The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 5

Today started as the prior two had; me in my lab working, the sea calling to me and the crew around me going about their daily business. I went above deck to talk to Captain Boniva about slowing our speed for a while so I could enjoy the sea around us when I noticed something off in the distance. I looked harder and noticed a ship with black sails heading our way. I slowly made my way over to the Captain to let him know what I saw, and to not alarm the crew as I have seen instances when virgin crews over react to situations such as this if they turn out to be nothing.

After watching the ship the captain recognized the symbol of the pirate queen. As we were also on a former Pirate Queen vessel, although altered, and flying black sails I decided to send word to the ship to judge their intent via a Bird Token.

They sent a response in a short time telling us to parlay. After speaking to Wayland, whom has considerable ship knowledge, on the chances of being recognized we decided that a guise would be needed.

While the Captain, Wayland and the Con argued about who should go to parlay I went below deck to speak with Tebrilith. Once I had earned her trust I told her off our situation and discussed solutions to this problem. I also told her that I was sympathetic to her sitation with the Hell Knight and that I would ask him to take it easy on her if she helped us, making her journey more comfortable. She immediately accepted. The Hell Knight was below deck tending to his newest cargo so I will have to talk to him at a later time. She made mention of being able to alter the way the ship looked, however only half the ship could be done in time. She went about disguising the ship while we angled it so only half of it could be seen by the oncoming vessel.

As I was heading above deck Papa again made comment about creating a coven with himself and Grann. I do not fully trust them as I have had little dealings with them to date; he also has the stink of evil on him. I will work with whomever is advantageous, but joining a coven is another matter altogether.

As we approached the Parlay location I noticed the Captain taking the Con with him instead of the Android that he had previously mentioned as going with him. I would not trust her with a matter as important as this but the Captain does as he sees fit. When we stopped to allow the captain and the Con to shove off in the row boat I decided to tail them, unseen, incase aid is needed.

I stayed a safe distance behind to not reveal my position, but close enough to intervene if necessary. The closer we got to the meeting point the more pungent a taste in the water became. Then I recognized it, blood. I went underwater to confirm and of course where there is blood in the water there are sharks. Then I heard a shot ring out.
As I resurfaced I noticed that the Captain was unaware of the threat right below his feet and that he and the Con were pursuing the other boat that had just fired on them. I yelled out to them that there were Sharks in the water and that it wasn’t safe for them. Like most simple minded people they were focused solely on what was in front of them and not the entirety of the situation.

Once I noticed that they were not going to be deferred from their actions I went back underwater to see one of the sharks curiously coming my way. I grabbed his fin and asked him if he wanted to feast and told him I could get him copious amounts of food if he did as I asked.

At this point I noticed that our ship and the enemy ship were on a collision course, with the enemy ship coming about face presumably to send a volley into our ship. I could not let these mouth breathers destroy my lab!! I knew the only way to stop this action was to re-correct the ships course. So I took the shark, got him to speed, enlarged him and, with all his might, rode him straight into the ships rudder. This must have been more than they could handle as the ship veered back into its collision course.

Now for my promise of food… I took the shark deep into the sea and again got him up to speed, straight out of the water and onto their ships deck. He then gorged himself on a pirate as I lay on the ground watching all the other mouth breathers stand in terror as they were left face to face with the seas version of death.

As I lay there I notice Belumbor, the warrior that attacked us early on, cry out “Give me Tebrilith” followed quickly by the Con yelling out “Is that what this is about, take her”. I was glad she stayed below deck or the Con could have put the whole ship at the mercy of the Hell Knight as he was contracted to protect her.

Just then I noticed a women slip overboard on the other side of the ship. Could it be that these are not all mouth breathers as I had previously thought? I rolled overboard to pursue her; however as I approached her she seemed frightened and as if she was trying to get away from combat. She was also noticeably not a combatant as she was a Cleric. I tried to reassure her that I could help her as I noticed a slash behind me and Belumbor bearing down on us. I acted quickly to get away as I have seen his martial prowess. I produced an ink cloud to give cover to our escape and quickly got us back on the ship.

As we were safe I asked her what was going on and why she was fleeing. She then told me that most of the crew were forced into service and did not want to fight. I surveyed the combat in front of me and indeed their hearts were not into it. How could our crew not see this and know they were not a threat?!? There was no need for this blood shed however the COUP was still attacking with their full might.

I called everyone’s attention to the situation and not to the combat that seemed to be blinding them. I called out to everyone pointing out that the true threat was Belumbor and that we should take him out to free them. I then asked the Cleric to channel healing to everyone here as a means to end this fight and pull us all together. She understood and did so, saving countless lives that were sure to be lost if this fight had persisted.

It is amazing how quick the crew is to fight but how hesitant they are to show mercy. This could be a precursor for the rest of our journey should things not go as planned.

After we sorted out the last few supporters of Belumbor the captain had them executed along with Belumbor. After they were killed I tossed them into the sea. There is a certain harmony to seeing the cycle of life completed.

Once I rejoined the group I witnessed the Cleric, Soari, negotiating with the Captain for the ship, some supplies and a chest of gold to head back home and start their lives anew. The chest was meant as an offering to the pirate god however there was a discrepancy over the amount in which it would take to appease a god. Soari wanted a chest full of treasure, a value of around 550g whereas the Captain offered up 10g per person on the ship, a 90g value. The Con offered to give them a chest full of copper, which amounts to defecating in the gods face I am told. Wayland mentioned that he thought the value of a human life was incalculable, yet the Captain put it at 10g. He amuses me so.

I fear for the success of this mission as it seems to be led by a troubling combination of bloodlust and greed. We shall see how we fair once we are tested again. For now, I have my studies to see too.

Captain Boniva’s Log Entry
Following the battle with the Salt Spray

It is refreshing to once again be on the sea as the past four days have rejuvenated me. This resurrection of spirit is in no small part due to the great fortunes which have joined us on our voyage! Despite any misgivings I have had previously about this band which I now find myself leading, they have proven themselves more than worthy to hold positions within my crew. I could not be prouder of their abilities given the events of our previous day at sea.

The old saying, “better to have a poor ship and a fine crew, than a fine ship and a poor crew” was proven to me to be true words of wisdom coming down to us through the ages from sages of the sea. Upon setting sail I found I was a bit uneasy as our ship was entering into potentially unfriendly waters with not so much as one single cannon gracing our broadsides, but only the dragon cannon affixed to our bow. We were outgunned by anything more than a pleasure barge and our encounter with the navy only served to bolster my private worries.

Though our time together has been brief, I find that I have fondness for Wayland. He is, without a doubt, a curious fellow, even among this crew of characters. I find that he possesses a wealth of technical knowledge and physical strength, but has not one handful of knowledge or understanding of the nature of men at all. Even so, I admire his skills and together we hastily fashioned three cannons out of the parts we purchased before leaving port. No sooner had we finished the three than the trouble I so feared appeared on the western horizon. What did fate have in store for us?

Compounding our troubles with armament, we fly black sails. Under more favorable conditions this would trouble me but not at all, but as we had only three broadsides to show, the fact that black sails, the sign of the Pirate Queen, would invite unwanted attention from both navy and pirate alike was like a dark star on our horizon. It is true that in my many years at sea I have experienced my share of overmatched encounters, but not knowing the experience or abilities of this crew, on this boat which we had been with for less than a week, was a truly unsettling reality. Putting my spyglass to my eye I saw that the ship headed for us carried 18 guns. Our successful departure would depend on cunning and guile… and only the best of fortune.

The ship requested parlay and without any options available to us but to run, we agreed and I put to sea in the ship’s launch with, of all people, the Marchioness. It did not seem prudent given her recent actions that could have cost us the ship, but if we had to bluff our way out of combat with overwhelming against us, I needed someone who could read the opposition and help navigate the situation expertly. Despite his strength and doubtless combat experience, Wayland was not man (or woman) for the task at hand.

How the Marchioness would have sought to confound my counterpart will never be known. As we approached the rendezvous point, the captain and his boatman fired at us and attempted to sink our boat in an act of utter treachery and little surprise. These are the moments that test the mettle of those who would be masters and commanders of men – to turn and run while be being defenseless and taking fire or to press the fight and meet the enemy head on? Without hesitation we continued to row right into their boat. Their treachery would be met with unshakeable resolve and only one party would return to their ship.

“Parlay, captain – And take our message to the gates of hell!”*

Without need for my signal, the Marchioness sprang from our craft, drew her pistol and, whilst flying through the air, shot the captain’s mate right between his eyes, rendering him dead before she landed on the wood of their boat. It appears her mysteriousness is matched by her combat expertise! Upon crashing into their craft, I also drew my pistols and began a savage hail of shots into my counterpart who was all but helpless to react.

Bleeding heavily, the captain, either resigned to his fate or scared beyond thought, jumped out of the boat amidst sharks that were circling us. I finished him off as he attempted to swim away. The sharks did the rest.

Watching the foray which just saw their party slain, the pirate ship, now known to be the Salt Spray, began to position herself for combat. Meanwhile, Alcades, having shadowed our path to the rendezvous, made use of his abilities to charm one of the circling sharks and made way for the Salt Spray riding the shark by fin!

One of the most helpless feelings any captain will ever experience is having no choice but to watch his ship and crew fight from afar. The Marchioness and myself, unable to do anything more from our position on the launches, began rowing away from the paths of the two ships which were quickly closing range.

The battle was now in the hands of my first mate, Papa Samedi, a man of whom upon first meeting I had serious personal doubts. However, he rallied the crew and took up a ramming course for the Salt Spray which was turning to present broadside to the Maelstrom. He has more than earned my trust. Deftly, Alcades commanded the shark to ram the Salt Spray’s rudder and begin shredding it. This was evidently enough to wrest control of the ship away from the crew and begin turning the ship to a head-on course with Maelstrom.

The ships collided in grand fashion and the dragon cannon erupted into the lower deck of the Salt Spray. On the decks, both crews prepared for boarding while the Marchioness and I rowed ourselves back to Maelstrom. At this, a familiar voice and then face emerged from behind the opposing crew – Belumbor, wailing his wrathful demand for the custody of Tebrilith. That wretched dog had put to sea before us and laid in wait. Having escaped him once, escaping him a second seemed to test fate, but given what had already transpired on this day, I was confident.

Wayland took up a frontal position on the bow, ready to storm the Salt Spray. Within moments, the battle was met and the crews engaged. Wayland, expertly wielding his scythe, led the way and began to cut down his unfortunate foes. At the same time, Alcades and his monster shark exploded out of the water and onto the deck, causing mass confusion for Belumbor’s crew.

Out of the chaos we heard a woman’s voice yell that if Belumbor should fall, half of the men would lay down arms. It was difficult to make sense of it all given the clamor of melee across the decks. Quickly, Alcades disappeared below the waves once more and out of sight.

Meanwhile, Papa took up position near Walen and the Marchioness and I returned to the ship and quickly climbed aboard. Combat continued and I fired some shots into the foray striking opposing crewmen.

Suddenly, Alcades once again emerged from the sea, this time clutching a woman. At almost the same time, Belumbor appeared on our deck behind our lines! He quickly struck down one of our crew before he could react. It was then that the picture became clear. Alcades yelled to all that if Belumbor was killed, half of the Salt Spray’s crew would lay down arms, having been pressed into service against their will.

In the span of a few moments, Papa was able to snare Belumbor with a whip, and render him immobile. In a last ditch effort to rescue their captain, some of the more fanatical members of his crew attempted to run through the battle lines to his aid, but they were cut down before they could reach him. At that, I issued a demand to the opposing crew to lay down their arms and surrender, which they did.

Belumbor attempted to speak and tempt us with reasons to let him go, but having just fallen victim to his treachery – attacked, under the good faith of parlay – I ordered him shot dead and confirmed to be so. Thus ends the story of Belumbor Thrul – defeated and hastily disposed.

The woman, we came to learn, was named Soari Ocelil, cleric of Besmera. She had been captured and pressed into service under Belumbor. With him now dead, she asked for the ship to be returned to her and the crew so that they might regain their lives and freedom. Having no quarrel with her or them, I agreed with conditions.

  • Of the 18 guns on board the Salt Spray, 14 would be transferred to the Maelstrom. This would leave them some means of defense for their voyage to nearest port. This would also fill out the Maelstrom’s compliment, leaving us 4 extra for spares or to be sold for profit.
  • They would be left 3 days rations, enough to ensure they could make it to the nearest port, but not enough that they could delay or set course for any other port.**
  • All excess valuables would be plundered and taken as spoils for our victory. For I am first, and foremost, a pirate.

Soari asked for a chest of money to be left to them as offering to Besmera. I agreed to allow them 10 gold pieces for each surviving crew member to be offered to Besmera. I realize that Soari felt this was insulting to Besmera, being such a small amount. I suspect that some of my crew feel the same. Yet I consider it tribute enough to liberate from forced servitude one of Besmera’s clerics and her followers. If our views on this matter differ, it is regretful that I cannot offer apology. For I am a son of the sea and a pirate’s life – if not even the gift of one’s life and liberty are not enough to sate the desires of gods and men, it is a pity – for we are then, in truth, nothing more than slaves to our mortal trappings. For a pirate wants but two things – loot and liberty.

Finally, I had the flag of the Pirate Queen burned and a victory pennant sewn and flown from the Maelstrom’s mainmast. Ours was indeed a great victory – outgunned six to one and not a man lost! Fate has smiled graciously upon us!

For my crew, I can speak only the highest praise. Having been together for such a short time, we have overcome tremendous odds and they, for their part, have displayed the highest level of skill and resourcefulness in the face of a treacherous and tactically superior enemy. The fates smile not just on me as captain, but on us all. I shall buy them all a generous round upon our next visit to port! The pride is theirs and I can only share in it. For it cannot be said that they are cowards, but rather the bravest band of mariners!

*It is regrettable that we were forced to assault the captain and his crewman and slay them as they were undoubtedly forced to act in accordance with Belumbor’s will. But the code of the sea is paramount and I do not regret that we defended ourselves with such efficiency and zeal.

**Many years of experience guided my decision to limit the Salt Spray’s provision and armaments and capture all their valuables. First, it left them no choice but to make an expedient return to port. While I do not doubt their intentions, were they of a different mind, this offers them little choice but to comply. Second, if they were intercepted by another pirate vessel during their voyage to port, it renders them a worthless target, thus improving their chances of being left alone.

Papa’s Explanation to Septimus of the Battle

It is too bad you were unable to join us in the battle versus the pirates, we came out victorious with no losses!! The spirits must have looked out for us today. It is too bad the Captain did not offer up to the Sea Spirit the proper offerings after the battle. I told him what was necessary to appease Besmara. But all is well, Papa took care of it. The Sea Spirit will hold no ill will against us.

The Captain was lured out with a false promise of Parley from the pirates. They were to meet the other Captain between our respective ships on rowboats. He was ambushed along with the women, Ikeda. Fortunately Ikeda is better at battle than I expected and she killed to protect the captain. She leapt 15 feet between the two rowboats and shot one of their warriors between the eyes. I have never seen such prowess in a women. Who would have known a women could fight at all??!! Women are still bad juju to have on a boat though.

The Fish man, Alcades, jumped into the shark infested water and entreated sharks to help. He even rode one into battle, very exciting!! That one has much Juju, he will work well with Papa and Grann.

As first mate, I assumed command of the ship in the absence of the Captain. I ordered the ship to assume ramming speed and that the Fiend’s Mouth cannon be armed. The strategy would have resulted in losses but the Fish man disabled the rudder of the enemies ship by ramming it with the shark he was riding. This stopped the enemy from being able to volley on us with their cannons. The fish man even rode the shark out of the water onto the deck of the enemies ship!!! They were shocked to say the least.

By disabling the rudder, we were able to avoid the volley of the enemies cannons and rammed their ship, simultaneously firing the Fiend’s mouth. We then boarded their boat. The Tin Man, Weiland, cut a swath through their ranks with his great Scythe. Their crew was rallied by the Sea Barbarian that you all had unsuccessfully fought when Papa was gone. Papa made short work of him though and brought him before the Captain. We executed him and fed him to the sharks. We let a few of their crew live. Apparently most of them had been pressed into service against their will. We freed them with just enough for them to reach shore. The Captain let them leave will 3 days rations, just enough for them to get back to Magnimar. He is such a magnanimous Captain!!! Stern but fair, Papa likes him very much.

I hope you can join us in future battles, that bow of yours could be very useful!!!

Papa’s Midnight Rantings

Enough of it to last two months and thats not enough??? More!!! I’m already using as much as I can without raising suspicion!!! Too much will consume me!! (The rest spoken in Aboleth, Aklo, and various other Languages)

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 4

Over the last few days while working with Master Toth I noticed a bond between us forming, not one of a physical nature but one of mentorship. I explained to him my goals and how much I admired all that he has accomplished in his career and asked that he grant me guidance since he had already mastered the magics. I also asked him for tips regarding my lab.

I don’t know that he took me seriously at first, but once he noticed the resolve on my face he knew it to be true. Master Toth then shared some tips on magics with me that will help guide me, including showing me how to utilize Animate Object Maintenance which should allow me to do ship upkeep once it is enchanted.

As he was speaking I noticed a twinkle in his eye. I remembered seeing this same glimmer when we greeted him at the docks and were explaining the ship enhancements that we were looking for. It was then that I noticed Master Toth for what he really was. For all his grand worldly accomplishments he seemed to be slowing down and finding considerable joy in these irregularities and teaching me.

I then looked Master Toth in his eye and made him a proposition. I explained to him that Forman Garash was a loyal, trustworthy and capable man by his own words and capable of running the Golem Works in his absence. With that in mind I respectfully extended an opportunity to journey to the Arcanamirium and enjoy a sabbatical of study and teaching others in the way of the magics. I also let him know that I am personally acquainted with Lady Darchana and could ensure his enjoyment of this sabbatical, away from the day to day drudgeries of the Golem Works.

I also flattered him with truth of what would be my intent had I not been charged with this duty, an apprenticeship with him. But my word is my bond and I have sworn completion of this task for Lady Darchana.

I told Master Toth to think about this offer and let me know in the morning as I would contact Lady Darchana of his impending arrival and made arrangements for his transport of my own coin.

While Master Toth seemed intrigued by this opportunity he is a hard man to read…

On another note, it took some time but we finally managed to get all of the principal investors for this journey in one spot at the same time. You wouldn’t think this to be an accomplishment but we have had instances where we are making pivotal decisions with some absent. We took advantage of everyone being here and set off to the Lumber Yard to meet Master Toth to finally get the ship enchanted.

Master Toth asked the COUP and I which elemental we would like bound to the ship. As is their nature the COUP voted against what wisdom would lead one to believe to be the superior option. Instead of the Water Elemental I sought to see bound they instead voted for the unpredictable and often violent Storm Elemental. I should have removed a few of the COUP from the vote to skew it my way, but how was I to know that they would once again prove incompetent on such a simple matter.

Even though Master Toth had learned me in the ways of the animation that was to take place I was not prepared for what was to come. The binding process was a violent one, probably attributed to the choice of a Storm Elemental, as the Elemental took control of the ship.

While this was fascinating it was also chaotic as several of the COUP attempted to sooth the ship. I finally decided to intervene before anyone else went overboard. As the ship and I share a bond to the sea, I used this commonality to slow down its torrent long enough for the Captain to retake control.

Once we had control we made port at the Golem Works to drop off Master Toth. He then informed me that he would take advantage of my offer and take leave on sabbatical to the Arcanamirium. I could not be more elated! I contacted Lady Darchana of his impending arrival and made arrangements for his transport as promised. I know he will enjoy his time there and leave refreshed. I hope the students of the Arcanamirium appreciate his knowledge as much as I have.

I have also extended another courtesy to the Arcanamirium as I now realize my journey is the perfect opportunity to offer an internship and allow another mage to gain knowledge from me as I progress in my craft and my pursuit of knowledge.

The next morning we set off on our adventure. I think I will find myself bound to my lab more and more as the days bare on. The rest of the crew, save my apprentice, is of little interest to me.

Just two days into our journey we were hailed by a ship of the Magnimarian navy. They requested all hands on deck to do a head count. Apparently the Scared ones idea to have all black sails was a foolish one as they are the symbol of the pirate queen, hence our progress being impeded.

A Captain Bardomma took roll to ensure our crew was who they said they were. What should have taken minutes ended up wasting a good portion of the afternoon as some of the crew cannot follow simple orders such as walk to the top of the ship and stand there while someone asks you your name. I am not sure where they found these people but next voyage I am going to insist on an intellect test before ship hands are brought on board.

One such example of the COUP’s incompetence would be the Arrogant Con and his assistant’s inability to both healthy and on deck at the same time. I do not know if they were playing games or just that incompetent nor do I care however this persisted far longer than was acceptable.

Finally I got sick of waiting as the Captain went below deck, and the other crew from the naval ship went back to their ship so I went back to my studies. It was there that the Cleric of Gozreh approached me with some Bird Feather Tokens. He had one that would return word to him and two others that were for sale. I took all three; I will use one to contact him if needed, one to keep the Arcanamirium abreast of my progress and the other for future use or deconstruction.

Tomorrow I shall see if the captain will pause our journey and allow me some relief in the sea for a period of time. It is difficult being so close, yet unable to enjoy all the wonders below your feet.

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 3

I managed to slip away from the COUP (see Entry 1) for a period of time to take care of some personal matter and ready for the voyage ahead. I do not think my absence will be noticed as we are still unfamiliar with one another and they do not yet know what I am capable of… …also I have noticed that some members of the COUP seem to disappear nightly to indulge in sins of the mind, so a masquerade is not needed with this group.

To my surprise Elliot was absolutely elated with the idea of slipping away; however she had other plans in mind for us. While she has embraced her new role as my familiar she can be one of the most unpredictable and needy creatures I have ever encountered.

While I was looking to attend to personal matters, and working towards the advancement of all mankind she starts prodding me to go back to the sea. We have only been away from it for a few days, and I miss it as well, but we must remain diligent in our plan or we will not succeed. But the bond between us is very strong.

I found some common ground with her that would allow us to do as she wished while allowing me to attend to other matters.

I must admit I missed the sea more than I realized. It had been a while since I was able to take some time for myself; it must be years since I took a day off. But you don’t become the best without sacrifice.

While in the seas Elliot frolicked in the waves and in the air, pausing occasionally to mock my inability to fly. I spent my time conversing with the creatures in the area, the ones Elliot did not torment. I was fascinated to hear the information some of them held on Magnimar’s history, and current state. People often forget that someone or something is always witness to your deeds.
As we returned inland I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted from my being.

I now realize a lesson that I should have learned from my dealings with Master Toth. He is a kind man with the same passions as I have, but you can see the years have taken their toll. I believe that the need to take time for one’s self is a lesson he did not intend to teach, I see that now and I believe I have a plan for him.

After spending much of the morning at sea I was finally able to pursue the trade that I slipped away to see done. I do not enjoy doing these things, but they are a clear means to an end.
I will rejoin the COUP and Master Toth as we finish our preparations for departure.

Weyland Memory Log 1.3

We are nearing our departure, waiting on upgrades to our vessel, the acquisition of a suitable crew, and supplies. We have acquired devices called “cannons” for the ship, which will be assembled at sea, as it seems our departure must be made posthaste for reasons that are unclear. Captain Boniva is quite familiar with the nature of what he calls “firearms”, or weapons of impressive destructive capabilities, and has asked my assistance in assembling them. Conclusion: The Captain has unusual understanding of a rare technology, suggesting foreign origin. Must investigate further.

While one of the principal crew, Alcades, conducted his own, private preparations, the rest of the crew sailed the Crabcage, a vessel we had acquired for the Golemworks in exchange for their services on our ship, to a scrapyard after the Golemworks had taken all parts of interest from it. It is as yet unclear to me why we acquired the ship for them when they certainly could have on their own. On our way to the scrapyard, another vessel nearly collided with ours. Captain Boniva managed to maneuver our vessel out of the other’s path, a testament to his prowess that I imagine befits a man of his station.

As a result, the other vessel collided with a ferryboat. I moved to investigate the wayward vessel while the Captain remained with our own. Curiously, Papa Samdi and the Marchioness (a title of unusual linguistic origin; must investigate validity) de Carabas jumped in the water towards the ferryboat. The wayward vessel was devoid of any life, its only apparent remaining crew died in the collision. My investigation yielded the following: the ship, a merchant vessel, had been attacked and branded with curious markings of a skull with a crown. When I regrouped with the others, they were busy moving the passengers from the imminently sinking ferryboat on to this one. They were able to get all of the passengers out safely.

While I was initially at a loss to explain why my compatriots, particularly the ones in question would risk themselves for others, I soon discovered why. Not long after we got the passengers of the ferryboat to the shore, we were beset by throngs of people who were quite animated and heaped praise upon my compatriots. While such things are lost upon me, it seems that this might have been the motivation for Papa Samdi and the Marchioness, as they otherwise frequently seem to hostile towards others of their kind. Araris, the Hellknight, seemed to be motivated by establishing goodwill towards his otherwise feared Order of the Nail. As the celebration continued, we were approached by several individuals. Two were merchants, who competed with one another for our favor to an end that escapes me. The other was a man who wished to catalogue the events, though he seemed to desire more than a succinct account as he did not question me very long. As a result of their actions, we were rewarded with wine, parchment, rope, and a generous contract for supplies for our voyage. Perhaps this was the motivation all along, although this conclusion stretches credulity far beyond the bounds of reason. Conclusion: People are illogical, giving into their basest instincts in times of duress. Survival of the species overrides survival of the individual and when such action is undertaken, those who promote the species are rewarded.

After conferring with my compatriots, we determined that the brand on the merchant vessel was that of The Pirate Queen, an enigmatic individual whose identity is unclear. The title is one that is normally attributed to a god, though it is apparent that this is not the work of a deity (I imagine they have more important things to do). Conclusion: Nearby pirate activity in region. Given the incident with one Belumbor Thrul, a pirate under command of this Pirate Queen, and this one, it seems likely that we will encounter some at sea.

Scrawlings on the Wall of Papa Samdi’s Hut

One of them has found me. What to do? What to do? What to do? …What to do? The boat must be ready soon as they are coming for me… He’ll tell me what to do, he always does. I’ll find the answer in Ilverandon. Time to dream the sweetest dreams from a cup of the Midnight Milk. They’ll never get me, he won’t let them.

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 2

Best… Day… Ever!!! The night started off slowly as myself the Hell Knight and the emotionless one went to a city office to go over some papers. Normally the quest for knowledge in itself is adventure enough to keep me entertained, however this was tedious at best. This task took seemingly forever although my compatriots did not seem fazed by this.

When we left we encountered a skittish mage that seemed to be of interest to the Hell Knight. He did not seem to be exceptionally adept so he was of little interest to me until I noticed the Golem he kept lurking in the shadows. It was simply exquisite! The Mage let me examine it and I have to admit that the craftsmanship was top notch. I wanted to see it in action but without knowing the martial prowess of my compatriots decided against it. The mage then invited us to have a meeting with The Foreman of the Golem Works. I have wanted to get in there for quite some time, if I play my cards right I may be able to meet Master Toth himself!!

We then proceeded to head back to the tavern to meet up with the rest of the COUP (see above for information on tavern and COUP). When we arrived the Captain had finally made an appearance, he was as expected, an unremarkable pirate. He seemed confident in his abilities, but they all do until they are face to face with danger.

When we went to the Golem Works we met with the Foreman he had a room surrounded by Golem husks, as I examined them all it seemed odd that he surround himself with no operable golems. I inquired as to his reasoning behind this and he explained that they could be made to animate very quickly if need be. Simply remarkable!!

A deal was struck that would allow us to help the Golem works recover some lost property while allowing us to gain some enhancements to which ever ship we end up with. To make the deal even better Master Toth will be doing the enchantments himself and I will be able to assist him with them!!

To think the COUP would rather shop for a ship when they could be in the presence of a man like Master Toth. To be fair these are the actions I have come to expect from the majority of people I have run into.

The COUP and I proceeded to get a ship for Master Toth and I to enchant. When we arrived to purchase the Dragon Ship an odd elven man appeared from the water and began attacking the Emotionless one and yelling about being there for a “Tebrilith”. I assessed the situation and decided that the fastest way to end the conflict was to give this woman to him as she was not a member of the COUP and of no interest to me. The Hell Knight saved her at the last second when she mentioned contracting us to save her. He agreed and told the COUP and I to take out the elven antagonist. As you would expect the COUP went about it via brutish means which proved ineffective as the elf outsmarted them.

The Captain showed some leadership abilities as well as some command of the boat I have never encountered before. He was working as two men to get the ship moving, including using a firearm to cut ropes at a distance. This was intriguing as I had never considered this possible due to the precision required to hit such a small target with the wind and vibrations moving the rope. The concentration required would lend credence to my being told that this is not an unremarkable group, however one action does not a legend make. I wonder if any of the others in the COUP have similar abilities that they choose not to freely brazen.

Anyway back to the encounter, I called forth a squid to impede the elf’s pursuit of us and we sailed the boat to the Golem Works for Master Toth and I to begin enchanting it.

I must say that my time with Master Toth will help me to no end. I feel more confident in my abilities and think I have enough of a working understanding of the ship animating spell he used to be able to make repairs as needed and may progress to alterations. I will have to see if I can meet with him before we leave the city. Normally I would seek an apprenticeship with him however I cannot break my word to the Arcanamirium.

I will leave the Golem Works bettered for my time there.

Araris’ Incident Report

Paralictor Halst:
Incident Report
Hellknight Araris Septimus

Paralictor, an interesting series of events has just transpired of the course of the last two days. As you know I have been assigned to a client of some note to oversee the safe transactional nature of her expedition she is very much inclined to defer to my judgment in the ways of proper contractual obligations, which I see as a golden opportunity to be pursued through the course of our time together. During the first meeting of our a rough contractually bound group of adventurers was formed. I have my doubts about some of the selections but the employer’s choices are of no real concern to me and I will enforce her wishes with an iron fist as is fitting.

A charge was given to us to procure sea transportation by whatever means to facilitate our journey. I immediately sent a runner to the impound yard to see what might have been recently possessed by the city for whichever reason. Time is of the essence so it was out of the question to requisition a ship built or refitted to our exact requirements. Upon finding that there were several vessels impounded by the city, myself, and two of the more nautically skilled member of my group visited the yard to see what might be available. I encountered a Symond Crane, overseeing the yard. He quickly saw to my persuasive reasoning and allowed us to view the ships giving us information as to what was available. The night’s information gathering and the public viewing of the ships provided us with intriguing information. I am not at liberty to say exactly what we uncovered on one ship suffice it to say that the Golem Works sought the vessel.

Working through a project manager by the name of Foreman Garash I was able to negotiation a signified agreement of action by which my party would purchase their desired ship in proxy for the foundry and transfer both the ship and papers to them in return for services rendered. The details of this arrangement are bound by a nondisclosure sub clause in the contract and I can once again not go into the exact detail.

After the meeting with the Golem faction I felt the most profitable course of action would be to go through with the proposal I had worked on with Garash by which we would purchase one boat in proxy for a pittance and then obtain another vessel, which lacked papers for a substantial discount. Garash assured me that their guild would supply us with proper paper work for the undocumented vessel upon transfer of the proxy purchase. All members in attendance at an early meeting agreed and signed the proposal and a majority of the shareholders carried the resolution all that was needed what enacting the proposal.

Arriving at the city auction for the vessels I spoke again with Symond Crane and was able to secure a fast sale for a very agreeable price. One member of the party was able to remove the only competition from the auction through the use of a few choice words. We now had one part of our agreement resolved and it was time to purchase our second ship.

Arriving at a seedier dock in town with the previously signed agreement we sought to make our transaction with a, Tebrilith Peril. I did not trust her to honor her agreement and prepared accordingly bringing along all of our party who were able should the individual seek to break her word. Upon completing the transaction for the agreed upon amount of 7,000 gold another party entered the dock area. Later intelligence revealed this party to be a Belumbor Thrul, known and wanted pirate. The pirate attempted to take possession of the property that we had just purchased by attempting to kill Tebrilith and my associates in the process. Seeing an opportunity to gain more leverage in this situation I was able to convince Tebrilith to hire us to protect her life from the newfound adversary for a princely sum of 2,000 gold.

A battle ensued with the pirate whom was extremely capable. I believe Thrul is a half elf able to swim at incredible speed, which allows him to jump from the water like a great fish and lunge with a spear to make attacks upon the deck of a ship. Thrul’s tactics where sound and it soon became clear that he was also enraged. Seeing the tactical situation it became clear the best order of action to protect our new charge would be to move the ship to a more protected location at the golem foundry. Working together with our new captain, Boniva, we were able to get the ship under sail and repel the attack with only minor injuries.

Once under sail our vessel was brought to the safety of the golem works to finish our contract with them. Needless to say I have made the order proud by negotiating a favorable outcome and future services and favors with the guild. The vessel now rests there as we work to outfit and find crew. I will most likely be submitting a requisition request for a cleric of the order to join us on the journey but we will see.

Paralictor, I see several avenues where the order could gain based on the series of events I have just described. First, I believe that Symond Crane should be contacted and employed by our brotherhood. It could be very profitable to have such a contact at the impound yards. He seems a very agreeable sort and only wishes to look out for his family. These factors would make him a perfect agent of the order. Should you wish to present him an offer I will be having dinner with him before we leave the city.

The second avenue that I feel should be exploited is the new contacts I have made with the Toth Bhreacher of the golem works. The powerful mage seems more interested in exercising his skills and expending his magic on projects that interest him. I believe this knowledge could benefit our order in the future and color how we approach each negotiation with the guild. I will attempt to secure as much favor as possible with Toth as we proceed to finish our ship outfitting.


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