The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Scenario 3 - The Lethe

Notes from the Infernal Line Arc...

Sessions: A Meloncholic Charter, The Sorrowmaker’s Summons

To leverage Ashen as “ransom” and continue their pursuit of Slate, the crew used the talisman to sail to Dis. Murk provides a suggested map across the Deep Maelstrom that could possibly put them ahead of Slate.

Made friends with Captain Hulihee of the Muttonchop and a contact of Captain Souvarov of the Chinstrap. They are the “Whiskers” of Captain Redbeard’s small fleet.

Preparations were made for the voyage and they used the talisman to sail to the Bolgian shore. There they worked with Souvarov to make it past a naval checkpoint. Redbeard’s devils were not in favor with Hell’s elite.

Suddenly, the officers disappeared and the junior crew is left fending for themselves as events turn sour. They handled themselves well as the chinstrap created an opening.

Meanwhile, the officers found themselves in a cave made of draconic viscera. Occasionally, gore would try assembling into larger forms as they journey through the maze-like galleries. Enough was enough and they smashed through walls to encounter a visage of Dahak himself.

It was discovered that the Ambulatory is in town and Dahak granted favors or curses depending on behavior. He was pleased that the grays were killing dragons and that dragons hated the grays. He could only encourage such behaviors on either side!


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