The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Scenario 2 - Miratanza

Notes from the Infernal Line Arc...

Sessions: Investigating the Regicona, The Binding of House Grulios

Immediately pursued the Emerald Arrow and encountered the Sarglagon, not long after setting sail from Absalom in favorable wind.

Danced around with Captain Marcellano and got the vibe that they were both protecting and preying on the Emerald Arrow.

Dove the ship to investigate further and encountered a real drowning devil. Noticed a great summoning circle on the hull. The crew’s devil’s talisman responded in strange ways.

Several days later the ship was suddenly slammed without warning. Cannons were rolled out, but they fell apart! While dealing with a colossal sea serpent, the crew realized that the ships supplies had been scrambled by gremlins, and their strange bottle of sea serpent bait has been on the menu for days! Distracting the beast was their only chance.

The crew arrived in Westcrown ahead of the Sarglagon and the Emerald Arrow and gained access to the Regicona, a walled island within the city still run by powerful houses. Here they found House Grulios, the Miratanza and the Grulios family warehouses in search of Murk.

Stuck in canals after dark, the crew was forced to fight a pack of Shadowbeasts. The devil’s talisman activated for the first time transporting the wielder to Dis in Hell. It provided an early opportunity to speak with Murk.

Discovered that the Emerald Arrow had somehow arrived ahead of schedule with Captain Marcellano. He is brushed aside while the crew confronted Grohen Grulios and Murk as they awakened the Green Dragon Achiusk of the Emerald Arrow through devil binding.

The Emerald Arrow’s slight crew was destroyed, the binding succeeded, and Achiusk took his rage against the crew to sea. Ashen was kidnapped, which put an end to Murk’s amusement.

A tricksy sea battle against the green dragon and his magic ship ended underwater.


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