The firm of Septimus, Razvimharroc and Sevardomos

Horde growth and horde management specialists


Spreading influence and gaining favor is something natural to a Hellknight and Araris Septimus was no exception. Finding himself with ample time to burn while awaiting the pronouncement of judgement by the dragon Razvimharroc, Septimus decided to see if another foothold of order and influence could be created in dragon heaven of all places.

Starting simply by creating a market stand and selling off excess cargo Araris moved to plant the thoughts and ideas of easy wealth growth in the mind of Razvimharroc. Having already cataloged and audited the dragons horde the paladin had a perfect understanding of just how under utilized the dragons wealth was. Broaching the subject to the great beast was not difficult at all, and with but a request Razvimharroc signed the authority to manage the horde to Araris.

With the proper documents and permissions in order Araris worked with Wayland to create a proper building in the city of Midvale from which to offer services. Using the horde funds to seed the payment of the building and the initial wages of the employees Araris found an niche market among the chaotic dragons. It was far easier to hire the firm to audit one’s horde and keep a notarized list of one’s wealth that could be flaunted and shown to another instead of actually having to bring someone into a secret horde to brag. With modest service fees and excelent markup for creating elaborate and showy documentation Araris quickly refunded the initial investment of Razvimharroc.

The firm’s popularity quickly attracted followers and eager petitioners to work and assist Araris in his bureaucratic adventures. One in particular caught the man’s attention. A petitioner with skills as a sorceress by the name of Navlithenaz showed a particular aptitude for appraising and cataloging goods both material and magical. After working with the woman for a week Araris promoted her to a general management position to oversee the firm along with 15 other workers, while he attended to other duties.

In the wake of the attack on the city Navlithenaz and the Hellknight recruits were ordered by Araris to maintain and restore order in the city.


The firm of Septimus, Razvimharroc and Sevardomos

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