The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

The Steamy Line

Recap of Arc 1

By invitation or otherwise, investors from several of Inner Sea Region’s more prominent factions gathered in Magnimar to discuss a lucrative treasure hunting expedition co-funded by the Prophets of Kalistrade. After signing a contract with Prophetess Kaledith Sevardomos, methodically acquiring an animate sailing ship and outfitting for the voyage ahead, these fellow investors became a crew bound for the storied ruins of Azlant. Finagling her way on board was the half-elf, Tebrilith Peril, along with her troublesome history with the notorious Pirate Queen.

En route, they discovered the Azlanti expedition was attempted several months prior by a sorcerer called Yigorin Slate whose sponsor had partnered with the Sevardomos family. Like it or not, the crew detoured to the Mordant Spire to liberate Slate and his map so the expedition could truly begin, but not before encountering the Pirate Queen’s constant influence upon the Steaming Sea.

First was the Magnimarian naval inspection, paranoid by surging pirate activity. Next came a press-ganged attack from a Pirate Queen ship. Then there was a mercantile Aspis Consortium vessel hawking inconspicuous halfling slaves. By the time the crew faced the elves of the Mordant Spire, it was too late to stop a Pirate Queen conspiracy to kidnapped Tebrilith Peril along with several secrets about their ship and Azlanti treasure hunt. Unfortunately, recovering Slate required immediate attention.

The crew found Slate and his belongings locked away for reasons not entirely clear. Breaking him out and escaping the island was another matter! The elves, covetous off all things Azlanti, pursued them with vigor. However, a familiar yet mysterious presence provided favorable winds in the shape of a looming storm. She appeared in the tempest, effortlessly hovering beside a crew-member lashed to the rigging during the night’s watch. Before vanishing, Vilya Sul, sylph oracle of the wind, strongly suggested the crew recover something Slate had stolen from her.

Risking the storm afforded the crew a day’s lead in front of the vengeful elves. However, the Mordant Spire did not require a fast ship to find them at sea. They dispatched their best griffon rider and sea druid to thwart the crew’s escape. Knocking a hapless crew-member overboard into the waiting arms of a shape-shifted giant squid began negotiations under threat of drowning in the depths…


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