The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Papa’s Late Night Thoughts

Voshgurvaghol-What is it? Is it worth stoppin’ off from da trip to Azlant? The dual headed doctor says nothin’ to me today. It appears Papa has got a crossroads ahead, but does he get to sell his soul if he happens to find dat crossroads devilman? If we gonna’ survive dis, we gonna need more than we got now. The man with the fish spirit has shown he got da’ stones to get this done. Don’t think he trust Poppa yet though, I lay my cards on the table for them and they think I still hiding someting. Don’t think none of them trust each other yet though, each of dem’ got their own little game they playin’. Hopefully we can all start playin’ together though, those masked devils had to show us someting. Time to see if the spirits are wit’ us on this, and who dis’ Yigorin is, Papa don’t like his scent though. He ain’t right in da’ head but I guess that what Azlant do to ya’!!!


blakealandarst blakealandarst

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