The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 26

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 26

The next morning Weyland was wed to Kaladeth in a short, poorly attended ceremony. In this 20 minute, very practical and emotion lacking ceremony Kaladeth was also atoned.

For people the love to flaunt their wealth and display all that they have you would think that Kedymos would have invited half the island to this ceremony, but that is not how it works here. Even though there were few in attendance there was enough food to feed a small army, many delicacies were spread throughout the feast.

After a few pleasantries were exchanged the affair was over and Kaladeth and Weyland left for the bank. They both signed a contract and were given the dowry of 100,000g in gold. At this point you could tell that the atonement took as she was able to use Secret Chest to carry the money.

As we left the bank we planned how we were going to work the auction. We planned to have all of us go in to bid as a distraction and bid against Ezgar, Ashen, Slate or whomever they sent and have Kaladeth actually be bidding for the elixir since she was only seen by Slate a few times. We would then drop out once the auction reached a small sum, 30,000g, thus making our opposition think that we failed. Now we just needed to find out more specifics about the auction to plan more specifics.

After some thought we were able to figure out that the auction would take place during the Gowl Parade in a few days. Now we just need to find out where and at what time as well as needing to procure tickets.

When we Teleported back to Druma there was a small a mishap, we ended up where we intended but the process was very painful. I spoke with Papa afterwards as he also teleported just before us and he said that he experienced a similar sensation. Maybe all the time in the Mana Wastes had a lasting effect on our abilities. I will have to examine Papa and myself more closely when we return to sea.

That night the Captain ran into a Div, it told him that they were watching us and following us. We will need to be on guard during the auction, as it knew of the auction. By his description the Div sounded like a Doru Div, a messenger/scout type as well as one that can plant suggestions in your mind. We will need to be on our toes if there are more Divs around.

Papa then mentioned that he had Div’s in his head, Lusty Parackas to be precise. From what I know they use lustful dreams to encourage people and can only access when close, meaning they also must be close if they are affecting him. If they had been present he would have been at risk of plague. They are much better at charming and persuading, and can gain information by this means. That means the inn we were staying at is compromised.

Knowing this I then called for a head count to see if anyone else has had dreams similar to Papas, luckily no one had.

Kaladeth was going into town to see if she could find the auction location and time, took Weyland with her. Araris and I debated on gaining the favor of a demon to tell us its location or going into town to speak with shop owners of exotic high priced goods. Oddly enough I was the one in favor of talking to people and he was the one that wanted to summon an a demon to speak with it.

When Papa, Kaladeth and Weyland returned they told us that the auction would be in Zendreck’s Pesh Palace.

Papa also told us the story of what he found out at the Pathfinders Society and what had happened to Iketa. He said that she arrived there once again a bloody mess, missing her skin though this time she was dead. They gave her a resurrection and restoration to get her back on her feet, she then promptly left the place without saying where she was going. Papa went on to say that he volunteered to help Iketa become a better pathfinder when they said that they were on the verge of kicking her out of the organization. He took a copy of their field guide as well as some empty tomes for her to fill with relevant knowledge gained, to be turned in to them even when she didn’t need something. Papa told us that he planned to remind Iketa of what she owed the Pathfinders and encourage her to start living up to her expectations.

We then went to Zendreck’s Pesh Palace to buy admission to the auction, for a hefty sum of 10,000g. When we got there we went to talk to the manager while the Captain and Papa did some Pesh and Papa bought a nice pipe.

This caught Zendreck’s eye as he started talking about good Pesh, expensive and exclusive Pesh. He then sold us a 10,00g vial of magical Pesh. We were not sure what to do with it or what the effects would be. We theorized that it could create a gateway or teleportation to the auction. I was curious so I just did it. Immediately I started having crazy visions, beyond what normal Pesh could do.

I felt physically stronger, yet more susceptible to trickery, I also felt lethargic, fatigued and tiered.

Suddenly I saw Zandrek in front of me, I assume he is simply in my mind, he then greeted me by name. He then told me that the Night Stalls Auction would take place during the Gowl Festival Parade in the central government building right on the parade route during the parade.

This was a bold choice, but one that would unlikely and allow for quick escape if it was needed.

Zendreck went on to say that Pact broker Sayyid will be holding it and other pack masters will be present. He said that I can bring guards and attendants but that Alume golems will be in attendance as well.

I then asked what we could expect to see up for auction and he told me that many novelties will be for auction, as well as the Sunflower Elixir and that “it was of high interest to many people, only truly wealthy can afford it”. He also mentioned that an Alume was being auctioned off as well. He also mentioned that he knows pesh magic, so I asked to learn it and he said later.

That night as I was in my lab working on cracking the secrets of this “Magic Pesh” I heard a commotion above deck and thought nothing of it, then I heard the Captain call out in pain and raced to the top of the ship. As I came above deck I saw a Div attack me and land a blow, this triggered my gown to electrocute it which was more than it could take. As I looked up I saw another, larger Div and that was trying to take cover behind the mast and slept it. I then asked what was going on as I thought the situation was well in hand, I was wrong.

No sooner had the words left my lips than two Female Divs flew by and attacked me with their claws, it hurt. I could feel a disease begin to take hold of me but was able to shake it for the time being.

As I looked back to the ship I saw Weyland take his scythe and put all his might into one swing at the thing I put to sleep, he hit is so hard that it turned it to an ashy dust.

I looked back up and saw Papa grab one of the Divs that struck me so I looked to the other one and told Elliot that we were going to unleash hell on it. Simultaneously he and I sent 3 lightning bolts at the Div that struck me and I vaporized it. This did not make me feel better, but it was a good start. I cannot stand being struck by these vial things.

Papa grabbed the other female Div and brought her back down to the ship, now that I had more time to look at it I could tell that it was a Peracan Div, probably the one that was affecting Papa all this time. We then tied it up and began to talk to it…

She revealed that they wanted to get the Sun Orchid elixir from us, or get us to listen to their offer for it. The Captain asked who they worked for and they said the “Water Lords”. The water lords want the elixir to recover it to return it.

Papa asked what they would give us for it and she replied that she would not assault us again. We had a good chuckle over it and she said that she could see about an offer for us if we let her go. We had another good laugh over this comment.

From what I gathered the Water Lord’s sent them to us to negotiate for the sun orchid elixir and things got out of hand quickly. Captain then thanked her for her time and then promptly shot her, instantly killing her.

The next morning I had Araris look me over to make sure I didn’t have anything from those Peracan Div’s that touched me. He said I was clean but cured me anyway just to be safe. Still unclean…

That afternoon we then went to the Auction to implement our plan. When we actually got in the auction it was filled with well to do rich people, people with more money than common sense. Oh the things I could do with the combined wealth in this room, the achievements and breakthroughs that I could make… Instead it is wasted on trinkets and shows of gluttony…

We looked around for Slate and Ashen and did not see them, perhaps they sent a representative that we did not know. Just then Iketa showed up as the auction was about to start, she also had a magic Pesh vial around her neck. This was clearly not Iketa as she did not have 10,000g to purchase this on her own. Araris then checked her and she glowed evil, this was defiantly not Iketa; I assume it to be Ezgar as he is known to wear another’s skin.

As the auction progressed Araris, the Captain and Ezgar spoke in sharp whispers to each other. I was curious as to what was being said but just out of earshot.

Just then a Pesh lot came up complete with Magic Pesh Spell Book; this was of interest to Papa and I, him for the Pesh and me for the magical spell book that allowed you to make magical pesh. The book was called the Siherafion: Pesh Spell book

The Auction began: 3,000… 4,000… 4,500… 5,000… we went 5,500… the lady in front of us bid to 5,600… Papa turned to her and smiled as he went to 5,700g, there were no more bets.

The next item was the Alume with an opening bid of 5,700g; a wealthy person got the Alume for way too much money. The wasteful nature of the rich is beyond comprehension.

They then announced a 20 Intermission before the last few items.

We went to partake in the refreshments as Ezgar approached and asked what it would take to get us to leave. Araris replied they would neeed to stop the pexthrixial and Ezgar got upset and said that he would let the others know that we are working against them. Ezgar then said that he had Iketa and would kill her if we did not leave, we started making bad skin puns at his expense and told him that we would not leave. He then looked at me and asked if sending her finger would change my mind on staying, I replied no. He then said that he would send a hand, and then another if we did not leave, we said that we would not go.

Ezgar then said that he would just take it from us if we win the auction, so it would be best if we just left and saved our friend.

We made several more skin puns which just infuriate him more.

Ezgar then asked how many body parts he will have to send before we will stop mocking him and threatened to kill her outright.

When then quickly and quietly asked “should we go?” and everyone, save the captain, said no.

No one person is more important than our quest handed down from Atsu himself. There is also a high probability that Ezgar is lying about having Iketa anyway. The price is too high to be bullied or tricked into a poor decision.

The captain then got upset when we told Ezgar that we would bid anyway and left. Ezgar then went out after him and then Ezgar came back in moments later with an eye patch on. We heard no ruckus outside so we assume the Captain is ok.

We continued making bad puns for the remainder of the intermission and infuriating Ezgar even more to take him off of his game. He then said that “Ternakafel will be waiting for us every step of the way”. Weyland asked what would happen if he fails and Ezgar replied that he didn’t matter. I asked what would happen if Ternakafel does not get the elixir and he said that he would have to find other means. I told him that he should begin looking into those means then.

Just the the auction for the Elixir started at 60,000… 61,000g… 62,000g… 63,000g… and then Araris said 100,000g as a hush was let out. Ezgar then said 101,000g and Araris upped it to 105,000g immediately. Ezgar then bid 107,500 and Araris countered with 108,500g. At this point they were the only two left bidding.

Once… twice… and at the last moment Ezgar said 109,000g, Araris immediately said 110,000g.

Once… Twice… and just before three Ezgar looked over and told us that we shouldn’t have fought this, burst his form causing a wave of fear to overtake most of the people in attendance and then grabbed Kaladeth.

As the chaos ensued I kept my eyes on the Elixir.

Weyland tried to trip Ezgar but was unable to do so. Araris threw Scandranin’s token on the ground to make him appear, then used litany of escape to put Kaladeth on Scandranin’s back then knocked Ezgar out of the way and got out of there with her before he knew what was going on.

Ezgar then turned to run and weyland tried to trip him again but failed, as Ezgar got though the doorway he tried to knock the Alume out of the way and managed to push it back a few feet. Just then we could see the Captain standing near Ezgar, he lined up a shot and took it and dropped Ezgar prone. The Alume then took a shot at Ezgar and landed a solid blow.

I then flew up to the auctioneer and said that we fairly won this auction and would like our prize once we take care of this threat, she immediately said no but then looked up at the Pact Master and he noded, she then said that we could talk after we take care of the threat. I thanked her for her time, turned and lit Ezgar up with two lightning bolts.

He looked near death as Papa struck him down with a mighty blow.


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