The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 18

We entered the void one by one. Araris refused to where the amulet of Dahak and did not make it to the other side with us. When we arrived we managed to find Slate standing there in front of a statue to Dahak. We start talking with him and he revealed that his real name was Deevdrukifel.

Slate was kind enough to pay us for the gold that he cost us in leaving us holding the bag at the dragon horde. He gave each of us a chest that paid us to the coin the value we lost in losing Ras’s horde. He also invited us to join him in overthrowing the other dragon kind, thus forcing their gods to help him restore his race.

I told him we would have to think about it and he told us the next two places he would be going. He also mentioned that his employer had great means and that we would be compensated if we help him in his endeavors. With that he left us to focus on finding Araris.

I assumed that fastest way to find him would be to simply go through the void without a necklace as he did. Papa tried to liberate some of the gold in front of Dahak’s statue and a booking voice told him to put it back. Knowing the nature of my cohorts I decided to take my chances with the void rather than their greed. As I stepped into the void I had a sensation of falling. Suddently I was addressed by a voice in the neither saying “I smell brackish blood in you, Son of the Endless Sea.” I was flattered to receive such a greeting but was dedicated in my pursuit of finding Araris.

I noticed him in the distance and also noticed the others enter behind me…

Weyland was addressed as “I know what you are Man, not a Man. Your name is acceptable to me if only to watch where you might tread.” This may prove to explain why so many powerful beings are fascinated with him and why I cannot get a read on him. This warrants further investigation at a later time.

Captain Boniva was addressed as “How auspicious, Lucky Star?”. This was also curious as I did not thing there was anything exceptional about him aside from his proficiency with firearms. This could also warrant further investigation.

Papa was addressed as “I will not question your greatness Ancient One, but if your vessel records his name, you must not thwart my charge.” This is no shocker after he revealed to Araris and I about the voice in his head and his love of all things Aboleth.

Finally it addressed Carabas as “Know that not just any name will do for the Obelisk of Myth, Fox Spirit.” This may confirm my suspicion that she is a Kitsune as I have seen her use all of their abilities except shape shifting. This will also warrant investigation at a later time.

As we met on the ground Elliot’s eyes began glowing white and he began speaking with a voice that was not his. Elliot was possessed by the dragon god Apsu. He then started glowing and floating above an obelisk. Apsu told us to sign the obelisk and stop the Pakthryxl. Elliot then floated down and became himself again, unhurt.

We then began to sign our names on the Obelisk, I had Elliot sign as he has become a real asset to the team. As we were signing the Obelisk Carabas asked for privacy as she signed. Araris refused and watched her write her name, I went over afterwards and noticed that she had written her name in Tien.

Moments after we made our marks Boniva, Carabas and Papa dropped to their knees writhing in pain. Just then Elliot was repossessed and told us that we had a draconic gland growing inside us now and that it would aid us in our journey.

Suddenly we immerged at our ship with the time sequence seemingly out of whack as Balijan and Vila were just getting there and we left them at least 20 minutes prior. In the distance we saw Slate emerge from the void as well.

Araris drew and arrow and was about to fire it when I told him to wait a moment while I talked to him. Slate still thought we were his allies and if I gave no indication to the contrary we could ambush him from up close. That plan however would not come to fruition as many other things factored in that were out of our control.

As I Dimension Door’ed over to Slate to try and stall him and stop Slate from leaving he told me we could talk at the bottom and then jumped over the side of the island we were on falling into the atmosphere below heading back to our plane; starting his decent. I gave pursuit. Araris fired an improbable shot as he began his decent and struck a critical blow this served to anger Slate and make him come after me.

Slate turned around and attacked me, biting me with his massive jaws. Once he had me and noticed that I was not fighting him, instead trying to calm him down he flew away from everyone else with me and forced me to heal him.

I used this time to reason with him and get him to go to the ground to talk this out. I told him that we should not let one errant arrow breakup our longtime friendship. He obliged, for the moment. Slate agreed and grabbed me and began his decent again.

As we descended back to our plane Slate started acting more like his old self. Acting friendly towards me and even cracking a few jokes. Maybe it was my healing him or my words but his hostility seemed to dissipate.

As we were nearing the ground I noticed a funnel cloud engulfing the Maelstrom as they approached the water at an alarming rate. I pleaded with Slate to save the ship and he seemed to have little sympathy for my comrades so I tried to appeal to his dragon half breed side and told him of the dragon turtle onboard that was given to me to protect by Spike Back. This got his attention and he quickly made a turn to head towards the ship. He barked out a lightning bolt at the storm elemental that engulfed our vessel that caused it to react and retract. He then called out for them to use the Peril and they were able to activate it moments before they hit the water. This allowed the Maelstrom to corkscrew into the water and land safely, but heavily damaged from the trip.

At this point Araris attempted to grab me and Slate just let me go. We then made our way down to the ship while the Storm Elemental hovered overhead.

After talking to some of the crew I was told that the Storm Elemental had come up to the ship to inquire about the elemental imprisoned inside. He then communed with the ship and reemerged and asked everyone on deck a question that no one could remember, they only remembered the answer give. Carabas said “Because we will destroy you”. That is what prompted the elemental to attack.

In the attack we lost many good men, we lost half of the Hell Knight Brigade as well as half of Kaledith’s crew. When I got below decks to the lab I found Falath coddling Kia who had also died in the attack. Completely distraught I sought to comfort her and reassure her that she was at piece.

The remaining crew began to repair the ship in the underwater air bubble. The dead were taken overboard and the wounded treated. Falath and I prepared Kia’s body and we laid Kia to rest deep in the sea. Falath is distraught and wants vengeance for her sister and it is taking a lot for me to hold her back. She is not ready for an encounter like this and not in her current emotional state. But vengeance will be hers in time.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 17

As we approached the island a haze set into my mind. I remember events but nothing clearly until we entered the tower. Maybe I am over worked or maybe this journey is getting the best of me…

I remember landing and seeing vortexes in the area but cannot remember how I got through unscathed. I remember seeing sleeping dragon’s outside but not how we got past them nor how we obtained a key. I know we entered the tower looking for Slate, but do not remember anything before we found a book on one of the floors. Everything after that point though is clear, as if a fog was lifted.

As I read from the draconic book a code began to appear that was guiding us out of the maze of rooms. Once we deciphered the code and started on our way out Weyland entered a room that had a Clockwork Dragon in it. He also noticed that the dragon had a keyhole in its back that looked the size of the key we had obtained earlier… however we got it.

Combat ensued and Papa snuck up behind it and jammed the key in and began winding it down. He would spend the majority of combat trying to get the dragon to fall. Moments later it breathed a noxious gas at us and I fell into a deep slumber. I had to have Elliot fill me in on what happened while I was out as it was for quite a while.

Apparently he noticed combat was not in our favor so he cast an Obscuring Mist to obscure the dragon’s vision and slow his assault. Even with the mist Weyland took a beating, he then helped save Weylands life as Weyland was near death and Elliot used his wand of healing to save him before death could take him. He said that after that he tried to reason with the beast and ask it to stop and leave us be. When it did not comply he took notice of the dragons caution around the books and papers and told the others of this, sparking them to throw papers and books around to buy some time while the mechanical marvel picked them up and avoided damaging others.

As combat resumed Elliot said that he then threatened the Construct by telling him he would destroy the books if he did not stand down. I think he may have been exaggerating as Elliot is about the smallest dragon you will even encounter but Papa corroborated his story.

Around that time I came to and let loose a fury of lightning, trying to destroy the clockwork creation and end this combat. I do not take kindly to being made prone. It shrugged off the first volley but the second volley landed solid doing massive damage him. We were not able to take it out fast enough as soon after it breathed again and I was again put to sleep. This is something I am used to doing to others not having done to me. I don’t like it and must research how Weyland is able to shrug these effects off.

Elliot told me that when he saw me fall again he covered me in books and paper to protect me from the dragon. I admired his fast thinking. The team was able to take the dragon out shortly thereafter and we were able to proceed after we came too.

Once we followed the remaining code we found ourselves in front of a portal. When we began to talk strategy Carabas decided to step thought. Followed by the Captain and then the rest of us. The portal took us to a new area that we then set out searching room by room.

In my room I found a lamp and once I set to stroking it a Genie appeared. It was Balijan, Vilya Sol’s love that was taken by Slate to use his wish powers. I asked him a few questions and he seemed hesitant to help me. I explained to him that I just wanted to get a few answers and after that I would set him free. He still seemed apprehensive so I told him that I understood that trust takes trust. I then told him I would make the first gesture and asked that he help us with some information as I handed him the lamp and broke his bond of servitude to it freeing him.

Balijan then opened up about Slate, as much as he could. Slate would write his wishes down with clauses to not leave loopholes and so Balijan could not share what he did. After I got the information I needed from him I called to the others in case they had questions to ask. Balijan was gracious enough to answer our questions and provide a feast for us in thanks. Carabas decided to exclaim that she was upset due to all the wishes that I had just cost us once again proving her character and reputation around the ship. Doing what is right comes with a cost but I could not abuse my cousins from the sky in that way, nor should anyone else.

We then followed the stairs to a lower level and found a void. It looks as if Slate either destroyed or became Dahak here. We are sure to find out what he is doing soon, but not soon enough.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 16

As we were sailing to Ras’s Lair we noticed an addition to our ship, a golden item attached to the mast of our ship. After some examination it seemed to be giving our ship the ability to levitate, which would explain how we got up here.

We arrived at Ras’s lair without incident, although several creatures brushed up against the ship as we sailed. I wanted to investigate the water life here but thought better of it given the colossal size of the snake and bear we encountered earlier.

Once in the lair Ras started listing off duties that he wanted us to do. Things like build a dock, fix broken magic items, audit his horde to make sure it is all there, clean the Wyvern excrement from the cave were listed with some being assigned. I lucked out and got to work on repairing broken magic items whereas The Captain and Carabas were ordered to gamble with Ras.

We completed all the tasks that Ras had assigned and he was pleased.

The next day Ras assigned virtually the same tasks to use with little variation. I deduced that he was either an idiot, lonely or keeping us busy.

Araris and I set out to go to town to sell the goods we had gathered. We managed to open up a small shop and spent about a week selling our wares. We were able to make more profit by doing it in this manner rather than just selling the wares to one vendor.

After a week of chores and tasks we decided to ask Ras what was going on. He told us that he had been directed to keep us around and out of trouble while they looked for Slate. We agreed to play along and he stopped giving us meaningless tasks to take up our time.

I decided to make use of my time to mentor Falath, repair some of Ras’s broken magic items and upgrade my headband to something more than it is now. It took some time but we were able to accomplish this grand undertaking with the help of Papa’s… friend… Gran.

A few weeks later we noticed a storm brewing in the west. Ras asked us if we wanted to ride on his back to go check it out. All of us with the exception of Araris partook in the opportunity to ride a dragon.

It was odd that the storm seemed genuine with thunder and lighting, but no rain. Then we noticed some funnel clouds touching down in the far west. Just then Vila Sol appeared next to Raz and said that “This isn’t natural” as we could see forms falling from the sky in the distance. They appeared to be the bodies of dragons either falling or flying down in the funnel clouds. However the dragons appeared to be of the undead variety.

As we drew nearer to the storm Ras fell asleep mid-flight causing us all to take evasive maneuvers to save ourselves. While we were heading for the ground we noticed the undead creatures heading for the water while others went for the city.

We were all able to make it to the ground in one piece but Ras crashed into a cathedral. It is of note that the crash did not awaken him. He seems to be in the same deep slumber that he was when we first encountered him.

We looked to regroup once we made it to the ground and quickly found ourselves surrounded by several undead dragons. Each one had a necklace around their massive necks. I turned the Captain invisible and had him steal one, hoping that it may hold the key to breaking their animation. Unfortunately it did not and his grabbing only preoccupied the dragon. We managed to defeat the dragons which gave me an opportunity to examine the necklaces up close. They were holy symbol of the evil dragon god Dahak.

While we were examining the bodies they began to speak in unison.

Afterwards we went to towards the City to see what we could do to help, and to take Ras back to his Lair. We dropped countless undead dragons while on our way there. We brought Ras back to his home and he thanked us and told us to take what we needed to figure out what is going on. Papa and I then talked about items we could use to make us better equipped to investigate this phenomenon. I made mention of wanting a Corset of Dire Witchcraft, but lacked the funds and he said he would see what he could do. Later that morning while we were in town he went into a shop and came out with the Corset I was looking for. He must have been quite the haggler to talk the shop keeper down that much.

Vila Sol told us that she had been following Slate this whole time and would show us where she had seen him. We decided to pursue her leads to find both Slate and what he is doing. We set out for the first location Vila Sol had mentioned to us, it was to be an interesting journey from where we were.

Later that day we found the edge of the land mass of this plane and the captain ordered us to sail the ship on over. After a few tense moments of terror the golden item on the ship kicked in and we began to levitate. This essentially allowed us to sail in the air, as long as the wind was cooperating. We called on Vial Sol to ask for her wind to aid us and she accommodated our request with haste as we sailed to pursue Slate.

We soon came across a landmass that had a dragon Burial ground on it that looked to have been recently traveled. We went in to investigate and noticed that all of the treasures were still intact however someone had made rubbing of the dragon names that appeared on the obelisks that appeared in the middle a room. We also noticed that something else had been left in one of the back rooms, it was a shrine to Dahak with a Nightstone of Sorrow on the Alter; the same item that was around the necks of the undead dragons we had encountered earlier. Araris destroyed the Alter however his actions triggered the guardian to attack us. We found out that a non-evil dragon can control the guardians but not before we destroyed it.

We took what we learned from that burial ground and used it at the others. I had Elliot talk to the guardians and ask them to destroy the shrines to Dahak themselves which they obliged after some consultation. This allowed them to remain there to guard the burial ground after we departed.

After several small islands with no further leads on Slate we came across an island that had six forty foot Obelisks floating above it. We noticed that the complete dragon genealogy is located on these obelisks for the Metallic and Chromatic dragons. What could Slate be doing with the names he is gathering and why is he in league with Dahak??

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 15

As we continued to float into the air we eventually joined with a land that was floating high above. When we arrived we were escorted to a holding cell and told to stay here. We waited for quite some time and when the Wyrms returned I asked for some reading material and Araris asked to get some food for his Griffon. Both of these were granted and Papa, myself and surprisingly Carabas went to the library. There was so much information, too much to comprehend in such a short amount of time.

We were led to our cell and told that there would be a meeting with the Wyrm council to talk about our crimes and discuss sentencing. After much deliberation the council decided to send us to a place called Midvale to meet with Rasvimharroc the copper worm that owned the horde we were found in.

On the way to Midvale we encountered the biggest Snake and bear I have ever seen. We managed to take out the snake however Carabas was almost lost in the process. I was able to Dimension Door her out of the snakes clutches to save her life. However once she came too she just complained that she had not been healed to her full capacity.

Araris managed to keep the Bear in place long enough for me to fly over and put it to sleep, we then left the area as quickly as possible, dragging the snake behind us so Papa could skin it and use it for parts.

Once we reached Midvale we were met by the Copper Worm Rasvimharroc, also known as Ras, and he took us to a bar in the area and had us drink with him in a type of crude get to know you session. It was at this point that he insisted that we all share a drink with, with no exceptions. That meant that Kaladith also had to drink, which she was not permitted to do per her religion. Ras did not care and still insisted that she drink with him which had led to her being powerless. Although I am not sure what powers she had, aside from summoning her adamantine chest, she was very distraught over this turn of events and spent the rest of the night crying into her drinks.

This turned into a Drinking contest between Weyland, Papa and Ras which seemed like a complete mismatch however Weyland and Pap held their own. We ended up sleeping in the bar so I decided to go get a room. In the morning Carabas was presented with the bill from the prior nights festivities and her eyes looked like they were going to bulge out of her head.

That morning Ras suggested that we go back to his Lair and that we take our ship. When we told him that the ship did not come with us he said that it was docked in town. So we boarded our ship and set sail to Ras’s lair to see what further consequences Ras had in store for us.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 14

In the morning we executed out plan and every Sahuagin that crossed our path. We came across a group that had four arms that appeared to be protecting a chief. They put up a slightly bigger fight but fell before us. Once we were sure that we sent a solid message to the Sahuagin, or what was left of them, we returned to the Undine Community and Satrap Maakor.

We began negotiating with Satrap to sell him the cannons. Araris was once again in peak form as negotiations ensued. After a few back and forth offers Araris offended the chief and Satrap completely shut down, said he would pay full price, and asked us to leave in the morning. I implored him to reconsider and told him that Araris was just looking for the best deal for his people the same as he was, by my words fell on deaf ears.

The next morning we left with the guide he provided, one named Ondir who seemed to know less about the area than I did.

Ondir navigated us into a situation where we were stuck against some coral. While trying to get our ship free we were attacked by three Mero (SP), which were a form or sea ogre. After weakening two other them, I touched one on the shoulder and used Dimension Door to take him 700 feet in the air. I then floated down with my feet up and enjoyed the show.

After we dispatched with the Mero (SP) we freed the ship and continued to our destination. Once we got a cove that Ondir identified as Litrixspicial Cove he left us. We were told that a giant spiked back dragon turtle owned this cove and would take tribute to pass. We decided to bypass the Dragon Turtle as he was not present and skate the outside of the cove in a dingy while Araris and I flew overhead.

About halfway around the cove Wayland saw a beautiful women in the cove and told everyone else in the boat. This caused most of them to be fascinated and want to go to her. We would later learn that she was known as Nerida and she was a fey that would lure people to her to get them to bring her treasure and food. Carabas jumped into the water and she took him away. I dove off of the Griffen and pursed them. I could easily keep up with them but was observing to see what her intentions were and how to best defuse the situation. I also noticed Weyland giving pursuit until he came face to face with the Dragon Turtle.

Once confronted by the dragon turtle I noticed them examining each other for quite some time. This may merit examination as several creatures have had interest or confusion when they encounter Weyland. After several seconds they surfaced. I decided to maintain pursuit of the Fey and Carabas and shortly found them in an out cove. She seemed to be talking to Carabas and asking for favors, among other things…

She then sent Carabas back to the ship to get her more treasure. I intercepted her and put her to sleep and took her back to the boat. Once there, after some time, she came too.

Once everyone was back at the ship Araris and I had an idea to find a tuna and give it to Spike Back as an offering to begin negotiations for passage. He was very pleased and instead of cold asked us to find him a Giant Saphire Jellyfish, apparently he enjoys the tingle that the poison gives him.

We managed to find a sizable jellyfish and killed it. During this battle it became clear that my colleges do not possess creativity in the face of an opposition as most of them sat in the boat and watched the rest of us take out the jellyfish.

Regardless we took it back to Spike Back and he rolled in excitement. After he enjoyed it he gave us safe passage through his cove and gave me something more. He gifted me a Dragon Turtle Hatchling to stop him from eating it. I gladly accepted it and look forward to raising it as my own. This could become the protector of my village with proper training.

As we were setting to depart the cove Carabas had a meltdown about some rings that she had lost to Nerida and demanded to be allowed to go get them back. The captain allowed her one hour to go get them. She went back and time ticked away. The captain then went back in to check on Carabas and had to help him escape again. After the Captain left Carabas was once again under Nerida’s spell and sent back to the boat to get her more treasure. When Carabas returned we left.

Once we were across the cove we asked Slate about the other half of the map and he said that he had given it to some drakes to save his life during his last excursion here. As we entered the canyon past the cove the Sea Drakes started speaking of Slate a hunter and a liar. We learned that the Drakes have had a territory dispute with the Wyverns over the half of the map Slate had given them.

We negotiated with the Drakes for safe passage and assistance with hazards and predators in the area. We made it through the canyon unscathed.

We then entered the jungle area looking for the “Big Stinger” and the “Great Hunter”. After some time we encountered a Wyvern and negotiated to pass his blockade and enter the area of the Great Hunter by promising him that he could take over for the Great Hunter and replace him.

On the way there Papa dropped a Wyvern that spotted us and tried to warn others of our presence.

A day later we found the Big Stinger and entered looking to take out the Great Hunter. We killed him, but promised to leave hatchlings and his mate alone and allowed them to leave alive.

The magic’s held in this chamber we beyond words. Some powerful, some unique, but all ancient. In one room we found a massive pile of ancient coin that had a Copper Great Wyrm sleeping on it. We left that area undistributed for fear of waking the colossal monster.

After checking all the rooms we finally entered the room with the Armor that Slate was looking for. Slate put on the armor with the use of a wish and the cavern began shaking. Almost instantly Slate turned into a platinum dragon, shook my hand to thank us and left invisible.

After the transformation was complete the shaking did not stop and it began to darken outside.

Moments later a silver and copper Wyrm showed up, eyeballed us, and left. We noticed that the island we were on was rising in the air. At this point we realized that we were prisoners with all the treasure we had recently acquired.

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 13

While working on a new spell in the lab I was interrupted by a bird. It was the reply I had been waiting on from the Arcanamirum. I had sent a bird a while back asking for information on Vila Sol and Slate’s history. The Arcanamirum had no new information on them but did state that Slate had a relative looking for him and sent a note that had been left for him by a Ashen Silloex. I gave Slate the note and as he read it you could see his face melt. I asked some questions to see what was going on but as usual he was short in his answers. He then retreated to his room for quite a while.

Later that day Araris and I went out looking for a whale or other sea life to pull the ship as the winds had died down. It was also a chance to practice riding on his Griffon which has been a treat. While searching we found a small craft with five people in it, we cautiously approached them due to the previous experience with the hat.

After some questioning we determined that they were not a threat to us and were legitimately in distress. We brought the ship to them and brought them aboard where we began questioning them. We found out that they were sent away from the Pirate Queens vessel just a few days prior and inferred that they may still be in the area.

Araris and I went ahead to search the nearby area to see if we could locate the pirate queens ship. We were lucky enough to notice an encampment with a ship that fit the Pirate Queens vessels description from a far enough distance as to not be noticed. The location was several miles away from our ship so we went back with plans to do a more thorough scout after the fall of night.

Under the cover of darkness we approached the Pirate Queen’s camp. As we got closer I cast invisibility on us as well as the griffon so we could get closer without fear of being seen. We did a fly by on the ship to scout its defenses. On the second pass I slipped off and into the water to take a piece of their ship for Scrying, and checked the bottom of their ship for anything out of the ordinary.

We met up on a small island out of the way of the ship and started our return trip back to our ship, over the center of their camp. As we returned we noticed that Tebrelith we strapped to a pillar with a powder keg just at her feet. We knew we had to act fast as this was a very real danger. I told Araris that I would meet up with him a few hundred yards ahead and to meet me there. Then I flew off of the Griffon, touched Tebrelith’s shoulder and used Dimension Door to make our escape. We were in and out so fast that the Pirate Queen’s men did not have a clue she was gone until the chains dropped.

We got Tebrelith back to the ship and questioned her about how she got in that predicament. She told us what happened to her since she initially left us and the hardships that she endured while fighting for her life and her freedom. After hearing of her account of the ship and its defenses, as well as the information from our scouting, we decided to use our Peril to approach with the ship from underwater while Araris and I approach from the air.

Our plan started off without a hitch. Araris and I flew above and maintained a safe distance until the ship opened fire from below the sea. Combat began but after our ship fired, and we landed on the Pirate Queens vessel the crew gave up. Well minus one crewman that Araris took out. After securing the crew and waiting for our team to board to no avail I dove in to see what the holdup was. I noticed that there were actually two ships underwater and Papa was giving chase to three individuals that were getting away. I began pursuit and started loosing lightning Bolts and Steam Balls to slow their escape. We took them finished them off while Wayland brought the ship to the surface. Papa collected the bodies of those that passed and we all boarded the ship with the Pirate Queens remaining crew. Our Captain and Araris told the crew the conditions of their surrender and conversations started about what to do with the Pirate Queens officers that were dying.

My comrades do not value a life nearly as much as they should. They all seemed ok with letting these people die. All life is precious and should only be taken if no other option is plausible. While I agree that these people were not good people, neither are those in our crew so judging them on their actions alone seems illogical. While they spoke of letting them die, I healed them. I figure if they do put them to death I will have at least done all I could to help them and sway our captain.

My words must have found their mark as he put them in our holding cells instead of death. While they were being locked away I told them not to lose hope and that once Tebrelith was held in these cells and we found good in her. Hopefully that will lift their spirits and encourage them to remain captive until released instead of fearing for their lives.

Through this battle it was proven to me that Volla was indeed the Pirate Queen and she fell in out battle with her and her crew. I was told that some had thoughts of her being the pirate queen or at least in league with her but I held out hope that this was not the case.

I took her lifeless body to my lab and cast Speak with Dead on her to try to get some answers to put my mind at ease. She told me that she was the Pirate Queen before I took her and mentioned that she served the Pirate King, located in Shackles.

I understand her deceit but still do not know why we were targeted for it. I bought her from a slave trader along with two other Halflings with her, took them in, fed them, clothed them, gave them respect and directed my shipmates to do the same. I stuck my neck out for them to give them a new life and she repaid me with deceit. I guess some people are beyond seeing the good I people and the value of kindness. Or maybe she mistook that for weakness, but she now knows we are not weak and soon the Pirate King will know this as well.

A few days later we entered Azland to find that our ship shares my hatred of Sahuagin. It violently went off course to pursue them with extream prejudice when it knew they were in the area. The ship noticed a group on the shore line, sped ahead before coming to a complete stop to open fire with a full volley from the cannons. It then came around and loosed another volley from the other side of this ship.

This was extreme overkill to say the least, and quite expensive considering where we are and how difficult/expensive it could be to replace those cannon balls.

However in the distance I heard a voice calling out to us. I looked over and noticed a shape in the distance, it called out to us once again and I called back. I was shocked when another Undine stepped forward followed by several more. It turns out that the Sahuagin had been becoming more bold and had been encroaching on their land and our arrival, although unintended, may have saved their lives.

The leader of the Undine identified himself as Satrap Maakor graciously invited us to dine with his people and see their village. While there he spoke more on the troubles that they had seen recently; such as the drakes moving further inland and the Sahuagin encroaching on their land, venturing closer and closer to their village.

Araris offered up some of our surplus cannons to them and I insisted on a discount for my kin. The look on his face revealed his disdain for not being able to haggle to his fullest ability but he reluctantly agreed. When the issue of cannon balls and powder came up Araris offered up his Hell Knights to make deliveries of such items. I cautioned him on allowing the Hell Knights into his village as they have a tendency to not leave. He respectfully declined the service which I am sure Araris was not happy about.

After dinner Satrap said that he could be our guide for the journey ahead and we were elated to have his assistance. I suggested that we take a day to help them clear some of the Sahuagin from their land before we take Satrap with us since he is their primary protector. They agreed and tonight we set up to engage in some well-deserved genocide.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 12

Voshgurvaghol… the sunken city that was once home to mighty Aboleth. Papa has been pushing for us to go for at least two days to explore the once mighty city. I agree that this would be a great educational opportunity for us; however his tone has become somewhat insistent.

This morning we sent out for the sunken city.

As we approached I bribed an eel to go ahead and scout for danger. I wish I had access to smarter animals as most sea life seems to be lacking in helpful information. But some information is better than no information and we proceeded.

As we entered the city we slowly proceeded through the ruins. Occasionally we would see a Skum sleek by out of the corner of our eye. Papa decided to operate his beard in a manner to mimic that of an Aboleth’s tentacles to try and encourage the once slaves to stay away from us. It seemed to work as we were not approached while we were out in the open city.

While walking we noted a blue light above the city, it was the only source of light aside from the parties lit items that we could see in the city.

We made it to the base of the lit object without alteration and noticed that someone or something had gotten inside. There was a medium sized tunnel dug into the base of the structure.

I decided to swim up to the blue light to see both what it was and it I could see into the structure from above. I was shortly joined by my compatriots; they must be scared or curious as well. As we peered in we saw that the blue light that was being generated was originating from 4 very large sapphires that sat at the four corners of a pool of water, with four other pools off to the sides. While Ikeda was busying herself with drooling over the gems I was noticing that something had moved between the pools around the gems. Something was or is in there.

We went back to the base of the structure and proceeded to go into the tunnel leading us inside. Weyland led the way into a room that was a sort of Aboleth museum. Papa’s eyes lit up like a child on its day of birth as he entered the room, but as he entered he triggered an illusion of an Aboleth. This illusionary Aboleth who referred to itself as Igroon, the Dragon Eater of the Lost Island started speaking about the rooms features in Aboleth and Papa loosely translated his words to the group, including that the area where the sapphires are located is called a containment pool. I don’t think he knows that being native to the sea and now its defender, some of my studies brought me to learn Aboleth. I am curious to know how he speaks it so fluently. Between this and how he knew to move his beard as they move their tentacles something seems as if it is being omitted.

We took the “tour” around the room and Papa took a souvenir, some eyes and gel from the original Gibbering Mouther. I hope that it is only a souvenir and not something more of his intentions in this place.

As we proceeded down the hallways, toward the containment pool we pasted rooms in various states of disarray.

We came to a room that contained a nest of Skum and a standoff pursued. As a team I am finding our tactical are chaotic at best. It is something that we should address and plan ahead for in the future. In this instance Araris was trying to calm them down and talk them into letting us by while Papa was trying to intimate them into cowering and Ikeda and the Captain pulled out their swords. Tacticals like this when faced with an unexpected danger could hurt us in the future.

To my surprise we did manage to negotiate to send one person to get their leader so he could grant us safe passage.

After pleading our case to their leader, a large Skum named Polyppa, he proceeded to stab himself with his spear and howl in pain. Araris offered aid and Polyppa charged as soon as the words left his lips. Combat ensued and we made short work of their Skum. During combat Polyppa called for “Little Chew Face” which turned out to be a live Gibbering Mouther that he had apparently kept as a pet. This would explain his madness.

We pressed on to the containment pools where the party stopped at the end of the watery area. Papa was very adamant that we not go in however would offer no initial explanation aside from the spirits told him there is evil ahead.

After Araris checked and told us the only evil was the gems, Papa and I went into the room while invisible to scout the area and inspect the sapphires. He wanted to grab one to inspect later while I thought it prudent to ensure they were not important to the safety of this area before we touch them. It was fascinating that 2 of the gems read as evil while the other had no aura, all appeared to be powerful magics.

After determining that the gems did not have any bearing on this area and inspecting the room we noted that the only place something could be hiding would be the central pool area. Papa went in to inspect and after traveling downward for quite some time he found what he called a Shoggoth.

We joined up with the rest of the group and decided to come back in the morning when the group was rested. I stayed behind to watch the tunnel to ensure that this evil was not let loose upon the sea. Late in the night I did note that it was trying to get out but could not fit through the tunnel.

After the others returned the next morning I rested from a long night or intently staring at a hole in the structure. After briefing them on what I had seen during the night we ventured in to combat the unnatural beast and put him to rest.

We swept the building and found that he had returned to the central pool. Papa walked up to the edge while Weyland began prying one of the gems off its hinge. This was enough to get the creatures attention and it soon surfaced to grab Papa and pull him into the depths below.

We attacked it with all our might but eventually it managed to get Papa in its mouth and dove to the murky depths to consume him. We gave chase and came upon it asleep mere seconds later. Papa must have slept the creature. I signaled for the rest of the team to prepare for a unified attack, gave the signal and we unleashed a volley of damage to surely drop the beast.

But it was not enough. The beast awoke, turned and attacked once more. I quickly put it to sleep myself and once again coordinated an attack on the creature which was enough to finally drop the beast. Looking around at the others I could see that if this had not worked we would have been in grave danger as they looked exhausted, and I was low on spells.

We explored the rest of the pool and found other Gibbering Mouthers that were ready to be born. I committed genocide on them, eradicating every last one from existence. The sea is in a delicate equilibrium and something as evil as this would surely offset the balance of nature. It had to be done.

Once we surfaced we tended to the wounded, took the gems back to the ship and started studying their properties.

I hope that we are capable of being able to balance the powers that now reside on our ship. In addition to our Crew we have a Half Dragon of unknown origin, the ghost Captain of a sunken ship, a living Rune, and now these gems. I am pleased beyond belief to be able to study these items, but it is still worrisome that Vilya Sol is somewhere… or everywhere watching our movements.

Report Detailing Voshgurvaghol

We arrived at the location in the early morning, and began our first descent. We prepared by weighting ourselves down, and using a rather disgusting spell to allow us to breathe underwater. So distasteful.

We made it down to near the outskirts of the ancient city, and saw lights shining from several towers. As we entered the city, we saw isolated skum and small bands. One of the witches associated with our party made himself to look sort of like an aboleth and scared a group off rather easily.

We approached the largest tower for investigation. It seemed largely sealed up, from what we believed at the time to be against outside intrusion. I noted that, way up in the spire, there seemed to be several large sapphires glowing, behind the glass that made up the crown.

We entered through a breach, and came into some sort of aboleth museum. After a particular party member entered, an aboleth appeared. It was an illusion, programmed to give information about the various specimens. We learned that the aboleths had experimented on gibbering mouthers (to what end, at the time, we did not know), and that some beings known as “veiled masters” were involved—they were represented by the four large sapphires. We also heard a story about Igroon, Dragon Eater of the Lost Isle, who could eat not only dragons but their hoards and souls it seemed. Such a waste of treasure. The illusion also told us something cryptic about gibbering mouthers being used as a seed of some sort.

As we left the exhibit, we found some skum living in an abandoned room. We made to show them we were passing through and meant no harm. Our Hellknight wanted to acquire a trident from them, and one went off to fetch his broodmaster. The broodmaster returned and was rather off. He stabbed himself whilst conversing with us, and suddenly attacked without provocation. He acted very erratically, and he nearly killed me. During the fight, a small mouther named “Little Chew Face” was released, and proved quite annoying to fight. The skum were defeated, and we pressed onwards and upwards.

We arrived in the large room at the top, and began to investigate. Our witch seemed to argue with himself and “consult the spirits” while cursory investigations of the sapphires began. Two were found to have strong evil auras, and the other two had none. A brief investigation of the central pool found remains of aboleths—possibly the veiled masters. Time running out on our ability to stay underwater, we returned to the ship and prepared for a second journey down.

Our return to the chamber had some more interesting results. After one sapphire had been carefully collected, a very large mouther came up from the pool and attacked us. I was unable to effect much damage on it, and it grabbed the crazy witch and dragged him below. The party followed after, and we managed to defeat it. We surmised that the aboleths were attempting to grow shoggoths from the mouthers. What role the veiled masters had in this is uncertain—it was clear that bodies of some sort of aboleth had been consumed, and that aboleth souls were in two of the sapphires, but the exact nature of what happened with these mad schemes is unknown, and probably best kept that way. I am unsure if there are more of these pools in Voshgurvaghol or not. Further exploration of the area is warranted, but by members with large research capabilities and are quite capable of underwater defense. We got lucky, perhaps, but lucky counts.

Marchioness de Carabas

Weyland’s Memory Log

After much discussion and argument, Papa Samdi decided to bear the mysterious bicorn that we had retrieved from the sea. Unsure of what the effects might be and unable to form a coherent hypothesis concerning them, my companions seemed to fear this bicorn. I, however, decided to observe Samdi while he slept in the chance of noticing any side-effects. My efforts were not to be in vain, it seems, as before long a translucent figure appeared, rocking beside Samdi as he slept.

I tried communicating repeatedly with the figure, but to no avail; it seemed fixated on Samdi, so I decided to awaken him. Samdi began to communicate with the figure, which I later learned was a “ghost”, some sort of incorporeal undead. Through labored communication, we were able to learn that this ghost was one Captain Sim Balta, a most illogical being who insisted upon gold despite being unable to physically handle it. Unfortunately, we were unable to get Captain Balta to divulge much more than this, so Samdi called for Captain Boniva while I went to ask Prophetess Kaledith what was to be done about the situation. Kaledith seemed rather perturbed that the ghost seemed to be after our wealth and informed me that my recently acquired scythe would be effective at harming it, should negotiations fail. She insisted that I stay close and I complied, as it was in accordance with the deal I struck with her earlier: in exchange for access to discounted upgrades, I would act as her bodyguard and butler. This would turn out to be a quite prudent move, as soon a commotion began outside.

Captain Boniva had raced above decks in search of Araris, while Samdi remained below. Not long after I observed this did strange, skeletal humanoids begin boarding the ship. I later learned that these were draugr, humans cursed with strange unlife and Captain Sim Balta’s crew. In any event, it seemed that negotiations with the ghost had in fact failed. I set about clearing the decks of these draugr, while the Captain Balta pursued Boniva with Samdi in tow. Captain Balta was a most fearsome foe, resistant to many attacks and extraordinarily mobile due to his powers of unrestricted flight and intangibility, while more than capable of unleashing devastating force of his own. However, he and his crew were apparently vulnerable to the appearance of gold, as my companions quite cleverly deduced. Conclusion: Despite often being illogical, people are quite capable of employing logic to great effect. Also, illogical tendencies only seem to increase in undeath, as observed in Captain Sim Balta. Samdi roared at Kaledith to throw coin overboard, which she was loathe to do, but this tactic turned out to be quite effective. After a prolonged struggle, we defeated Captain Balta and his crew. My other compatriots were conspicuously missing from the battle, save Araris who kept the remaining draugr at bay by flying around the ship and firing upon them as they attempted to climb onto the deck. Perhaps some of the draugr were able to occupy the Marchioness and Alcades below decks.

After the battle, my companions revealed what they had learned from the ghost captain. According to Captain Balta, he and his crew failed to make any offerings to the goddess Besmara. One absent offering, however, was particularly egregious, and the goddess cursed the captain and his crew with unlife below the waves. Conclusion: The gods on this world do have power and are not merely anthropomorphic idols.

Error. Logs irretrievable.

After searching the sunken vessel of Captain Balta, we tracked the three treasures the Kelpie’s Wrath insisted we find to what Samdi called a “rune hull”, or a construct of aboleth origin. Though it was warded with traps, we were able to navigate the structure and encountered its inhabitants. The first was an aboleth, though upon further interaction we deemed to be illusory. The other we inadvertently released from its adamantite prison, a strange creature known as a “living rune”. Such creatures, though small in size, are quite potent. This was apparently one of Besmara’s treasures, though it did not think of itself as such and became hostile at any mention of being returned. Samdi was able to negotiate with it, however, and convinced it to hide inside of his own flesh. How this is possible is beyond my knowledge and bears further investigation. Conclusion: Papa Samdi is more than a mere half-orc conjurer. He has an intimate understanding of the aboleth and their civilization and, although unorthodox in his methods, is quite intelligent. He also has some strange powers that I have never before witnessed.

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 11

When you sign up for a voyage like this you expect a certain amount of trouble, especially when traveling to a place like Azland, however we have faced many ordeals and we have not made much headway towards our destination.

Today in the early hours of the morning I was working in my lab with Falath and Kia when we noticed something off. A chill in the air and the sound of silence on the ship which is normally welcomed but for some reason it seemed off.

The silence was broken once again with the sounds of combat above decks. It seems like we are under constant attack from either the elements or dangers that reside in the areas we have travel. Knowing some of the things I have found out about the crew it makes me wonder if it is the journey itself or the makeup of the crew that attracts these attacks. I respect the Archdean to no end, but next time I am screening those that I journey with.

As I came out of the lab to see what type of insolence was attacking us this time I smelt something foul. A smell as if the sea itself had died. I noticed Yigorin engaging the foul being that was generating the stench. It looked to be a Draugr which is an unnatural inhabitant of the sea and something that warranted my attention in being removed from existence.

I joined Yigorin in the fray as more and more Draugr attacked the ship and came at us below decks. Ikeda then joined in the defense of the ship and from the portholes I could see Araris on his griffon shooting at those that were trying to board helping to buy us some time.

We were successful in defending the ship and defeating the Draugr but it was not an easy victory.

After meeting up with the rest of the team we decided to pursue our attackers and split into two teams. Unfortunately out team was too late and the other team comprised of Papa, Weyland and the Captain had struck a deal with the living avatar of Besmara.

We are now charged with taking the ghost captain of the ship that attacked us with us, retrieve the Treasure of Besmara, strike down the false Pirate Queen and deliver the Treasure of Besmara to Besmara… and we got to live…

The group was able to find the treasure and retrieve it. It was a living rune that now resides in Papa’s armpit bag, as if he needed more outside forces potentially clouding his mind.

This will not end well, but at least we made it to Voshgurvaghol in one piece.


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