The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 6

Shortly after Soari and her crew set sail we encountered yet another ship. This one seemed to be an Aspis Consortium trade vessel with intent on making trade with us. This seemed to be too good of an opportunity for the Hell Knight to pass on as these were his people. Admittedly we did have wares to sell and on the off chance they have someone that is one with the magic it would be a good opportunity for me as well.

They did have some spells for sale but nothing that I had not already mastered. Then they mentioned some Halflings that they owned, one of which had shown some promise as an Adept. This intrigued me because I had long wanted an apprentice and someone to help me with my experiments however I had never seriously considered it as an option due to the amount of time it would take to teach someone all that they would need to know. Now I have an opportunity to combine the two interests in taking on an Adept that could help me in the lab.

As I looked in on the Halflings that they presented I was surprised at how the Hell Knight “examined” them. I understand that a Halflings status in life is one of a servant but that does not make them a ware to be sold as cattle. As a second class citizen myself I understand their torment and moved to purchase the lot of them, hoping to restore their sense of worth, teach them requires life skills and give them the option to leave to stay of their own accord.

The Halfling with Adept potential looked to be broken until I spoke with her about the Arcanamirium, of which she knew nothing, and the potential for me to learn her in the ways of magic. She also made mention of one of the other Halflings being her sister. This cinched it. I told Araris that these three Halflings were now mine and to strike a deal for them, I then walked off the ship with them. I could not see a family split up over coin.

Once I got them to the ship I hid them away in my lab for the first few days to build them back up and ensure that they understood that they were no longer slaves, but would instead play roles on the Ship for this journey after which I would set them free.

Faleth would be my Adept and assist me in the lab while Werra and Kia assist with kitchen duties. I carved out a corner of my lab to allow them a temporary asylum from the rest of the crew while they became orientated to the ship and her crew.

The captain asked me to examine the tokens that the other ship was pressing on us. There are more than just the Feather Tokens I had picked up earlier. They seem perfectly safe however the craftsmanship is exquisite! They are almost flawless which seems odd for something that is destroyed once it is used. Some members of our crew seem skeptical of everything; however this is worth keeping an eye on.

A few days later we arrived at the spire to trade with the elves.

Once we arrived inland there was some confusion over what to do with Teberlith. Some members of the crew insisted that she accompany us at all times and others wanted her shackled on the boat while we made trade. This was illogical as she had done nothing to us and when given the opportunity to run she stayed and aided us. She also has skills that none of our crew possess. I then asked why we didn’t just let her go here if she wanted to stay here and make a new life. The captain then gave her the choice to stay with us as crew or leave, however she must have seen something in his face that told her to go because she left our company.

After we parted ways with Tebrelith we made way to an elven bar to sell our wares. Wayland and I went to the bar as there was no need for the six of us to surround two men while trading. The Captain purchased a round for all of us, he had promised this when we won our first battle. When the elven bartender was serving us I noticed him not making eye contact with me, more so going out of his way to not look at me. I pointed out to him where my eyes were located as I took this as a sign of disrespect and I no not of this man nor have I don’t anything to warrant the disrespect. He then confirmed my suspicions that he was treating me in this manner because I am Undine. I then told him that he was a petty person and he told me to leave his establishment.

After I left the bar I waited outside the establishment and started talking to a guard. Papa quickly met me outside. I guess the Elves racism was not limited to Undine. As I was talking to the guard I noticed him eyeing the bottle of wine that Papa had snuck out. We offered him some and he drank it as if he had an unquenchable thirst. Once he did I began flattering him to gain some insight of our true purpose on this island, the map. He narrowed our search to one of twelve prisons on the spire. In his inebriated state I thought to take advantage of my recent windfall of gold and new found disdain for the elven bartender in a business proposition. Surprisingly he did not accept so I played it off as humor.

When we returned to the ship I went back to my lab and noticed someone had been in there and inscribed the number four on one of my papers. This greatly upset me as no one is allowed in my lab! I questioned the crew and came to the realization that no one present had done it. We talked to the ship and it said that no one had been on the ship but something had been on the ship. Its description sounded like an air elemental but different. I wonder if it was the one who has been rumored to be making all these tokens. During my investigation I noticed that Werra, the newly acquired Halfling, was missing. I asked the others where she was and they did not know. I am sure she will turn up.

Wayland then mentioned that the towers where people are held were numbered one through twelve so maybe our target is being held in tower four. As the area is heavily guarded, and elves seem to have a hatred for non-elves and non-humans, I decided to look for a fowl friend to help with some recon. I found a pelican near shore that seemed to be up to the task. He took off and was back in about an hour with a good description of the layout, well good for a Pelican. He was thanked and fed should we need him again.

The Con arrived at the boat a short time later with a contact she had met stating that he could help us deceive our way into the tower. I do not believe this to be a good idea as Wayland has a proven inability to comprehend situations and meanings behind things. He is in no way a dullard but he seems empty when it comes to emotions which would cost us greatly if he was interrogated or even asked a question once inside the tower. We had discussed sneaking in and an argument ensued. Araris went to look for Teberlith to seek her aid which I found ironic to say the least. However as she has proven to be a master of disguise and deception we could use her on this endeavor. We should not have let her go as she has proven to be an asset, hopefully she will return to our company once again.


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