The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 7

Today started as any other would; the sounds of the tides striking the boat gently rocking it back and forth, the sounds of gulls begging for more food filling our ears and a surprisingly good meal courtesy of Kia in our bellies. Nothing about this morning hinted at what would come once the sun went down.

Early in the morning the merchant Tinimir and his men arrived at the boat to complete the transaction that The Hell Knight Araris struck with him. They took the food that was not spoiled and fed to the sea and paid the gold without issue. Since the rest of our plans involved the night I took advantage of this time to go into town and inquire on some items of interest.

Aside from the new gear I was looking for I thought to make offers to purchase others broken magic items. I was amazed at how many merchants were eager to get rid of these items at a fraction of their cost. I had a feeling that in an isolated community like this merchants wouldn’t throw something out that may still have value to someone else. These components should help with the process, and if not then I am only out a reasonable amount of gold. Then again, what is gold when you are working on something this big? I was also lucky enough to find the gear I was looking for at a reasonable rate.

I went back to the boat to speak with the COUP on our plans for this evening. Much to my surprise we still had not decided on a plan, which I thought already taken care of. After much debate we decided to split up and utilize both plans.

One team made up of the Captain, Papa and the Carabas would be led in by the unscrupulous Suviel who was going to lock them in a cell with a means of escape. This team was to leave their cell, locate the Map and one Yigorin Slate and get out. I am not sure how they were going to accomplish this as I was not privy to their teams planning.

The other team comprised of Araris, Weyland and myself were to stealth in, locate the map and Yigorin Slate and stealth out with both in tow, undetected. We planned to be silent, take out any elves that we encountered quickly and quietly, and get out without alerting others to our presence if at all possible. While our team was not built for stealth, we had the right mix to take adversaries out quickly and quietly. Hopefully this experience will help to increase our stealth abilities should we need them in the future.

Long after dusk our team arrived at our starting point as the guard change was happening. We noticed that we had two options; either take the path and rely on our stealth and speed or take the river bed and rely on footing and patience. We were in agreeance that the river route was more suited for our skills and proceeded with caution. All was going well until we reached the bridge as Wayland took an arrow to the knee. The elves thought to place someone under the bridge in case someone tried to sneak in this way, something that Suviel should have thought to tell us when we were planning. We managed to take him out quickly and Elliot was kind enough to attempt to distract the tower guard as to the noise that was made. Araris thought to take no chance and took that guard out as well without a sound.

We proceeded to tower four where Yigorin and the map were being held without further incident. Araris checked the roof for a way in and Elliot did a couple of fly bys to get some recon on the building. He only counted one person in the building, however only one room was lit. Once Araris returned from the roof we discussed a few ideas for ways in and came up with a solid plan.
Elliot flew up and squeezed into a room littered with maps and looked for the map we came for. He brought several back but said that there were more than he could count in there. There was no way to be sure he had the right ones so we had to go in.

Just then a shot rang out…

The shot came from the next tower where the other team was to be placed some time ago. I don’t know that this was part of their plan; however we did not want to detour from our plan with so much at stake.

We made our way in through the roof and through what appeared to be an attic, collecting some disguises and arrows along the way. We then made our way down stairs to the map room. As Wayland and I rounded the corner there was a man standing there with a torch just over the maps he began to speak, saying if we came one step closer he would burn the map. Almost simultaneously I hit him with a gust of wind to extinguish his flame and Weyland all but cut him in two. This made slightly more noise than we anticipated as Araris heard someone stir below us and begin climbing the stairs. He and Weyland gave pursuit so I began collecting maps, logs and parchments with magic markings on them. I also sent Elliot out the window to collect the maps that blew out in the wind.

Then we heard multiple shots assumedly coming from the other group in the other tower.
I proceeded downstairs once I was sure I had collected everything of use to find that the adversary had been subdued. What’s more interesting was the lab that he had apparently been working in. I pocketed some items of use and did a detect magic to see what had value. There was a chest bursting with magical auras so Weyland grabbed it.

Note: Maybe Araris and Weyland are more remarkable than they originally let on. As a trial by fire they did exceedingly well with the obstacles placed in front of us. Maybe their status as members of the COUP warrants reassessment.

We proceeded down to the first floor where we found one Yigorin Slate, he seemed slightly off. When we told him that we were going to break him out he insisted that we find his personal affects and his familiar, which luckily were located in the chest Weyland was carrying. As he was dressing the other group arrived to join us. I do not know why they would meet up with us as this was not part of the plan, and they could have easily drawn others to our location but none seemed to follow.

Yigorin then asked about the map and I showed him all that I had gathered. He then proceeded to begin throwing the maps and parchments around as he looked thought them. I must say that I have not felt a rage like that in quite some time but as he is a man of magic he should have more respect for knowledge! I struck him, I did not feel good about it after but I did. I will have to speak with him now that I have had time to collect my thoughts and apologize for this action as it is unbecoming of a man such as myself.

We then left the building the way that we entered, to find Papa outside collecting scattered maps and parchments. Yigorin looked through these, with more care, and stated that the map was not here. We had to leave as surely guards were on route due to all the gun fire so he cast a silence spell on himself so we would have an easier time sneaking out. Just then Elliot landed on my shoulder and presented me with one last map. I showed it to Yigorin and he indicated it was the one we sought. I thought to tuck it away since we did not know this man, but thought better to have Araris hold onto it as I know him to be one that would not double cross.

As we were leaving we encountered a large number of archers along the river bed. I thought to attempt to distract them with a creature so we could slip by. As I stepped out of the silence to cast the spell Yigorin appeared out of thin air and demanded the map. I told him that I didn’t have it and he grinned and disappeared. I think that I made the correct decision in not handing it over to him.

We managed to take out the archers but it became a loud and messy affair. Surely someone in the area heard the commotion as one of the archers was screaming for someone named “Miol” that is apparently an island defender. Once we took care of the archers we made for the boat as quickly as possible. We made it safe, but how long would we stay that way…


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