The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Marchioness’ Journal

We came across a ship of the Consortium, asking us to purchase their wares. I cautioned against it, and refused to step foot upon such a ship out of principle, but the rest of the crew was not so cautious. They sold a number of our war booty, and purchased some sundry items. Notably, they purchased a large lot of feather tokens that turn into birds at a substantial discount. All were made by the same person, a supposed master. I told them this was foolish, but they did not heed my warnings. After all, what would I know about baiting people with great offers as a means to get influence with them? It’s not like I came an inch away from getting us a much nicer vessel than this piece of lho-sa for absolutely free or anything. Also, and this is even more disturbing, but three halfling female slaves were purchased from party funds for what appears to be the sole benefit of a single crew member.

We then arrived at the Spire, thankfully not a day too soon. That boat is no fun at all, and there is only so much that drinking can do to alleviate boredom on that place. A curious thing happened as well—about one twentieth of our perishable goods were spoiled, as though as some omen from the gods. I do not like that what was spoiled did so, but I do not place much stock in the gods taking that much interest in the affairs of mortals. I don’t pour oil down anthills, so why should the gods ruin our food?

Nevertheless, our remaining goods were offloaded at a handsome price, and there was much rejoicing in my coin purse. I now have a decent sum to spend, and spend it I shall. Unfortunately, not much gambling around here, so I may have to find alternate means to enjoy my short stay.

We visited a tavern. The fare was mediocre, nothing special, but the patronage was the real reason. A particular merchant was there, and business was had with him. Also, a non-Mordant elf was present, and he proved most intriguing. A smuggler or other such enlightened soul by the name of Suviel. I gathered some information about where we might find our secondary objective, and asked him about how to potentially get there.

We had two options presented to us: the first is to sneak in the prison tower (of which we were not quite certain at the time), and the second is to use a bit of subterfuge to get in. Given that the party couldn’t sneak out the back door of a bawdyhouse to avoid a jealous mistress, and that at least two members of the party can talk to strangers without making a total fool of themselves, I pointed out that the subterfuge route was better.

You would have thought that I suggested we shit our pants before a feast, such was the reaction. “What if someone talks to us?” “Don’t talk back if you aren’t smart enough to lie.” “What if they separate us?” “Still with the not talking part.” “What if they find out we’re spellcasters?” “Again with the not talking, and perhaps with the not antagonizing the soldiers as well? I feel that suggestion might be a bit prudent.” “How will we get out of the cells?” “Please let a lady keep some secrets. If you must know, I have a few means at my disposal to get keys as needed.” “I still don’t like it.” There are times when a lady such as myself must sigh.

We received a bit of a break—somehow, we got the number of the tower in which the goods are kept. Apparently, it was just written on a paper in the witch’s laboratory by someone that the two halflings didn’t see or hear, despite being there. Remember what I said about discount magic from strangers?

Oh, yes, two halflings, not three. Apparently, and this is a bit amusing, the third (and most expensive of the lot by far) was actually the supposed Pirate Queen. We found this out when we went to attempt to get that bitch Tebrilith to help us out on either of these plans. Now, I’m not at all upset that she’s beyond our reach in in the hands of someone who means her harm by any means. But I really dislike the implications it has for our security. By the Nine Hells, she didn’t even say a word to us to get in, we just invited her on board and that was that.

I need to see if there is a lodge here. I’ve got some things to pick up, a thing that needs to be examined, and I might have some findings this afternoon to report to them that would be of great interest.


blakealandarst blakealandarst

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