said perhaps.

Interestingly enough “Dartakath Quint” is draconic for “Hatred of the Gods”. This would put him in line with the goals of Slate, Ashen and the rest of their faction.

As we began to reflect on the auction the Captain mentioned Ezgar sending his eye out and it flying away, this could have been his familiar or could have sent a message or shown someone his death. Regardless this is not a good sign for us as someone likely knows of our deed here.

The next item of discussion was Iketa, we had not seen her in a week and Ezgar was saying that he had her and would kill her. The Captain also mentioned that he thought that he had seen someone at the parade that looked to be watching him, but wasn’t sure. This could be an accomplice. We then decided to start looking for her before we had to meet the pact masters.

Papa went to the bars and pesh palaces to look for Iketa while the rest of us took Ezgar to the Hell Knights to torch his corpse. Regeneration in the undead is fascinating but annoying. If we did not completely destroy his corpse there is a reasonable chance that he would return. It is an ability that I would love to observe and document, however the undead are less than cooperative in this regard.

We met up again at the ship, before we went to meet the Pact Masters. Papa was the last to return and mentioned some market salesmen discussing the “end is NI, coming from the sky”, when Papa looked he noticed an extra star. He then showed me where in the sky he saw this. I looked and noticed that it looks like what I seen earlier, it looked like a new planetoid. This is something that papa and I will investigate when we have time after we return to sea. He also mentioned that he did not see Iketa anywhere.

We then went to meet the Pact Masters and Hashim, who did all the talking for them.

Hashim told us that “Dartakith Quint is a name on every port in the region” and that “it would be a minor favor to locate him”. We agreed to locate him for them. He then mentioned that it was “a major favor taking care of Ezgar for them and saving them the trouble as they don’t like to act and scare the civilians.” For this favor they gave us a Black Card that will give us the backing of the Pack Masters one time.

We then asked about the Elixir, were told that occurrences like this happen in Katapesh and that the action will resume in a week in Abslom. Araris mentioned that we had won the elixir as our only competitor was defeated. We were then told that due to this fact we should have no trouble winning it at re-auction. Hopefully we can get it cheaper this time, and maybe even lure Ezgar’s benefactor out in the process.

Araris then asked about the Infernal Line and the Pact Masters told us it was the line from Chiliax to Absalom.

After our meeting with the Pact Masters I Scryed on Iketa. She was in a rundown room with a chest that had a lock on it. She is probably in the chest. This didn’t look like a reasonable Inn, or even one in this part of the city. It was wild looking, with pelts on the cots, and a dirt floor. It looks like one of the places in Dog Town where the Gnolls live.

We went there and started gathering information. We decided that the Rabbid Dog Inn is probably the best bet based on what I saw and what we heard from the Gnolls that were helping us.

Once at the Inn Araris bribed the owner with 10g, to look the other way. As we went room to room we heard yelps and snores of gnolls until we got to the last room. When we approached this room it was quite with just the faintest sound of cloth dragging across the floor.

We all prepared for a battle as Weyland kicked in the door. The creature, later determained to be a mummy his Weyland with a ray of some sort that seemed to have no effect. Papa then Limp Lash it but failed. With a sly smile I let loose my prepared Polymorph spell and turned him into a turtle. A undead mummy turtle to be precise. I scooped it up and tried to talk with it, but it was less than cooperative.

The Captain then rapped on the chest and, could hear Iketa groan inside. Weyland picked the chest up and took it and Iketa back to the ship.

On the way Araris and I stopped off at the Night Market and sold the undead mummy turtle at for 2,600g. It would have been fun to experiment on this creature, but taking an enemy this dangerous to sea would have been a bad idea.

When we got back to the ship Weyland dumped Iketa into an isolated room. Once out of the chest we could see her hands were bound, legs bound, and her ankles and wrists were broken. However it looked as if she made significant progress in getting loose.

As one would expect Iketa was openly defiant of us right away, she was upset that we took so long and that she was in that predicament in the first place. Needless to say she did not let us know where she was going, what she was doing or when she would be back so there was no way for us to know that she was in danger.

Araris left as she began her insistent bitching. We waited over an hour for her to get her anger out before we started asking questions. Once she had “calmed down” she climbed over the edge of the ship and into the maelstrom and refused to answer any questions. We decided to let her be for now.

We quickly reprovisioned and then set out for Abslom to find the next auction and to find out about Dartakath Quint and return his writ.

As the ship began to set sail I let the captain know that I would meet them in Absolm and teleported back to Magnimar to visit family and drop off my Dragon Turtle. I also wanted to retake my test with the Arcanamirium. I brought Araris and Atts with so they could report in and see family. Araris also wanted to watch me take my test since I watched him take his, I think that he will be somewhat underwhelmed by the nature of my test after seeing what his entailed.

When I returned home my parents were caught off-guard by the presence of my dragon turtle. I explained that he would be a lethal protector of our homeland if properly trained over time. I have worked with him for quite some time but it has become impractical for me to keep him with the ship, especially after we were marooned in the Mana Wastes. A creature like this needs room to grow and develop.

While home I also spent some time with the former slave girl that I liberated. She had made great strides in regaining her independence after years as a slave. It appeared that my parents were grooming her to be my wife in time. I assured them that I did not have time to waste on marriage with all that I plan to accomplish but they persisted. In time I am sure that they will see that her freedom and independence is all I want from her. No Undine should be held against their will or be forced into chains.

The next morning I went to the Arcanamirium to take my test. My testing was far more of a spectacle than it needed to be with seemingly every ranking member of the Arcanamirium on hand to watch the test along with Araris and Atts. Normally these tests are not a matter of public spectacle but for some reason attendance was high for my testing. I can only theorize that my name has spread through the region in a positive way.

It was quite difficult as the professors attending wanted me to display all the magic I had known, which I told them would take days. Lady Darchana proceeded over the test which was to my advantage as she knew of many of my recent exploits. I began showing them the spells I had developed which was very impressive, I then showed them some of the high level spells I knew. They were satisfied with my abilities to cast spells at a proficient level.

Next was the magical development segment. I then showed them the schematics for the Magical Pollution Control Device® I developed for Quantium and explained how it worked. I also explained that I got funding for the project from the city and a grant for the Quantium chapter of the Arcanamirium to service and maintain the device. Not only did this device enhance the world with magic, it was taking care of the environment by cleansing the magical waste from a school and factories. It also provided students there with hands on research and application. Lady Darchana and the others were very impressed by this device and what it could do for the world.
Finally we came to the written portion of the test. This took several hours and astonishingly all stayed in attendance to bear witness. The questions were of both magical applications and ethics to gauge both my abilities as well as my plans for the abilities I gain as I progress. I began feeling bad to Araris and Atts as this surely had to be the most boring day they have had in quite some time. I finished my written exam with time to spare and asked if they required anything else of me and was told that my answers were more than sufficient.

The next day I was notified that I passed the test with the highest score in school history. I expected nothing less, its troubling that they would think I would do less than 100% available. For passing they gave me the rank of Assistant Professor to Lady Darchana, this is very prestigious as the Arch Dean does not take on assistants.

Lady Darchana asked about Falath and directed me to have her continue to aid me in spell and magical item research. She then gave me several tasks to complete including grading some students final projects. As I worked I came across an Orange Ion stone that was flawless. I inquired of the student and asked them to show me how they made it so perfectly. Once I was satisfied with the process that the student used I surprised her by making her a generous offer both in coin and in prestige by knowing that it would be used by me as I continue my research. She quickly accepted the offer and thanked me for setting her family up with coin for years.

I worked for Lady Darchana for another day before meeting the ship in Absolom.

Once in Absolom we set out to find the next auction site and how to attend it. We quickly found that it could be in the shadow plane, Shadow Absolom. We then started brainstorming on how to get there. We came up with ideas such as plane shift, shadow walk or looking for a natural entrance.

We went out that night to look into ways in when Papa was approached in one of the seedier areas of the city with a black candle that once lit would allow us to travel to Shadow Absolom. He purchased this candle and brought it to us. Kaladeth also mentioned that she wanted to go there anyway, aside from the auction. Curious.

Later that night Papa lit the candle and we went into Shadow Absolom. We followed the inky black trail until we ran into one of Kaladeths acquaintances who told us when and where the auction would be held.

The next night we went to the auction which was overseen by a Mercane. The Mercane seem to have a racket on magical auctions here.

They sold many oddities, some of which were of great interest, however after the Ion Stone I did not have enough left to be a player here. We noted that we did not see any agents of Slate or Ashen in attendance, perhaps we are finally ahead of them for once. Later as the auction unfolded the elixir came up for bid. It started at 60,000g, with a few bids we won it for 77,000g. We gave the elixir and the remaining 23,000g to Kaladeth and Weyland as it was their remaining dowry.

When we returned to the ship we noticed that Iketa disappeared when we made port earlier that day. Not unusual for her, but someone irresponsible as she seems to get herself in trouble when she is not closely accompanied by the rest of us.

I scryed on her and could see that she was in a Tien House in the Peddle District, this did not seem to be pathfinder related. She was having an elaborate tea ceremony with a geisha looking women. I came in mid conversation but Iketa called her Venture Captain Amara Lee. Both were from Goka Ling Shen, Amara was interested in Iketa based on their common homeland. It became clear that she is at the Lantern Lodge, a separate offshoot of the Pathfinders. They went on talking about the Auditor and then Iketa agreeing to help them out with a trouble they have in the city. It seemed to be a rather trivial request seemingly due to her low standing with the Pathfinders. Iketa was inquiring about a Sewer Dragon Tribe, which is a known tribe of Kobalts. Sounds like tribe is acting up and Iketa is being asked/told to deal with them. As someone that detests filth being sent to the sewers seems like she has hit bottom, yet she still does not ask for help.

As Iketa left the room Amara Lee looked right into the sensor and whispered “The fool will go alone”. Iketa’s hands and feet where repaired, she shifted form and disguised herself and went shopping. Can she complete nothing she is asked of?

The Captain reported that while out that night he may have gotten a lead on our quest; he had heard that Ashen was on a ship called the Emerald Arrow and was currently in port.

We quickly gathered what crew would could and went out to the Emerald Arrow. We saw Ashen onboard with another odd looking women. The other women looked very draconic, almost a green tint to her skin. Several other members were also draconic looking.

The other women looked upset as we approached and Ashen told her we were friends… she thinks…

The Captain then asked Ashen about Darakath Quint and she bowed her head upset. She told us she knows him but will not tell us who he is. We said we have something to return and she said “so she heard”. Weyland asked if Quint and Ternakafel are one in the same and she said that they are two different people. Ashen said that she could return the item to him and the Captain told her that we must personally return this, Ashen said she is Darakath Quint’s daughter and would return it….

Ashen then said “fine take it to him yourself then, I will let him know that you are coming. You can find him deep… deep below the city”. This could give cause to why the Kobalts are acting up.

She then asked Weyland about the vial and why he would have it. She then asked if he tried it and he said yeah several times. She then asked how he felt about it, and he said terrible, it was a quite unpleasant experience. Then thanked him for it. She then said that she wasn’t sure about this course of action, but the vial helped make things clear again.

I then asked her about Igoran Slate. She said that she hasn’t seen Slate in quite some time either.

As we began to depart she told us to be more straight forward with her father than we have been with her. We then left her at that.

From what we gathered we assume that Darakath Quint must be a Damphir or Grey Dragon or both if he is Ashens father. If he is a dragon then he breathes a fog of disease and would be into necromancy.

When we returned to port we started asking around about the underground. We heard rumors of a Chief Kibizacks. We asked around for a guide and were told that the Koblads are very good at traps and the area was littered with them. There was also mention of a trap master in the area and that the Kobalds are in disagreement. They are also blue Kobalds so they serve a blue dragon, the discord may be caused by the pythrixial putting that dragon to sleep. We also heard that the Kobalds think their chief is going mad.

We are going to take a day to prepare for the traps, lightning damage, Kobalds, and whatever Darkath Quint has in store for us. Nothing like knowing you are going to be walking into multiple traps and embracing it…

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 26

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 26

The next morning Weyland was wed to Kaladeth in a short, poorly attended ceremony. In this 20 minute, very practical and emotion lacking ceremony Kaladeth was also atoned.

For people the love to flaunt their wealth and display all that they have you would think that Kedymos would have invited half the island to this ceremony, but that is not how it works here. Even though there were few in attendance there was enough food to feed a small army, many delicacies were spread throughout the feast.

After a few pleasantries were exchanged the affair was over and Kaladeth and Weyland left for the bank. They both signed a contract and were given the dowry of 100,000g in gold. At this point you could tell that the atonement took as she was able to use Secret Chest to carry the money.

As we left the bank we planned how we were going to work the auction. We planned to have all of us go in to bid as a distraction and bid against Ezgar, Ashen, Slate or whomever they sent and have Kaladeth actually be bidding for the elixir since she was only seen by Slate a few times. We would then drop out once the auction reached a small sum, 30,000g, thus making our opposition think that we failed. Now we just needed to find out more specifics about the auction to plan more specifics.

After some thought we were able to figure out that the auction would take place during the Gowl Parade in a few days. Now we just need to find out where and at what time as well as needing to procure tickets.

When we Teleported back to Druma there was a small a mishap, we ended up where we intended but the process was very painful. I spoke with Papa afterwards as he also teleported just before us and he said that he experienced a similar sensation. Maybe all the time in the Mana Wastes had a lasting effect on our abilities. I will have to examine Papa and myself more closely when we return to sea.

That night the Captain ran into a Div, it told him that they were watching us and following us. We will need to be on guard during the auction, as it knew of the auction. By his description the Div sounded like a Doru Div, a messenger/scout type as well as one that can plant suggestions in your mind. We will need to be on our toes if there are more Divs around.

Papa then mentioned that he had Div’s in his head, Lusty Parackas to be precise. From what I know they use lustful dreams to encourage people and can only access when close, meaning they also must be close if they are affecting him. If they had been present he would have been at risk of plague. They are much better at charming and persuading, and can gain information by this means. That means the inn we were staying at is compromised.

Knowing this I then called for a head count to see if anyone else has had dreams similar to Papas, luckily no one had.

Kaladeth was going into town to see if she could find the auction location and time, took Weyland with her. Araris and I debated on gaining the favor of a demon to tell us its location or going into town to speak with shop owners of exotic high priced goods. Oddly enough I was the one in favor of talking to people and he was the one that wanted to summon an a demon to speak with it.

When Papa, Kaladeth and Weyland returned they told us that the auction would be in Zendreck’s Pesh Palace.

Papa also told us the story of what he found out at the Pathfinders Society and what had happened to Iketa. He said that she arrived there once again a bloody mess, missing her skin though this time she was dead. They gave her a resurrection and restoration to get her back on her feet, she then promptly left the place without saying where she was going. Papa went on to say that he volunteered to help Iketa become a better pathfinder when they said that they were on the verge of kicking her out of the organization. He took a copy of their field guide as well as some empty tomes for her to fill with relevant knowledge gained, to be turned in to them even when she didn’t need something. Papa told us that he planned to remind Iketa of what she owed the Pathfinders and encourage her to start living up to her expectations.

We then went to Zendreck’s Pesh Palace to buy admission to the auction, for a hefty sum of 10,000g. When we got there we went to talk to the manager while the Captain and Papa did some Pesh and Papa bought a nice pipe.

This caught Zendreck’s eye as he started talking about good Pesh, expensive and exclusive Pesh. He then sold us a 10,00g vial of magical Pesh. We were not sure what to do with it or what the effects would be. We theorized that it could create a gateway or teleportation to the auction. I was curious so I just did it. Immediately I started having crazy visions, beyond what normal Pesh could do.

I felt physically stronger, yet more susceptible to trickery, I also felt lethargic, fatigued and tiered.

Suddenly I saw Zandrek in front of me, I assume he is simply in my mind, he then greeted me by name. He then told me that the Night Stalls Auction would take place during the Gowl Festival Parade in the central government building right on the parade route during the parade.

This was a bold choice, but one that would unlikely and allow for quick escape if it was needed.

Zendreck went on to say that Pact broker Sayyid will be holding it and other pack masters will be present. He said that I can bring guards and attendants but that Alume golems will be in attendance as well.

I then asked what we could expect to see up for auction and he told me that many novelties will be for auction, as well as the Sunflower Elixir and that “it was of high interest to many people, only truly wealthy can afford it”. He also mentioned that an Alume was being auctioned off as well. He also mentioned that he knows pesh magic, so I asked to learn it and he said later.

That night as I was in my lab working on cracking the secrets of this “Magic Pesh” I heard a commotion above deck and thought nothing of it, then I heard the Captain call out in pain and raced to the top of the ship. As I came above deck I saw a Div attack me and land a blow, this triggered my gown to electrocute it which was more than it could take. As I looked up I saw another, larger Div and that was trying to take cover behind the mast and slept it. I then asked what was going on as I thought the situation was well in hand, I was wrong.

No sooner had the words left my lips than two Female Divs flew by and attacked me with their claws, it hurt. I could feel a disease begin to take hold of me but was able to shake it for the time being.

As I looked back to the ship I saw Weyland take his scythe and put all his might into one swing at the thing I put to sleep, he hit is so hard that it turned it to an ashy dust.

I looked back up and saw Papa grab one of the Divs that struck me so I looked to the other one and told Elliot that we were going to unleash hell on it. Simultaneously he and I sent 3 lightning bolts at the Div that struck me and I vaporized it. This did not make me feel better, but it was a good start. I cannot stand being struck by these vial things.

Papa grabbed the other female Div and brought her back down to the ship, now that I had more time to look at it I could tell that it was a Peracan Div, probably the one that was affecting Papa all this time. We then tied it up and began to talk to it…

She revealed that they wanted to get the Sun Orchid elixir from us, or get us to listen to their offer for it. The Captain asked who they worked for and they said the “Water Lords”. The water lords want the elixir to recover it to return it.

Papa asked what they would give us for it and she replied that she would not assault us again. We had a good chuckle over it and she said that she could see about an offer for us if we let her go. We had another good laugh over this comment.

From what I gathered the Water Lord’s sent them to us to negotiate for the sun orchid elixir and things got out of hand quickly. Captain then thanked her for her time and then promptly shot her, instantly killing her.

The next morning I had Araris look me over to make sure I didn’t have anything from those Peracan Div’s that touched me. He said I was clean but cured me anyway just to be safe. Still unclean…

That afternoon we then went to the Auction to implement our plan. When we actually got in the auction it was filled with well to do rich people, people with more money than common sense. Oh the things I could do with the combined wealth in this room, the achievements and breakthroughs that I could make… Instead it is wasted on trinkets and shows of gluttony…

We looked around for Slate and Ashen and did not see them, perhaps they sent a representative that we did not know. Just then Iketa showed up as the auction was about to start, she also had a magic Pesh vial around her neck. This was clearly not Iketa as she did not have 10,000g to purchase this on her own. Araris then checked her and she glowed evil, this was defiantly not Iketa; I assume it to be Ezgar as he is known to wear another’s skin.

As the auction progressed Araris, the Captain and Ezgar spoke in sharp whispers to each other. I was curious as to what was being said but just out of earshot.

Just then a Pesh lot came up complete with Magic Pesh Spell Book; this was of interest to Papa and I, him for the Pesh and me for the magical spell book that allowed you to make magical pesh. The book was called the Siherafion: Pesh Spell book

The Auction began: 3,000… 4,000… 4,500… 5,000… we went 5,500… the lady in front of us bid to 5,600… Papa turned to her and smiled as he went to 5,700g, there were no more bets.

The next item was the Alume with an opening bid of 5,700g; a wealthy person got the Alume for way too much money. The wasteful nature of the rich is beyond comprehension.

They then announced a 20 Intermission before the last few items.

We went to partake in the refreshments as Ezgar approached and asked what it would take to get us to leave. Araris replied they would neeed to stop the pexthrixial and Ezgar got upset and said that he would let the others know that we are working against them. Ezgar then said that he had Iketa and would kill her if we did not leave, we started making bad skin puns at his expense and told him that we would not leave. He then looked at me and asked if sending her finger would change my mind on staying, I replied no. He then said that he would send a hand, and then another if we did not leave, we said that we would not go.

Ezgar then said that he would just take it from us if we win the auction, so it would be best if we just left and saved our friend.

We made several more skin puns which just infuriate him more.

Ezgar then asked how many body parts he will have to send before we will stop mocking him and threatened to kill her outright.

When then quickly and quietly asked “should we go?” and everyone, save the captain, said no.

No one person is more important than our quest handed down from Atsu himself. There is also a high probability that Ezgar is lying about having Iketa anyway. The price is too high to be bullied or tricked into a poor decision.

The captain then got upset when we told Ezgar that we would bid anyway and left. Ezgar then went out after him and then Ezgar came back in moments later with an eye patch on. We heard no ruckus outside so we assume the Captain is ok.

We continued making bad puns for the remainder of the intermission and infuriating Ezgar even more to take him off of his game. He then said that “Ternakafel will be waiting for us every step of the way”. Weyland asked what would happen if he fails and Ezgar replied that he didn’t matter. I asked what would happen if Ternakafel does not get the elixir and he said that he would have to find other means. I told him that he should begin looking into those means then.

Just the the auction for the Elixir started at 60,000… 61,000g… 62,000g… 63,000g… and then Araris said 100,000g as a hush was let out. Ezgar then said 101,000g and Araris upped it to 105,000g immediately. Ezgar then bid 107,500 and Araris countered with 108,500g. At this point they were the only two left bidding.

Once… twice… and at the last moment Ezgar said 109,000g, Araris immediately said 110,000g.

Once… Twice… and just before three Ezgar looked over and told us that we shouldn’t have fought this, burst his form causing a wave of fear to overtake most of the people in attendance and then grabbed Kaladeth.

As the chaos ensued I kept my eyes on the Elixir.

Weyland tried to trip Ezgar but was unable to do so. Araris threw Scandranin’s token on the ground to make him appear, then used litany of escape to put Kaladeth on Scandranin’s back then knocked Ezgar out of the way and got out of there with her before he knew what was going on.

Ezgar then turned to run and weyland tried to trip him again but failed, as Ezgar got though the doorway he tried to knock the Alume out of the way and managed to push it back a few feet. Just then we could see the Captain standing near Ezgar, he lined up a shot and took it and dropped Ezgar prone. The Alume then took a shot at Ezgar and landed a solid blow.

I then flew up to the auctioneer and said that we fairly won this auction and would like our prize once we take care of this threat, she immediately said no but then looked up at the Pact Master and he noded, she then said that we could talk after we take care of the threat. I thanked her for her time, turned and lit Ezgar up with two lightning bolts.

He looked near death as Papa struck him down with a mighty blow.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 25

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 25

When we arrived in Druma Kaladeth wanted to run a few errands before going to see his father. As we walked we talked about how much gold we would need to outbid Slate on the sun flower elixir by calculating the dead dragon’s age and relative value. They should have had about 129,000 in cursed gold, so if we subtract the fee to clean it they would have about 110,000g to 120,000g. We currently have about 61,000g so we need another 50,000-60,000 gold to be able to compete with them.

We started by going to the Mercenary League Encampment of the Black Jackets, where Kaladeth seemed to try to sign Weyland up. She talked the leader into allowing him to join as an initiate, pending approval of a Profit, and got him fitted with armor that looks like that of the Black Jackets. I asked her why she wanted him to sign up and she said it was part of her plan, she would not elaborate on what the plan was but that it was going to require precision and timing on our part.

We then went to see her father who was a very wealthy man in a very wealthy city named Kedymos Sevardomos. They hugged and caught up on what each other had been up to. When her father asked about the trip to Azlant she quickly changed the subject.

She then told her father that Weyland was a talented combatant and interested in joining the league, I verified this information for her; she asked for his permission for him to join the league and his father agreed. He got him the necessary paperwork to sign up, then Kaledeth said that he should be a ranking officer. He told her to talk to Vice Captain Middleton, the ranking member if she wanted him to be a higher ranking member.

As we walked from the Sevardomos estate I asked Weyland if he was ok with this course of action, he said he was fine with starting as a soldier but Kaladeth insists that he start as a higher rank. I then asked Kaledeth why she dodged questions about the trip and she replied that she would tell him in time. She has not said too much about her plan but just that we are an integral part of it.

We arrived at a stadium fitted for combat and once there Kaladeth told Middleton of her wish to have Weyland start out at a higher position, Middleton agreed to test him and challenged Weyland to a fight of which Weyland obliged.

Middleton then started to prepare for the ensuing combat by administering some potions to give himself Bull Strength, Bark Skin and then Cats Grace. Weyland in turn just stood and looked at him which seemed to somewhat unnerve him. While he was preparing I did a detect magic and noted that his everything on his person glowed with magic. This could pose to be a formidable, fight.

Middleton had a Dagger in one hand and a Rapier in the other. Once he was done preparing he charged, but instead of attacking ran past him and clung to the pillar above.

Weyland, in turn, walked across the ring to the other side which caused him to have to come back down, as he did Weyland readied an attack.

Both combatants seemed to be trying to gage their opponent.

Weyland then made a move to attack him and landed a solid blow.

Middleton returned 5 strikes back at him with a very solid blow of his own.

Weyland then tripped him and missed with his follow up attack.

Middleton then slipped away and climbed back up the pillar.

Weyland looked to take a stance in anticipation of him diving at him.

Mitiliton then did just that and dove at him. Weyland attacked but Middleton tried to block and disarm him. He was not successful.

Weyland then attacked him again, without success.

I thought about intervening at this point but remembered how upset Araris got when I thrust myself into his one on one match and decided against this course of action.

Middleton then attacked in an attempt to disarm Weyland’s weapon again and failed, but did strike him again with a glancing.

Weyland then attacked him again and missed with both swings. It seems the potions he took made him nimble enough to evade these attacks as he moved with cat like grace. Middleton landed two more blows.

It is amazing how mundane hand to hand combat seems once you have mastered the art of magic. Knowing that this Middleton gentlemen is one of the highest ranking members of this barbaric organization, yet lacks any magical aptitude is pathetic. A mage worth his salt could defeat this whole organization in an afternoon. Now that is something that I would love to watch! It would be of far more interest than this hand to hand affair. Anyway I digress too much sometimes…

Weyland finally struck with a solid strike that caught Middleton off guard. This seemed to focus him more than anything else as he immediately tried again to disarm Weyland again and succeeded, Weyand’s Scythe now lay on the ground at the feet of his opponent.

Undaunted Weyland drew his dagger, as did I, and took a few steps back and readied another strike.

I checked Kedymos’s face to see if he was enjoying the fight and he seemed elated with what he was witnessing, I assumed that his satisfaction was part of the plan.

Middleton taunted him and told him to bring it, and proceeded to kick his scythe into the stands on the opposite side of the arena.

Weyland then drew his shield and taunted him in return. Middleton attacked him and it deflected off his shield. Weyland then stabbed him with his dagger. Again this seemed to infuriate and focus Middleton more than anything else.

Middleton then disarmed him of his shield and took a few wild swings at Weyland but missed with the subsequent attack.

Weyland attacked again with his dagger and missed again.

Middleton began trying to show Weyland up so I decided to intervene, the nerve of some people showing off to prove their own sense of worth when they are mediocre at best. I began hexing him to remove his luck and make him easier to hit.

Weyland drew his war hammer and took a swing with all his weight behind it. It landed and was a critical blow catching him by surprise. This strike sent Middleton to the ground. He began trying to crawl away and Weyland bashed his helmet in as Middleton’s body went limp and needed immediate medical attention.

I went out and healed Middleton to the point he regained conciseness, it seemed only right since I tipped the scales in Weylands favor and then went to check on Weyland.

A women named Ophelia that was watching from the shadows handed Middleton some potions to help him regain more health and his wits. She said that she was the captain here and I noted that there was something familiar about her. She then said Weyland’s style seemed familiar and asked Weyland who trained him. When he told her she then seemed interested in that information by the way she reacted to the name he said.

She then offered Weyland Middleton’s position since he defeated him, unless he wanted to fight her for her position. But she said that she wouldn’t recommend it. Weyland then asked Kaladeth if he should challenge for her position and she said he shouldn’t. In hindsight I should have checked out her gear with detect magic as well, maybe I will if our paths cross again.

Then she told him as Vice-Captain he had to take orders from her and the profits. Kaladeth then stepped in and addressed Ophelia stating that she needed Weyland for her travels and asked that Ophelia assigned him to her and her family. Ophelia agreed to do as much.

Kaladeths father then welcomed Weyland to the Black Jackets and invited us back to his estate for the evening.

We had supper in a very large hall at a huge table littered with food, far more than we could possibly eat. A wasteful showing of wealth. Small talk was being made when Kaladeth mentioned the fight to her father. Then she said to him that she would like to continue the project they started in Azland.

He then said that he hoped we found more success than Igoran, meaning that he knew far more than we thought he did, and she told him we had thanks to Weyland and his Scythe. I again confirmed that Weyland was an integral component of our success. She then started buttering her father up and then began to cry as she explained about the dragon that made her drink and break her bonds.

It was then that she told him that she needed to seek atonement. But stated that Weyland was always there for her. Then they were both crying. He told her that atonement is no laughing matter and she told him that she knew this to be the case. Then Kaladeth said that Weyland had asked for her hand in marriage. This confirmed that she was working an angel to get a dowry form her father to fund our sun-flower elixir expenditure.

She then told her father that Weyland was a high ranking member of the Black Jackets now and is one of us. She then presented him the platinum that we got from Igoran, as a sort of tribute and example of what they had accomplished.

Kedymos then took the platinum and made it disappear and said he would think on it for the night and told us we could sleep here, and in separate rooms of course.

Weyland asked her about this marriage plan. She then told us that a husband and wife can share wine and she wouldn’t lose her powers. He can also continue to train her and spar with her and not lose her powers if she makes contact. Along with the Dowry this did seem to be marriage of convenience that benefits everyone, minus Weyland.

Kaladeth said that she would have father draw up the proper papers in the morning. Everyone turned in for the night and I instead teleported back to Druma to get Araris since I have seen Weyland’s negotiating skills or lack thereof before.

I Found Araris at the Inn and told him of Weylands legal trouble, and brought him back to Druma to help.

The next morning when Kaladeth’s father agreed to the marriage I asked for legal counsel. Kedymos then questioned Weylands manhood in needing another to sort his affairs, he told him that it was prudent to have another with more knowledge of legal customs present for something this important and he agreed. I then disappeared and reappeared with Araris. He set up shop as did Kaladeth’s father.

They began negotiating for quite some time.

Kedymos suggested 60,000g set up for Weyland and Araris scoffed at it and told him that he was going to contribute 70,000g himself.

The back and forth went on for over an hour.

Araris offered to show them his firm in dragon heaven and Kaladeths father said he wanted to see it. They called on some Wizards and were able to commune with the head accountant there. Kedymos asked if they could absorb a 70,000 gold hit and Raz began laughing in the background. Kedymos then asked if Raz was the dragon that made Kaladeth lose her powers by drinking and he laughed harder. The wizards then closed the commune.

This upset her dad and then Araris said asked what his peers would think of his offer of 60,000g which drove him to make another offer of 100,000g. This was accepted and Araris began negotiating several sub clauses to the contract.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 24

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 24

The next morning we left town for Quantium, from there we would find a way to raise our boat and then head to Katapesh.

As we traveled the river we noticed several chartreuse corpses including some animals. As we rounded the bend we saw a huge chartreuse monstrous mutant on the shore line. For science Papa and I decided that we should investigate it as it seemed to still be breathing, however very faintly. When we made our intent known Weyland and Araris decided to come with us while Iketa and the Captain waited in the boat.

As we got closer we could see that his breathing was very laborious and it did not seem to notice us even though it appeared to be looking in our direction. From this distance it looks like this creature may have been a pachyderm at one time, before the mutation took over. From a cautious distance we made some noise to alert it to our presence to get its attention and gage it as a threat. When we did that the beast reared up and began to charge to attack us.

As soon as it started its charge Weyland sprinted up to it and in one movement cut the beast in half. It immediately burst into a fine chartreuse dust. When I saw this happen my first instinct was to get it off of him as quickly as possible as this chartreuse material had proven to be hazardous to others. I quickly hit him with a sharp gust of wind to blow all of the dust off of him before he could breathe any of it in.

Papa and I then examined the dust, along with the information that we had gathered from the prior corpses that littered the river we came to the conclusion that it had to be a Colour out of Space that was causing these problems. This Ooze gained strength as it fed off of your fear and emotions and this region has seemingly been its feeding ground.

From what we have seen if a creature is chartreuse it has been color blighted. If the creature is still alive it is very aggressive and yet lethargic.

I then took a look at myself and noted that a feeling of listlessness took over as we approached the shoreline, I had originally thought that this was caused by the mutant but it remains after it was destroyed. It was then that I realized that it was not caused by the creature we just killed and must be an effect from something else in the area. I then turned around to see the Captain chartreuse and slumping in the boat.

Iketa called out to him but the captain got upset and drew his fire arm. Papa approached him and tried to use Dominate Person but failed. I then put him to sleep but he got a shot off before he fell that struck Papa.

Out of the corner of my eyes saw a bright light sink into the ground. As I turned it was gone. Something odd was happening so I started looking again at the situation and noticed that despite what the situation and mystery before me, I was still feeling listless and not wanting to leave this area, however not because of the mystery. Odd…

Just then a chartreuse ooze emerged and Papa stepped up to engage it with parley before it got close to the group. The Ooze spoke to him in Aklo as they spoke on why it was here. The ooze slowly approached as they spoke and Papa stood his ground. The Ooze said that it was here to gain strength as we suspected and was near his departure. It also said that it had tagged the Captain as his next victim, which should be almost enough to allow him to leave this place and return to its home world.

Papa then offered up and alternative and as he did the Ooze tried to touch him. Papa floated back a few feet to avoid the lackadaisical attempt to touch him as contact with his skin could be hazardous. Papa offered for us to feed him emotions until he was full rather than him taking the Captain’s life. He agreed to try it and Papa began casting Papa Shared Memories, specifically of what he did with Weyland on their night of debauchery, after that he shared what he did the other night to regrow his arm.

After those memories it grew and said it was going back to the Diaspora. It then said that it wanted to see Papa and Weyland again, by name. In traditional Papa fashion he ignored this creepy advance and instead asked if he had seen any treasure left over from any of the lives he had taken. The Ooze then told us where there was treasure.

I then asked him to fix the Captain and he enveloped the boat and sucked the chartreuse color back in. The captain was still listless but alive and with better coloration.

The Captain’s will still seemed low and there is no way to tell what will happen with him,

The Ooze then told us that myself, the Captain and Papa cannot be affected by another alien ooze since he had affected us already. The Ooze then left by floating up into the sky until it was out of sight.

We then continued down river, looting unmanned ships along the way, presumably victims of the Ooze. As we journeyed the Captain spoke in Aklo and acted odd the majority of the trip. This was odd as the Captain did not know Aklo before this encounter. Maybe there will be some benefit from this encounter for him after all. I still plan to keep a watchful eye on the situation until he is back to his normal self.

The next morning we entered Quantium and as we neared the docks encountered the Quantium Golem. Araris flew ahead and spoke with it and it went back to a docile state. Once we made port we discussed what needed to be done. This was the first major town we had been in with magical capabilities in quite some time. We decided that Araris would take the Captain to Church of Abadar to get healed and Papa, Weyland and I would go to collect the reward for taking care of the “River Monster”.

As we walked to the city officials office it was apparent that the city pretty much destroys the water inland. They seem to dump magic and arcane run off into the water and I am told they have used this water to attack ships. This atrocity to nature shall not go unnoticed! I shall spend some time while we are here to see if I can help take care of this situation.

When we got to the city officials office to collect our reward, we spoke with someone who pointed us to the right line to claim the reward. It took over an hour in line but we were granted access to a city official who questioned the validity of our claim. Papa cast Shared Memories and showed him the memory of the Ooze leaving and returning to space. This was enough proof for the official and he offered us a reward. I recalled that more was offered and questioned him on it, he said “you can’t blame a guy for trying” and gave us the rest of the reward.

We then told him of our situation with our ship and he gave us the name of an inn near the docks to start our search for help raising the ship. He also said that the city will cover living expenses while we are here as a token of appreciation. He then asked that we stick around town until he verified that the menace had been taken care of and I told we would let him know when we left I also gave him our names as we were about to leave. He then asked where our ship was lost and told us the Miasmire is not a place you want a sunken boat, there is very nasty water there.

As with this city the water was polluted, possibly from this city. This is something else to look into.

After we left there I went to the Arcanamirium to send a ship to pick up the crew. Also sent a message to Lady Darchana on my findings in the Mana wastes and on the chartreuse creature.

I then teleported with Papa and Weyland to let the crew know that the boat is coming in two days and brought them some more supplies. While we were there I asked about the Sunken Galleys and they told us that they saw the Galleys go south to north on the infernal line. From this I realized that the sunken galleys might be in Quantium now based on when they saw the ship and could still be there or in the area. I thanked the crew for their information and for remaining strong and cohesive during these trying times. I will have to talk to Araris about rewarding the crew once we get our ship back.

We brought Ats back with us to help us track the ship and met the others at the moderately priced inn. Ats told us Ship was in a new position in the Meazmire. I theorized that the Personification of Fury may still be inhabiting the ship, but more information is needed.

Iketa then told us that that Azgar had been there wearing her skin and posing as her at the Pathfinder Society Lodge. I am not sure why he would do that as the Pathfinder Society accepts anyone and Iketa is not a person one could make look bad by impersonating.

Went then to the docks to look for the Sunken Galleys and saw a familiar ship with yellow sails. It was the slavers that we had encountered before we made port in Sedeq. We approached Captain Toefall and startled him. He said that he was following us and he was surprised we didn’t notice… It was apparent that he was following the ship and not us through the Mana Wastes. He told us he found our ship and it was unmanned, he thought we were all dead and jumped at the opportunity. Then the ship began attacking, firing at their ship, and then transforming into a giant squid and chasing them with storms and high winds. This lends credence to my theory that it was still possessed by the Fury.

Captain Toefall wouldn’t tell us why he was following us or who he was carrying on board, I tried to coerce him by asking him if he ever wondered what it was like to be a turtle. He said that he had heard of what I did in Sedeq and did not want the same done to him. I told him it was simple, tell the truth or be a turtle. He then tried to leave so I slept him and his crew came down from the ship to help him. The Navigator approached me and tried to charm me but I resisted. I explained to him that what I was asking was simple and did not need to lead to violence. He then told me the name of their passenger was Fortisku, the Bounty hunter from the Harbor Master in Sedeq. I am not sure why he was following us but inevitably we will run into him eventually and find out.

The next day I got set out for the City Offices before the sun was up and logged an official protest on the way that they treat their water. I then asked for a grant for the Arcanamirium from the city for funds to research and implement a device to combine Absorb Toxicity and a Chalice of Poison Weeping into a pump filter item to pump the cities water though to clean it. By my calculations this should work and be fairly inexpensive, plus it can give some students some hands on experience with monitoring and maintaining the unique item once its created. If this works for the city I will ask for a follow up grant to be used to craft a similar item for the Meazmire.

When I returned back to the Inn Araris confirmed that the Personification of Fury had in fact claimed and possessed our ship. He also said that it would trade an undisclosed favor for the Sultan or Air for the ship if we want. This seemed like the only real option to get the ship back. Apparently the ship could also shape change into sea life now, this was of great interest to me and would be exciting to examine. It said that it will safe guard most of the crew if we came back to talk about this proposal more, with the exception being Iketa.

We went out later that day to meet the Maelstrom/Personification of Fury. We were invited onboard and talked to the Fury about the fight with the pirates. He seemed to enjoy telling stories so I asked it about other things he knew more about than I. While it was speaking I noticed that the water around the ship is clean, yet the water further out is still polluted. Interesting…

While the rest of the team were debating the proposed deal I decided to ask about the use of one of its aspects for the cleaning mechanism I was designing. It said no, but did mention that my design would work. Validation!!

It then offered Iketa a gift for her favor, she said maybe and he released the river boat, struck it with lightning and afterwards it glowed magic. He seemed to put the Maelstrom’s essence in the smaller boat and made it bigger, almost a regular ships size and the ship is now very fast.

We finally struck a deal with the Personification of Fury to get the ship back, it would be allowed to leave an aspect inside to monitor us and we would take on its favor to the Sultan of Air. The Maelstrom is now the smaller boat and the larger boat is now known as the Fury.

When we returned to Quantium I had word waiting for me at the Inn that I got the grant for the water purification system. This should help increase the notoriety of the Arcanamarium in these parts while helping the environment here, a true win win.

In the morning we set out for Katapesh and made it there without incident. The crew was happy to be back aboard our ship, back in their normal cabins and although the ship now smelt from being underwater for so long, it was good to be back aboard.

Now that we are in Katapesh all we need to sell some items, find the auction for the sun orchid and stop the sale to the Dragons and defeat them.

When we made port we found the sunken galleys, and noticed that they were no longer sunken. They must have cleaned all those cursed coins for the auction.

Once we were settled Kaladeth, Weyland and Araris set out to find the auction and to get Kaladeth atoned. She mentioned that she needed her carriage cleaned so she could fit the part of a priestess so Papa and I washed it; Iketa took a nap.

Kaladeth told us that she could get some investors to help us outbid the dragons for the flower but she needs atonement to do this. I then volunteered to take Kaladeth to Druma

Expenses Log
Cost Days Total
Inn 25 SP 5 125 SP
Laundry, magic 2 GP 2 4 GP
Bath 18 CP 3 54 CP
Soap 1 CP 1 1 CP
Meals 45 SP 15 675 SP
Tea 20 CP 10 200 CP
Milk 25 CP 5 125 CP
Wine 10 SP 5 50 SP

12 GP Total
53 SP
80 CP


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