The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 4

Over the last few days while working with Master Toth I noticed a bond between us forming, not one of a physical nature but one of mentorship. I explained to him my goals and how much I admired all that he has accomplished in his career and asked that he grant me guidance since he had already mastered the magics. I also asked him for tips regarding my lab.

I don’t know that he took me seriously at first, but once he noticed the resolve on my face he knew it to be true. Master Toth then shared some tips on magics with me that will help guide me, including showing me how to utilize Animate Object Maintenance which should allow me to do ship upkeep once it is enchanted.

As he was speaking I noticed a twinkle in his eye. I remembered seeing this same glimmer when we greeted him at the docks and were explaining the ship enhancements that we were looking for. It was then that I noticed Master Toth for what he really was. For all his grand worldly accomplishments he seemed to be slowing down and finding considerable joy in these irregularities and teaching me.

I then looked Master Toth in his eye and made him a proposition. I explained to him that Forman Garash was a loyal, trustworthy and capable man by his own words and capable of running the Golem Works in his absence. With that in mind I respectfully extended an opportunity to journey to the Arcanamirium and enjoy a sabbatical of study and teaching others in the way of the magics. I also let him know that I am personally acquainted with Lady Darchana and could ensure his enjoyment of this sabbatical, away from the day to day drudgeries of the Golem Works.

I also flattered him with truth of what would be my intent had I not been charged with this duty, an apprenticeship with him. But my word is my bond and I have sworn completion of this task for Lady Darchana.

I told Master Toth to think about this offer and let me know in the morning as I would contact Lady Darchana of his impending arrival and made arrangements for his transport of my own coin.

While Master Toth seemed intrigued by this opportunity he is a hard man to read…

On another note, it took some time but we finally managed to get all of the principal investors for this journey in one spot at the same time. You wouldn’t think this to be an accomplishment but we have had instances where we are making pivotal decisions with some absent. We took advantage of everyone being here and set off to the Lumber Yard to meet Master Toth to finally get the ship enchanted.

Master Toth asked the COUP and I which elemental we would like bound to the ship. As is their nature the COUP voted against what wisdom would lead one to believe to be the superior option. Instead of the Water Elemental I sought to see bound they instead voted for the unpredictable and often violent Storm Elemental. I should have removed a few of the COUP from the vote to skew it my way, but how was I to know that they would once again prove incompetent on such a simple matter.

Even though Master Toth had learned me in the ways of the animation that was to take place I was not prepared for what was to come. The binding process was a violent one, probably attributed to the choice of a Storm Elemental, as the Elemental took control of the ship.

While this was fascinating it was also chaotic as several of the COUP attempted to sooth the ship. I finally decided to intervene before anyone else went overboard. As the ship and I share a bond to the sea, I used this commonality to slow down its torrent long enough for the Captain to retake control.

Once we had control we made port at the Golem Works to drop off Master Toth. He then informed me that he would take advantage of my offer and take leave on sabbatical to the Arcanamirium. I could not be more elated! I contacted Lady Darchana of his impending arrival and made arrangements for his transport as promised. I know he will enjoy his time there and leave refreshed. I hope the students of the Arcanamirium appreciate his knowledge as much as I have.

I have also extended another courtesy to the Arcanamirium as I now realize my journey is the perfect opportunity to offer an internship and allow another mage to gain knowledge from me as I progress in my craft and my pursuit of knowledge.

The next morning we set off on our adventure. I think I will find myself bound to my lab more and more as the days bare on. The rest of the crew, save my apprentice, is of little interest to me.

Just two days into our journey we were hailed by a ship of the Magnimarian navy. They requested all hands on deck to do a head count. Apparently the Scared ones idea to have all black sails was a foolish one as they are the symbol of the pirate queen, hence our progress being impeded.

A Captain Bardomma took roll to ensure our crew was who they said they were. What should have taken minutes ended up wasting a good portion of the afternoon as some of the crew cannot follow simple orders such as walk to the top of the ship and stand there while someone asks you your name. I am not sure where they found these people but next voyage I am going to insist on an intellect test before ship hands are brought on board.

One such example of the COUP’s incompetence would be the Arrogant Con and his assistant’s inability to both healthy and on deck at the same time. I do not know if they were playing games or just that incompetent nor do I care however this persisted far longer than was acceptable.

Finally I got sick of waiting as the Captain went below deck, and the other crew from the naval ship went back to their ship so I went back to my studies. It was there that the Cleric of Gozreh approached me with some Bird Feather Tokens. He had one that would return word to him and two others that were for sale. I took all three; I will use one to contact him if needed, one to keep the Arcanamirium abreast of my progress and the other for future use or deconstruction.

Tomorrow I shall see if the captain will pause our journey and allow me some relief in the sea for a period of time. It is difficult being so close, yet unable to enjoy all the wonders below your feet.


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