Vitran Boniva


Captain Vitran Boniva is a pirate captain known for his charismatic demeanor and adventurous spirit. A true buccaneer, Boniva is only truly at home on the sea after spending most of his life amongst the company of pirates and the planks and rigging of all manner of ocean faring ships. Not comfortable staying in one place for very long, Boniva believes that fortune and glory always lie beyond the horizon.

Raised by his mother and some aunts in a port city in the (location to be determined), Boniva has believed from an early age that he destined to be a legendary seafarer due in large part to the “stories” his mother his mother told him about his father’s exploits. Of course, Boniva never knew his father and has never been able to validate any of them he grew up hearing, and it is just as likely that they are just that – stories. Still, Boniva carries with him an inherent sense of purpose to continue his father’s legacy and be a legend in his own right.

Boniva left home at an early age, drawn to the sea and thrill of adventure, spurred on by his mother’s desire for him to make something of himself. Thus, he found work as a cabin boy and deck hand at the early age of 10 and has spent the intervening years sailing in the employ of a whole host of different crews and captains. Gleaning insight from all of them, forging relationships and connections and mastering his skills as a buccaneer, Boniva now finds himself an accomplished agent of the sea… a destiny held for him in the stars – they don’t only guide his voyages, but his very life.

Boniva is charismatic and quick to make friends, but is prone to arrogance and pride in his own abilities and status. He is at heart a true opportunist – a job is a job and he provides his services for a cut of the bounty, and of course, additional renown. He is always suspicious of governments and authority as they often interfere with his chosen pursuits. Even so, Boniva harbors no ill-will toward them, and simply acts in accordance as the situation dictates. He doesn’t generally concern himself with justice or vendetta, but does accept that there can be “honor among thieves” – a deal is a deal and a man’s word is his honor.

An accomplished gunslinger, Boniva is adept at fighting with both a pistol and sword. He doesn’t seek fights, but as a realist understands that the world is an unforgiving place with violence an inevitable occurrence. He is supremely confident in his ability to survive to fight another day. After all, he is still afloat!

Boniva is somewhat a contradiction when it comes to magic and superstition. While he believes in the power of the stars and his own destiny and spirit, he is very superstitious and doesn’t much care for magic and seeks to avoid it, relying rather on physical prowess and his own luck.

Vitran Boniva

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