The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Ikeda's Untitled Log

What a way to start the day. First a hangover, then some creditor trying to get his money back. Thankfully, I was able to evade him, and head over to the Lodge. Nice posting there, promising gold and a trip well away from this place. I do have to buy in, but I still have last night’s winnings in hand thanks to dodging that guy, so I’m well able to afford that bit of fun.

Arriving at the docks, I made my way to the tavern where the meeting was to be held. Some low-class peon barred entrance and required a “donation.” She got a sum to shut her up, and I entered unmolested. The meeting was fairly uneventful, but the alleged captain did not show up for his own show, which bodes well. I smell opportunity in that. The gin was mediocre, especially given the constituency of this establishment. Still, better than nothing. I swear, I’m the only normal one of us. Some weirdo dressed like a pasha, a stodgy Hellknight, a rather bizarre tattooed man, and another strange witch of some sort. I swear, decent company will be hard to find.

Some negotiating later, we have secured a rather favorable split of the proceeds (70/30, with the rest of the investors and myself taking the 70) and a lead on three ships to purchase. Two were inspected by others of the company, with the Hellknight providing early minor access, and the other was inspected at the docks where it was kept.

Of the three, the impounded nobleman’s boat is the superior choice, followed by a junk and the Crab Cage. The last one, I’m told, has something of value in it, but otherwise requires substantial work. Given that we, and I personally, are on a timeline to leave this town, that seems the worst choice. The junk, however, is certainly stolen, and the proper owners will be looking for it. The noble’s ship, however, might be a bit too pricey in itself, and a particular bidder is probably going to force us into overpaying for it.

I’ve got that part covered. So far, I’ve managed to convince him of a curse on the ship, and I’ve made this ruse a bit more convincing with a surreptitious addition to his drink. I’ve got a bit more work to put into this effort, but the rewards will be quite to my liking—use of the ship and paid for it, at that!


blakealandarst blakealandarst

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