Yigorin Slate


When first liberated from the Mordant Spire, Yigorin Slate appeared as a human sorcerer. However, close confines on-board a sailing ship eventually exposed his true nature – that of a half-dragon with strange, gray, unhealthy-looking scales. Still, Slate attempted to remain apart from the crew at first. As a result, little is known about his spell casting abilities and his life in general. It has been discovered that Slate carries a magic lamp he used to bind the djinni, Balijan. This earned him the ire of a powerful sylph oracle of the wind known as Vilya Sul, who has pursued him for several months. Their conflict involved the crew on several occasions. Slate also asked to be included in the treasure expedition contract, his only interest being a full suit of dragonhide armor. After witnessing the crew descend into Voshgurvaghol, Slate’s countenance became more hopeful for the quest ahead, and he could be seen above decks more often. Upon reaching Azlant, Slate shared how the Mordant Spire elves overtook his former ship and crew. To survive, he gained leverage against the elves by tearing his map in half. One half he gave to encroaching sea drakes, which he promised would lead them to the “Great Hunter’s” territory. The other he handed over to the elves, promising to supply the missing information in exchange for his life. Revealing of Slate’s greater knowledge of events, his ploy with the sea drakes proved superior to an actual map. By tracking the drakes’ disputes with inland wyverns, the crew was able to learn about Turalisjchidrag “Big Sting,” a grand wyvern said to have claimed the “Great Hunter’s” territory. Inside the “Great Hunter’s” lair, Slate came into contact with the suit of dragonhide armor. It is comprised entirely of platinum dragon scales and radiates a strong aura of transmutation. When questioned about it, Slate summoned Balijan from the lamp and activated the second of three wishes the two had previously discussed. Slate then fused with the armor and transformed into a platinum dragon as the entire lair began to quake. He thanked the crew in earnest and vanished.

The word “Slate” is a synonym for the word “Gray.” (An early clue for his nature.)

I cannot recall if anyone on the crew had learned the name of Slate’s “employer.” If so, there may be something to learn depending on languages known.

Yigorin Slate

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