The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 10

I sometimes wonder about the logic of my compatriots. Some actually wanted to take the map to the Pathfinder Society; I cannot fathom why they would think this to be a good idea. To me this seems like waving a fish in front of a shark. Against my better judgment we decided to show the map to them anyway. We will see what ramifications this has down the road as they were not able to provide any help with the map. It should tell you everything you need to know that only myself and Araris went to the Arcanamirium with the map, yet the entire crew went the the Pathfinder Society to protect it.

After our meeting with the Pathfinders we went to meet with Vilya Sol and Yigorin Slate. We were able to talk them into working together as unwanted alliance. You could see that Vilya has much disdain for Yigorin and would end him now if she could.

In our conversation Yigorin let Vilya see the occupant of the lamp, one Balijan. He mentioned that Yigorin used one of the three wishes that he held. When those words left his lips Yigorin recalled him back to the bottle with haste. I wonder what the significance of that is and why he did not want her, or us, knowing that information.

After they agreed to be civil towards each other for the duration of our journey we set out to sea. Araris managed to secure the location of a sunken pirate ship. After some searching we managed to find it deep in the sea. This is the first time I saw the Captain in water and I must say it was quite a surprise. He recently added gills and swims much faster than the other land dwellers.

When we arrived at the sunken ship I noted that it was covered in Sea Amoebas. I tried to communicate with it but it was a mindless creature and unable to do little more than consume those that it catches.

Because it was in the way the crew wanted to destroy it. I will never understand why they have such a disregard for the lives of the sea life. It is one thing if we are sacrificing a creature for consumption and nourishment but it is another thing to needlessly kill out of ignorance.

We managed to slip past, without killing the Amoebas and captured some treasure and magical items from the wreckage. It made for a tidy profit for us.

Later that night as the winds picked up we encountered another storm, this one seemed worse than the first one. When I noticed it coming I proceeded down to my cabin to make sure all of the equipment was secured. I think that this may become a standard procedure for the end of each day and when we expect a storm, this will be a good task for Falath as it will help her learn all the tools of the trade and familiarize herself with them more quickly.

Just after we secured all of our gear the ship started to tip and ended up on its side. Poor Falath was severely injured in the commotion and required quick attention which I gave to her. I calmed her and her sister and assured them that I would get them out safely if the ship went down. Shortly after the ship did manage to right itself.

Once I had calmed the Halflings and tended to their wounds I heard commotion above deck, the sounds of combat.

I raced above deck just in time to see what looked to be shark people with much disdain in their eyes for us. And at that point one lunged at me and paralyzed me with a potent poison. Combat and chaos danced in front of me as all I could do is watch and defend myself by putting these abominations to sleep as quickly as I could.

Once I regained my ability to move I noted the leader of the group had slipped into the water to escape the fray. I called to Elliot and dove in after him. Fueled by a rage of my own by being made prone for so long Elliot and I quickly hunted him down.

Elliot caught up to him before I and used his breath weapon at him. It did not do much damage but was enough to slow him down until I got within range. I then unleashed a lightning bolt that finished him off. I then drug his remains back to the ship and tossed him back on the top deck.

But the weather would not be ignored. A giant wave swept the deck and knocked several of our crew into the sea. Notably Araris and his Griffin were prone in the water. I went in and levitated the griffin back onto the ship, followed by helping Araris to a line.

When I returned to my cabin I noticed that Faleth had been injured once again by this last wave. I may need to teach her how to move on the boat when there is inclimate weather… or I could simply lash her to her bed from now on.

The next evening following an uneventful day one of the crew called out as he spotted something afloat in the sea. Araris flew out to retrieve the item with this man and came back with a hat. When Papa and I examined the hat we noticed that had faint magical as well as cursed properties.

After much debate over what to do with it Papa decided that he would like to wear it. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what this does and bear witness to its effects so I endorsed his poor choice. After he put it on, nothing happened. I will have to monitor him over the next few days to see what, if any, affects this has on him.

Wayland is on watch now and should pick up on any changes… well any major changes.

The Steamy Line
Recap of Arc 1

By invitation or otherwise, investors from several of Inner Sea Region’s more prominent factions gathered in Magnimar to discuss a lucrative treasure hunting expedition co-funded by the Prophets of Kalistrade. After signing a contract with Prophetess Kaledith Sevardomos, methodically acquiring an animate sailing ship and outfitting for the voyage ahead, these fellow investors became a crew bound for the storied ruins of Azlant. Finagling her way on board was the half-elf, Tebrilith Peril, along with her troublesome history with the notorious Pirate Queen.

En route, they discovered the Azlanti expedition was attempted several months prior by a sorcerer called Yigorin Slate whose sponsor had partnered with the Sevardomos family. Like it or not, the crew detoured to the Mordant Spire to liberate Slate and his map so the expedition could truly begin, but not before encountering the Pirate Queen’s constant influence upon the Steaming Sea.

First was the Magnimarian naval inspection, paranoid by surging pirate activity. Next came a press-ganged attack from a Pirate Queen ship. Then there was a mercantile Aspis Consortium vessel hawking inconspicuous halfling slaves. By the time the crew faced the elves of the Mordant Spire, it was too late to stop a Pirate Queen conspiracy to kidnapped Tebrilith Peril along with several secrets about their ship and Azlanti treasure hunt. Unfortunately, recovering Slate required immediate attention.

The crew found Slate and his belongings locked away for reasons not entirely clear. Breaking him out and escaping the island was another matter! The elves, covetous off all things Azlanti, pursued them with vigor. However, a familiar yet mysterious presence provided favorable winds in the shape of a looming storm. She appeared in the tempest, effortlessly hovering beside a crew-member lashed to the rigging during the night’s watch. Before vanishing, Vilya Sul, sylph oracle of the wind, strongly suggested the crew recover something Slate had stolen from her.

Risking the storm afforded the crew a day’s lead in front of the vengeful elves. However, the Mordant Spire did not require a fast ship to find them at sea. They dispatched their best griffon rider and sea druid to thwart the crew’s escape. Knocking a hapless crew-member overboard into the waiting arms of a shape-shifted giant squid began negotiations under threat of drowning in the depths…

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 9

After returning to Magnamar, a place where some crew swore never to return, spirits seemed high on the ship. We achieved our first objective and made it safely back to port, thus eluding the spire elves that stalked us on the voyage back.

Araris and I made plans to meet up later in the day and take the map to Sybilla the Arcanscenti of Magnamar’s chapter of the Arcanamirium. He is an intelligent and trustworthy man; just the sort we want aiding us in this research.

Since Araris was to be tied up with reports for several hours I thought it best to head out and look for some trade. There was one particular item of interest to me after our last encounter at sea, a ring of sustenance. I have found it to be far too dangerous on this journey to rely on the traditional eight hours of rest and subsequent hour of meditation and this item will cut that requirement drastically while also allowing me to dedicate more time to me research.

After meeting up with Araris we went to the Arcanamirium to meet with Sybilla. He was intrigued by the map and pointed out several points on it that were magically hidden and written in Aquen. One item of interest for me personally was the location of a Undine city, I was unaware of any cities out that far from a main port so I would love the opportunity to see if it is still intact as well as see how they have evolved away from other civilizations. Araris was not as excited as I was to reseach the map, Vilya Sol and Yigorin Slate

The only information that we were able to turn up was that they were all very old. Knowing this I decided to send a bird to Lady Darchana the Arcanamirium’s Archdean for more information on them. If anyone can get me some information on these magical beings I trust she can.

As we returned to the ship Papa pulled me to the side to talk about Yigorin and what he saw. Apparently he saw him in a form that was not his own. He had been taking care of some business in a bad part of town late into the night and came across a half dragon of no lineage that he had ever seen before. We went through some possibilities and ruled almost all of them out immediately. This peaked my interest both in him and in what I would hear back from Lady Darchana.

Later that night Wayland was on watch and Vilya revealed herself to him. He was not very helpful with her message as she speaks in subtleties and he does not understand the intricacies of conversation. But from what we could make out it seemed to be a threat that she would like to remain our friend but could only do so if we liberated the lamp from Yigorin.

Araris called a meeting the next morning at the Captains Quarters with the principle investors to discuss what to do about Yigorin, Vilya, and the lamp.

We came to the conclusion that asking him about Vilya and the lamp directly would be the best. I was honestly more interested in his true form than I was about hearing about the drama the two of them have. Yigoran arrived about an hour after we did and seemed upset that everyone else was there before him. Araris began a line of questioning and as he did I couldn’t help myself. This man might be a half dragon of type we have never encountered, but we were not going to talk to him about his true form…

So I decided to ask him how his eggs were in Draconic. He gave me an odd look and his dragon familiar answered that they were good.

Araris continued with his questioning on the relationship between Yigorin and Vilya and had him agree to meet with her to settle their differences, temporarily, and try to work together. I then asked him question and once I felt they had all the information that they needed. I asked him “is there anything else we should know?” in Draconic and then said “I apologize” and repeated it in Common. (for everyone else)

Yigorin then got up, let out a sign and closed the windows and revealed his true form. I then thanked him for not lying to me when he told me that he was a dragon when I first asked him and, apologized for not believing him initially. He told us, with some prodding, that he is infact very old and after one certain item on this journey. A suit of armor that is “amazing”. He said that if we agree to give him this one item we can have the others and we can even examine the armor before he takes it. We agreed and set up a meeting for the next day with Vilya.
Hopefully the meeting with the two of them goes as smoothly as this one did.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 8

These people I have teamed with… They seem to have no respect for a mages need for rest and convalescence! You do not disturb a mage while he sleeps, let alone several times in one night! Granted one of the times it was warranted but still it is unacceptable! I will need to take some precautions to ensure that this does not happen again, I do not like being defenseless after such an ordeal as the island incident.

After we left the island encounter and returned to The Maelstrom we found that ten elven warriors and one druid had taken it captive and with it our crew. I did not see Falath or Kia among them but did detect a signal of light from the bowels of the ship. Papa and I slipped off and into the water to get on the boat from behind while the others engaged our adversaries in conversation to buy some time.

I found Falath, Kia, and Kaledith hiding below decks. I instructed Falath and Kia to return to their hiding places and asked Kaledith if she was ready to take up arms, she seemed willing. We then went topside just in time to see the fighting breakout between our men and the elves. Araris dove in front of some of our men to shield them from a volley of arrows and the conflict was quickly resolved as their mettle was lacking. The druid however dove off of the side of the ship and tailed us in the form of an octopus. I watched him for quite some time before the weather looked to turn rough.

I was awakened four hours later by Araris asking me about one Vilya Sul who apparently appeared on the boat and greeted him in the midst of the storm. While I wished I had been there to witness this event first hand I did need my rest. I told him all I knew and returned to my chambers.

Once the weather got rough I looked at the hour and decided to take my leave and go to bed. I was awakened about six hours later to the sound of a groan and someone hitting the water. I, quite upset, went to check on the commotion to see Papa playing with an octopus outside the boat. Quickly I realized that he was not playing and this octopus was the druid that had been tailing us and realized that he needed to be dealt with as I was not even sure if Papa knew how to swim well in the vast ocean.

The Druid submerged and I dove in to give chase. I heard someone else jump in after us but they must have abandoned their pursuit as I did not see them again. As he gave pause I used the last spell I had to try and subdue the beast however it was not enough to take him down. I took out my dagger, a crude means I know, and attempted to free Papa. Deeper and deeper we dove; Papa was surprisingly calm during this ordeal which is odd given some of his previous actions.

As we reached what felt like 600ft below sea level Elliot decided to intervene and help us with this Druid as he released Papa and fled. Papa grabbed my hand and looked longingly into my eyes… which was odd… However I could see his need for vengeance in his eyes and we continued to give chase. The druid got desperate as he dropped and ink cloud and attempted to flee once again however Elliot was not fooled and landed the killing blow. I am sure he will hold this over me as a point of bragging for years.

I sent Elliot topside to alert Araris that Papa was fine and that we would be topside shortly.

I drug Papa and the druid to the boat to check his properties and look for more information on why he would give chase for such a distance.

Once the situation seemed in hand I decided to return to sleep one more time.

I arose a few hours later and felt refreshed. I went above deck to see how things turned out for the rest of the crew and noticed that we had another prisoner, a griffon, and a new heading… back to Magnamar which seems odd since a few crew fought the idea of returning with a forceful vigor.

At least I can visit the Arcanamirium one more time and resupply.

Papa’s Late Night Thoughts

Voshgurvaghol-What is it? Is it worth stoppin’ off from da trip to Azlant? The dual headed doctor says nothin’ to me today. It appears Papa has got a crossroads ahead, but does he get to sell his soul if he happens to find dat crossroads devilman? If we gonna’ survive dis, we gonna need more than we got now. The man with the fish spirit has shown he got da’ stones to get this done. Don’t think he trust Poppa yet though, I lay my cards on the table for them and they think I still hiding someting. Don’t think none of them trust each other yet though, each of dem’ got their own little game they playin’. Hopefully we can all start playin’ together though, those masked devils had to show us someting. Time to see if the spirits are wit’ us on this, and who dis’ Yigorin is, Papa don’t like his scent though. He ain’t right in da’ head but I guess that what Azlant do to ya’!!!

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 7

Today started as any other would; the sounds of the tides striking the boat gently rocking it back and forth, the sounds of gulls begging for more food filling our ears and a surprisingly good meal courtesy of Kia in our bellies. Nothing about this morning hinted at what would come once the sun went down.

Early in the morning the merchant Tinimir and his men arrived at the boat to complete the transaction that The Hell Knight Araris struck with him. They took the food that was not spoiled and fed to the sea and paid the gold without issue. Since the rest of our plans involved the night I took advantage of this time to go into town and inquire on some items of interest.

Aside from the new gear I was looking for I thought to make offers to purchase others broken magic items. I was amazed at how many merchants were eager to get rid of these items at a fraction of their cost. I had a feeling that in an isolated community like this merchants wouldn’t throw something out that may still have value to someone else. These components should help with the process, and if not then I am only out a reasonable amount of gold. Then again, what is gold when you are working on something this big? I was also lucky enough to find the gear I was looking for at a reasonable rate.

I went back to the boat to speak with the COUP on our plans for this evening. Much to my surprise we still had not decided on a plan, which I thought already taken care of. After much debate we decided to split up and utilize both plans.

One team made up of the Captain, Papa and the Carabas would be led in by the unscrupulous Suviel who was going to lock them in a cell with a means of escape. This team was to leave their cell, locate the Map and one Yigorin Slate and get out. I am not sure how they were going to accomplish this as I was not privy to their teams planning.

The other team comprised of Araris, Weyland and myself were to stealth in, locate the map and Yigorin Slate and stealth out with both in tow, undetected. We planned to be silent, take out any elves that we encountered quickly and quietly, and get out without alerting others to our presence if at all possible. While our team was not built for stealth, we had the right mix to take adversaries out quickly and quietly. Hopefully this experience will help to increase our stealth abilities should we need them in the future.

Long after dusk our team arrived at our starting point as the guard change was happening. We noticed that we had two options; either take the path and rely on our stealth and speed or take the river bed and rely on footing and patience. We were in agreeance that the river route was more suited for our skills and proceeded with caution. All was going well until we reached the bridge as Wayland took an arrow to the knee. The elves thought to place someone under the bridge in case someone tried to sneak in this way, something that Suviel should have thought to tell us when we were planning. We managed to take him out quickly and Elliot was kind enough to attempt to distract the tower guard as to the noise that was made. Araris thought to take no chance and took that guard out as well without a sound.

We proceeded to tower four where Yigorin and the map were being held without further incident. Araris checked the roof for a way in and Elliot did a couple of fly bys to get some recon on the building. He only counted one person in the building, however only one room was lit. Once Araris returned from the roof we discussed a few ideas for ways in and came up with a solid plan.
Elliot flew up and squeezed into a room littered with maps and looked for the map we came for. He brought several back but said that there were more than he could count in there. There was no way to be sure he had the right ones so we had to go in.

Just then a shot rang out…

The shot came from the next tower where the other team was to be placed some time ago. I don’t know that this was part of their plan; however we did not want to detour from our plan with so much at stake.

We made our way in through the roof and through what appeared to be an attic, collecting some disguises and arrows along the way. We then made our way down stairs to the map room. As Wayland and I rounded the corner there was a man standing there with a torch just over the maps he began to speak, saying if we came one step closer he would burn the map. Almost simultaneously I hit him with a gust of wind to extinguish his flame and Weyland all but cut him in two. This made slightly more noise than we anticipated as Araris heard someone stir below us and begin climbing the stairs. He and Weyland gave pursuit so I began collecting maps, logs and parchments with magic markings on them. I also sent Elliot out the window to collect the maps that blew out in the wind.

Then we heard multiple shots assumedly coming from the other group in the other tower.
I proceeded downstairs once I was sure I had collected everything of use to find that the adversary had been subdued. What’s more interesting was the lab that he had apparently been working in. I pocketed some items of use and did a detect magic to see what had value. There was a chest bursting with magical auras so Weyland grabbed it.

Note: Maybe Araris and Weyland are more remarkable than they originally let on. As a trial by fire they did exceedingly well with the obstacles placed in front of us. Maybe their status as members of the COUP warrants reassessment.

We proceeded down to the first floor where we found one Yigorin Slate, he seemed slightly off. When we told him that we were going to break him out he insisted that we find his personal affects and his familiar, which luckily were located in the chest Weyland was carrying. As he was dressing the other group arrived to join us. I do not know why they would meet up with us as this was not part of the plan, and they could have easily drawn others to our location but none seemed to follow.

Yigorin then asked about the map and I showed him all that I had gathered. He then proceeded to begin throwing the maps and parchments around as he looked thought them. I must say that I have not felt a rage like that in quite some time but as he is a man of magic he should have more respect for knowledge! I struck him, I did not feel good about it after but I did. I will have to speak with him now that I have had time to collect my thoughts and apologize for this action as it is unbecoming of a man such as myself.

We then left the building the way that we entered, to find Papa outside collecting scattered maps and parchments. Yigorin looked through these, with more care, and stated that the map was not here. We had to leave as surely guards were on route due to all the gun fire so he cast a silence spell on himself so we would have an easier time sneaking out. Just then Elliot landed on my shoulder and presented me with one last map. I showed it to Yigorin and he indicated it was the one we sought. I thought to tuck it away since we did not know this man, but thought better to have Araris hold onto it as I know him to be one that would not double cross.

As we were leaving we encountered a large number of archers along the river bed. I thought to attempt to distract them with a creature so we could slip by. As I stepped out of the silence to cast the spell Yigorin appeared out of thin air and demanded the map. I told him that I didn’t have it and he grinned and disappeared. I think that I made the correct decision in not handing it over to him.

We managed to take out the archers but it became a loud and messy affair. Surely someone in the area heard the commotion as one of the archers was screaming for someone named “Miol” that is apparently an island defender. Once we took care of the archers we made for the boat as quickly as possible. We made it safe, but how long would we stay that way…

Papa Talking Out Loud To No One In Particular While Walking Around the Boat

Bad Hoodoo is everywhere man, I tell a you now cause I know. I’m the dual headed doctor wit da Live Thing In Me!?! First da small Conjure Women hexing our food, leaves a stink like a bokor. Then dees Elves are bad news too, the masked ones have got a bit of the Àshe wit dem from the old world. Papa will have to leave Cross Marks on this boat cause things only goin’ down from here man. Maybe time to leave a few Gris-gris around as well, could need help wit dat though. I know Gran can help, maybeins that one with the Fish Spirit live inside could help too though he doesn’t seem to be takin’ no shine to Papa. Papa going to have to start putting the Cross Marks on himself too, da time has come. Da Ezili, Da Tin man, Da Devil tongue, Da Fish Spirit, and the Cap’n, all gonna have to listen to Papa. Papa ain’t crazy, they’ll just have to wait to see crazy when we get there. Cause Papa knows…. Maybeins a Goat sacrifice wit some Silver DImes can make us some Toby’s…Need a proper Monkey on this boat too…

Marchioness’ Journal

We came across a ship of the Consortium, asking us to purchase their wares. I cautioned against it, and refused to step foot upon such a ship out of principle, but the rest of the crew was not so cautious. They sold a number of our war booty, and purchased some sundry items. Notably, they purchased a large lot of feather tokens that turn into birds at a substantial discount. All were made by the same person, a supposed master. I told them this was foolish, but they did not heed my warnings. After all, what would I know about baiting people with great offers as a means to get influence with them? It’s not like I came an inch away from getting us a much nicer vessel than this piece of lho-sa for absolutely free or anything. Also, and this is even more disturbing, but three halfling female slaves were purchased from party funds for what appears to be the sole benefit of a single crew member.

We then arrived at the Spire, thankfully not a day too soon. That boat is no fun at all, and there is only so much that drinking can do to alleviate boredom on that place. A curious thing happened as well—about one twentieth of our perishable goods were spoiled, as though as some omen from the gods. I do not like that what was spoiled did so, but I do not place much stock in the gods taking that much interest in the affairs of mortals. I don’t pour oil down anthills, so why should the gods ruin our food?

Nevertheless, our remaining goods were offloaded at a handsome price, and there was much rejoicing in my coin purse. I now have a decent sum to spend, and spend it I shall. Unfortunately, not much gambling around here, so I may have to find alternate means to enjoy my short stay.

We visited a tavern. The fare was mediocre, nothing special, but the patronage was the real reason. A particular merchant was there, and business was had with him. Also, a non-Mordant elf was present, and he proved most intriguing. A smuggler or other such enlightened soul by the name of Suviel. I gathered some information about where we might find our secondary objective, and asked him about how to potentially get there.

We had two options presented to us: the first is to sneak in the prison tower (of which we were not quite certain at the time), and the second is to use a bit of subterfuge to get in. Given that the party couldn’t sneak out the back door of a bawdyhouse to avoid a jealous mistress, and that at least two members of the party can talk to strangers without making a total fool of themselves, I pointed out that the subterfuge route was better.

You would have thought that I suggested we shit our pants before a feast, such was the reaction. “What if someone talks to us?” “Don’t talk back if you aren’t smart enough to lie.” “What if they separate us?” “Still with the not talking part.” “What if they find out we’re spellcasters?” “Again with the not talking, and perhaps with the not antagonizing the soldiers as well? I feel that suggestion might be a bit prudent.” “How will we get out of the cells?” “Please let a lady keep some secrets. If you must know, I have a few means at my disposal to get keys as needed.” “I still don’t like it.” There are times when a lady such as myself must sigh.

We received a bit of a break—somehow, we got the number of the tower in which the goods are kept. Apparently, it was just written on a paper in the witch’s laboratory by someone that the two halflings didn’t see or hear, despite being there. Remember what I said about discount magic from strangers?

Oh, yes, two halflings, not three. Apparently, and this is a bit amusing, the third (and most expensive of the lot by far) was actually the supposed Pirate Queen. We found this out when we went to attempt to get that bitch Tebrilith to help us out on either of these plans. Now, I’m not at all upset that she’s beyond our reach in in the hands of someone who means her harm by any means. But I really dislike the implications it has for our security. By the Nine Hells, she didn’t even say a word to us to get in, we just invited her on board and that was that.

I need to see if there is a lodge here. I’ve got some things to pick up, a thing that needs to be examined, and I might have some findings this afternoon to report to them that would be of great interest.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 6

Shortly after Soari and her crew set sail we encountered yet another ship. This one seemed to be an Aspis Consortium trade vessel with intent on making trade with us. This seemed to be too good of an opportunity for the Hell Knight to pass on as these were his people. Admittedly we did have wares to sell and on the off chance they have someone that is one with the magic it would be a good opportunity for me as well.

They did have some spells for sale but nothing that I had not already mastered. Then they mentioned some Halflings that they owned, one of which had shown some promise as an Adept. This intrigued me because I had long wanted an apprentice and someone to help me with my experiments however I had never seriously considered it as an option due to the amount of time it would take to teach someone all that they would need to know. Now I have an opportunity to combine the two interests in taking on an Adept that could help me in the lab.

As I looked in on the Halflings that they presented I was surprised at how the Hell Knight “examined” them. I understand that a Halflings status in life is one of a servant but that does not make them a ware to be sold as cattle. As a second class citizen myself I understand their torment and moved to purchase the lot of them, hoping to restore their sense of worth, teach them requires life skills and give them the option to leave to stay of their own accord.

The Halfling with Adept potential looked to be broken until I spoke with her about the Arcanamirium, of which she knew nothing, and the potential for me to learn her in the ways of magic. She also made mention of one of the other Halflings being her sister. This cinched it. I told Araris that these three Halflings were now mine and to strike a deal for them, I then walked off the ship with them. I could not see a family split up over coin.

Once I got them to the ship I hid them away in my lab for the first few days to build them back up and ensure that they understood that they were no longer slaves, but would instead play roles on the Ship for this journey after which I would set them free.

Faleth would be my Adept and assist me in the lab while Werra and Kia assist with kitchen duties. I carved out a corner of my lab to allow them a temporary asylum from the rest of the crew while they became orientated to the ship and her crew.

The captain asked me to examine the tokens that the other ship was pressing on us. There are more than just the Feather Tokens I had picked up earlier. They seem perfectly safe however the craftsmanship is exquisite! They are almost flawless which seems odd for something that is destroyed once it is used. Some members of our crew seem skeptical of everything; however this is worth keeping an eye on.

A few days later we arrived at the spire to trade with the elves.

Once we arrived inland there was some confusion over what to do with Teberlith. Some members of the crew insisted that she accompany us at all times and others wanted her shackled on the boat while we made trade. This was illogical as she had done nothing to us and when given the opportunity to run she stayed and aided us. She also has skills that none of our crew possess. I then asked why we didn’t just let her go here if she wanted to stay here and make a new life. The captain then gave her the choice to stay with us as crew or leave, however she must have seen something in his face that told her to go because she left our company.

After we parted ways with Tebrelith we made way to an elven bar to sell our wares. Wayland and I went to the bar as there was no need for the six of us to surround two men while trading. The Captain purchased a round for all of us, he had promised this when we won our first battle. When the elven bartender was serving us I noticed him not making eye contact with me, more so going out of his way to not look at me. I pointed out to him where my eyes were located as I took this as a sign of disrespect and I no not of this man nor have I don’t anything to warrant the disrespect. He then confirmed my suspicions that he was treating me in this manner because I am Undine. I then told him that he was a petty person and he told me to leave his establishment.

After I left the bar I waited outside the establishment and started talking to a guard. Papa quickly met me outside. I guess the Elves racism was not limited to Undine. As I was talking to the guard I noticed him eyeing the bottle of wine that Papa had snuck out. We offered him some and he drank it as if he had an unquenchable thirst. Once he did I began flattering him to gain some insight of our true purpose on this island, the map. He narrowed our search to one of twelve prisons on the spire. In his inebriated state I thought to take advantage of my recent windfall of gold and new found disdain for the elven bartender in a business proposition. Surprisingly he did not accept so I played it off as humor.

When we returned to the ship I went back to my lab and noticed someone had been in there and inscribed the number four on one of my papers. This greatly upset me as no one is allowed in my lab! I questioned the crew and came to the realization that no one present had done it. We talked to the ship and it said that no one had been on the ship but something had been on the ship. Its description sounded like an air elemental but different. I wonder if it was the one who has been rumored to be making all these tokens. During my investigation I noticed that Werra, the newly acquired Halfling, was missing. I asked the others where she was and they did not know. I am sure she will turn up.

Wayland then mentioned that the towers where people are held were numbered one through twelve so maybe our target is being held in tower four. As the area is heavily guarded, and elves seem to have a hatred for non-elves and non-humans, I decided to look for a fowl friend to help with some recon. I found a pelican near shore that seemed to be up to the task. He took off and was back in about an hour with a good description of the layout, well good for a Pelican. He was thanked and fed should we need him again.

The Con arrived at the boat a short time later with a contact she had met stating that he could help us deceive our way into the tower. I do not believe this to be a good idea as Wayland has a proven inability to comprehend situations and meanings behind things. He is in no way a dullard but he seems empty when it comes to emotions which would cost us greatly if he was interrogated or even asked a question once inside the tower. We had discussed sneaking in and an argument ensued. Araris went to look for Teberlith to seek her aid which I found ironic to say the least. However as she has proven to be a master of disguise and deception we could use her on this endeavor. We should not have let her go as she has proven to be an asset, hopefully she will return to our company once again.

Araris’ Incident Report 2
Hellknight Septimus, Order of the Nail

Things have moved along quickly as we last dealt with a threat that in some ways shepherded us towards a more subtle threat.

After an encounter with pirates it was good to see the familiar insignia of the Aspis Consortium as any good Cheliaxian can not turn down a chance to profit. After the previous encounter our company came into possession of a variety of equipment that we could not fully utilize. The captain of the vessel had of my name and I pressed the advantage through hours of negotiation. The fool must have only been a half blood as he actually paid market for used gear that we had taken from pirates of all things.

As negations were drawing near a close one of my companions made me aware of some halfings that were sale. As our vessel was short handed I offered my experience measuring the nature of the animals. Their eyes all had lost the spark of rebellion and they had good teeth. Sadly, I was unable to detect all motivations of one of the slaves but more upon that later. Eventually, we purchased three slaves and a variety of magic tokens.

I should make note I am of mixed feelings regarding these magic feather tokens as Alcades call them. He has assured me that they are perfectly safe and of the highest quality, but I was raised to always look for the imps stinger.

After completing all transactions with the merchant vessel we moved forward on our trade mission to the spire. Five days out from the spire a most curious vessel came along side our ship at great speed. I presented all papers as well as the trade documentation to the customs officials who asked to board our vessel. They found nothing amiss in my impeccable documents and our cargo was also in order. We were then escorted towards the elves stronghold.

Upon arriving at the spire we made aware of a particular elf who ran a bar who might have been interested in our cargo. Upon leaving the vessel Teberlith a most frustrating individual parted ways with our company. She provided useful skills but I suspect her of having secret motivations that most certainly would have come to stab us in the back. Our entire team approached the bar and I quickly went to work upon finding the elf in question. I am frankly surprised that the elf was able to stay in business, he was certainly not skilled in the arts of negotiation and in a matter of a few hours I had a fully documented trade mission as well as a bill of sale above market rate. Profit always comes to those who are patient and document the smallest of details.

While arranged to sell our cargo the rest of the party gathered information. The two arcane types in the party managed to offend the rather picky sensibilities of the bar tender and were asked to leave the bar while the flighty rakish woman vanished without a word. It should be noted that this woman has desecrated a written contract with false signification. The crude behavior of my companions turned out to be a blessing as they were able to chat up a local guard and find a bit of information as to a cargo we had been asked to acquire on the spire by our financial backers.

After I finished the paperwork for the trade deal I collected the rest of my party and I was not surprised that the Marchioness had vanished again. Wayland, Boniva, Alcades, Papa and I returned to the ship discussing what we had learned. The strange warrior who has disconcerting social graces but other wise is an extremely dependable fighter was able to obtain detailed descriptions of layout and engineering details of the spire fortress. It appears that it might predate the cataclysm and the structure could be woven with magics to make it last thousands of years. Papa and Alcades discovered that our item of interest was being held in one of the towers, which surround the spire’s wall complex. It was clear from the information presented that obtaining the item of interest for our backer would be extremely challenging.

Upon returning to the Maelstrom misfortune reared its head as we collected the trade goods for delivery to the innkeeper. It appeared that a curse had been dropped upon us and Pappa went to work looking into the humors and other signs for bad magic as he put it. I find his efforts rather humorous, as I doubt he has the means to divine such things but I humored the fellow anyway. A lively debate ensued with much hand waving and exchanging of loud words by the Marques. Apparently, she wished us to put all our faith in her meeting of another roguish type whom we had not met. She claimed that this rogue required payment as a means of getting us into the tower complex but required us all to meet him that night. Alcades mentioned speaking to an albatross that apparently was able to tell us about a side entrance into a tower but I am not totally sold on the advice of a creature more inclined to eat fish beneath docks. Lacking a better option we agreed to meet up with the shadowy figure described by out less than trust worthy companion.

Although I had many misgivings we met with the contact provide by the Marques after some bartering we purchased all the information he had and then started a lively argument again as to the best course of action. A stealth route was presented as well as an infiltration through the complex itself. I support the stealth route as I find it a simpler option with less points of failure but I suspect the captain will be swayed to the infiltration plan. We argued long into the night but it occurred to me that Teberlith might be able to provide us some benefit in these paths. As she would surely still be on the island and I was sure I could mend things and regain her help.

Setting out early the next day I was able to find the establishment where Teberlith was staying. After a friendly chat with the keeper of the boarding house I was directed to the bard’s door. After knocking and waiting as a gentleman must in regards to a lady I cautiously entered her chambers. The room was empty but for a few belongings and a note. Taking up the note made a coin spin on end dancing on the ground in a most unnatural way. Clearly, it was a curse of some sort and upon reading the note it became obvious who had been sending curses our way. A letter from the pirate queen spoke of taking Teberlith signed obviously now with a small halfling skull. At that moment it dawned on me that one of the slaves had gone missing earlier. Could it have been the pirate queen? Are halflings even able to have such higher thought functions and planning abilities? Regardless we find ourselves with few options and a most unpleasant situation ahead of us.


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