The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 5

Today started as the prior two had; me in my lab working, the sea calling to me and the crew around me going about their daily business. I went above deck to talk to Captain Boniva about slowing our speed for a while so I could enjoy the sea around us when I noticed something off in the distance. I looked harder and noticed a ship with black sails heading our way. I slowly made my way over to the Captain to let him know what I saw, and to not alarm the crew as I have seen instances when virgin crews over react to situations such as this if they turn out to be nothing.

After watching the ship the captain recognized the symbol of the pirate queen. As we were also on a former Pirate Queen vessel, although altered, and flying black sails I decided to send word to the ship to judge their intent via a Bird Token.

They sent a response in a short time telling us to parlay. After speaking to Wayland, whom has considerable ship knowledge, on the chances of being recognized we decided that a guise would be needed.

While the Captain, Wayland and the Con argued about who should go to parlay I went below deck to speak with Tebrilith. Once I had earned her trust I told her off our situation and discussed solutions to this problem. I also told her that I was sympathetic to her sitation with the Hell Knight and that I would ask him to take it easy on her if she helped us, making her journey more comfortable. She immediately accepted. The Hell Knight was below deck tending to his newest cargo so I will have to talk to him at a later time. She made mention of being able to alter the way the ship looked, however only half the ship could be done in time. She went about disguising the ship while we angled it so only half of it could be seen by the oncoming vessel.

As I was heading above deck Papa again made comment about creating a coven with himself and Grann. I do not fully trust them as I have had little dealings with them to date; he also has the stink of evil on him. I will work with whomever is advantageous, but joining a coven is another matter altogether.

As we approached the Parlay location I noticed the Captain taking the Con with him instead of the Android that he had previously mentioned as going with him. I would not trust her with a matter as important as this but the Captain does as he sees fit. When we stopped to allow the captain and the Con to shove off in the row boat I decided to tail them, unseen, incase aid is needed.

I stayed a safe distance behind to not reveal my position, but close enough to intervene if necessary. The closer we got to the meeting point the more pungent a taste in the water became. Then I recognized it, blood. I went underwater to confirm and of course where there is blood in the water there are sharks. Then I heard a shot ring out.
As I resurfaced I noticed that the Captain was unaware of the threat right below his feet and that he and the Con were pursuing the other boat that had just fired on them. I yelled out to them that there were Sharks in the water and that it wasn’t safe for them. Like most simple minded people they were focused solely on what was in front of them and not the entirety of the situation.

Once I noticed that they were not going to be deferred from their actions I went back underwater to see one of the sharks curiously coming my way. I grabbed his fin and asked him if he wanted to feast and told him I could get him copious amounts of food if he did as I asked.

At this point I noticed that our ship and the enemy ship were on a collision course, with the enemy ship coming about face presumably to send a volley into our ship. I could not let these mouth breathers destroy my lab!! I knew the only way to stop this action was to re-correct the ships course. So I took the shark, got him to speed, enlarged him and, with all his might, rode him straight into the ships rudder. This must have been more than they could handle as the ship veered back into its collision course.

Now for my promise of food… I took the shark deep into the sea and again got him up to speed, straight out of the water and onto their ships deck. He then gorged himself on a pirate as I lay on the ground watching all the other mouth breathers stand in terror as they were left face to face with the seas version of death.

As I lay there I notice Belumbor, the warrior that attacked us early on, cry out “Give me Tebrilith” followed quickly by the Con yelling out “Is that what this is about, take her”. I was glad she stayed below deck or the Con could have put the whole ship at the mercy of the Hell Knight as he was contracted to protect her.

Just then I noticed a women slip overboard on the other side of the ship. Could it be that these are not all mouth breathers as I had previously thought? I rolled overboard to pursue her; however as I approached her she seemed frightened and as if she was trying to get away from combat. She was also noticeably not a combatant as she was a Cleric. I tried to reassure her that I could help her as I noticed a slash behind me and Belumbor bearing down on us. I acted quickly to get away as I have seen his martial prowess. I produced an ink cloud to give cover to our escape and quickly got us back on the ship.

As we were safe I asked her what was going on and why she was fleeing. She then told me that most of the crew were forced into service and did not want to fight. I surveyed the combat in front of me and indeed their hearts were not into it. How could our crew not see this and know they were not a threat?!? There was no need for this blood shed however the COUP was still attacking with their full might.

I called everyone’s attention to the situation and not to the combat that seemed to be blinding them. I called out to everyone pointing out that the true threat was Belumbor and that we should take him out to free them. I then asked the Cleric to channel healing to everyone here as a means to end this fight and pull us all together. She understood and did so, saving countless lives that were sure to be lost if this fight had persisted.

It is amazing how quick the crew is to fight but how hesitant they are to show mercy. This could be a precursor for the rest of our journey should things not go as planned.

After we sorted out the last few supporters of Belumbor the captain had them executed along with Belumbor. After they were killed I tossed them into the sea. There is a certain harmony to seeing the cycle of life completed.

Once I rejoined the group I witnessed the Cleric, Soari, negotiating with the Captain for the ship, some supplies and a chest of gold to head back home and start their lives anew. The chest was meant as an offering to the pirate god however there was a discrepancy over the amount in which it would take to appease a god. Soari wanted a chest full of treasure, a value of around 550g whereas the Captain offered up 10g per person on the ship, a 90g value. The Con offered to give them a chest full of copper, which amounts to defecating in the gods face I am told. Wayland mentioned that he thought the value of a human life was incalculable, yet the Captain put it at 10g. He amuses me so.

I fear for the success of this mission as it seems to be led by a troubling combination of bloodlust and greed. We shall see how we fair once we are tested again. For now, I have my studies to see too.


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