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Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 23

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 23

The journey to Alkenstar…

After several days of travel though the Mana Wastes we made it to Alkenstar. In those days we encountered bands of mutants, clockwork creations and golems that were long past their primes. We found a few more “Mana Pockets” during this time and again I gathered data on these phenomenon as they were becoming easier to detect. The Arcanamirium will be very happy with these results, so long as I can get them to them.

Anyway, as we approached Alkenstar we could see the cliffs before us, they must have been over a thousand feet up blanketed with smoke from industry. Araris flew up and a giant cannon fired at him, as we looked up a shot rang out near us and a shot hit near the captain’s foot. I sensed 3-4 people around us. Just then a dwarf confronted us and tells Captain to holster his weapon, and asked if we are sick. The Captain threw down his arms so we followed suite. As they approached me they asked for my spell components, I gave it up as everyone else had already forked over their items. They said that we would be taken to a room to answer some questions before we could get our items back.

They asked about our journey through the wastes, we told them about it. Talked a little more and given passage to the city, with our weapons. The Captain asked about shops in town that could help him with his guns and was referred to the Rusty Glove.

We went to Rusty Glove, the owner was apparently a renowned gunsmith called Bruner Derwel. I have no knowledge of this person. He took the Captain aside and they talked for quite a long time and when he came back he had traded one of the weapons he took off the Pale Stranger for lessons in gun use and told us that we would be here for three more days. Bruner asked us to deliver some guns for him that were months over due. We agreed to do it and the next day Papa and I teleported to where the guns were to be delivered and dropped them off. The rich recipient named Kellis was… “grateful” I guess you would call it… and tipped us 1,000g for our trouble, but did so to protect his name rather than having Bruner pay for the delivery. While in town I sent the Arcanamirium, specifically Lady Darchana, a copy of my reseach on the Mana Wastes and the “Mana Pockets” both normal and heightened. I hope that the scholars there find the information as interesting and useful as I do. Perhaps in time we can find a way to fix this phenomenon.

When we returned to Alkenstar we still had another day to sit in magic purgatory. Bruner also asked to take care of a monster in the area, near Arcanis. We said that we would look into it, but when we asked about compensation he noted that it should come from the Arcanis themselves. He also indicated that the attacks in that area have increased lately.

Since we had another day I went back to check on the crew, they were all there. I brought them food, water, and some more supplies and then went to check on the ship and to my surprise it was gone. In its place was a deep gash in the bottom of the sea. I spoke to a fish and he was of little help, he told me that 2-7 days ago it moved away and crushed his coral home, fish are not the best for detailed data like what I needed. I then set out to speak with a more intelligent animal and found a Dolphin, he indicated that the Maelstrom left without anyone onboard and it left with a big storm. I went back to look for any reminisce of the ship in the crushed coral so that we could Scrye on the ship and was lucky enough to find a sliver that looked to be from the ship.

I brought it back to the crew and asked Atts to Scrye on the ship. He said that it was located about 10 miles away from where it was sunk in a cove. We will have to investigate this more once we have finished with our business in the Wastes. Did the Maelstrom power back up in a period of heightened magic and leave on its own since no one was aboard to control it or did the Thunderstorm return to take it, or is it something far worse…

The next morning we began heading to Arcanis and to the Flesh Forges so Papa could get his arm fixed. As we journeyed up the river we found dead body with a faint odd magic aura, he was chartreus in colored and looked to have his life drained out of him. We studied him and could not figure out what happened to him so we moved on. In examining him we made sure not to touch him given some of the mutations we had already seen and after seeing Iketa begin to turn.

We came to a port near the Flesh Forges and talked to a Captain Tsadok who was flanked by two battle mages. It is nice to finally see a place where magic is appreciated.

As we spoke a commotion arose a few blocks away and they asked us to stay back for our safety, but we said we wanted to help. Captain Tsadok said we could help but that we had to stay out of the way of his warriors. We agreed and began approaching the area where the commotion was heard.

As we awaited the source of the commotion Arrarais and I took to the roofs to get a better view and a more desirable location for conflict. Just then we noticed a Giant Red Ooze coming down the street, enveloping everyone that it passed. We quickly engaged it to try and stop it from killing anymore people. We quickly realized that it was resistant to most spells I could not cast to do a normal amount of damage, regardless of its element. The battle raged on and the Ooze split into two making it hit twice as often and just as hard. Just then I noticed Papa fall to the ground motionless. I knew he only had seconds before he expired and I went in, knowing I would take a potentially devastating hit, to save him. As I approached I threw a fireball at the two blobs and destroyed one of them, it was also enough of a distraction to get a heal on Papa, saving his life but I took a huge hit in the process. I can honestly say that I have never been hit that hard in my life.

It was a tough, hard fought battle with Weyland, Papa and I all almost dying but we were successful in subduing the Ooze. Araris mounted up and flew to other locations and helped them deal with the other two Oozes in the city.

After the battle Papa and a battle mage called Rudhale took off their shirts and started touching each other, and looking at each other’s tattoos. It was… not right… Papa set up a meeting for the next night at 2:00am to fix his arm and asked that weyland, Araris and I come with him… just in case. We all agreed to go to both aid and witness this event.

We spent the next day taking in the sites of this small town, shopping and preparing for the night ahead. We did not know what to expect as Papa was vague, but we know it would be intense and probably disgusting.

At 2:00am we went to the Chain’s Flesh Forge with Papa and Rudhale where we met with a few other mages. Once everyone was in place one of the mages summoned a Kyton. The Kyton and the Papa started feeling each other up, which was beyond awkward…

I noticed that Rudhale had an amulet around his neck that had a strange yellowish color too it. The color seemed to be similar to the color of the skin of the person in the water. This is worth investigating later.

As Papa and the Kyton talked Papa admitted to being damned to hell and said he “wanted what she had” He then started talking about his Ryder. This was interesting because he did not mention his Ryder to us until he had to in Voshgurvaghol and asked that we not mention it again, yet he is freely telling her of his rider. The Kyton then began talking him into replacing his rider with her. He agreed to it and instantly fell to the ground as an intellect devourer appeared and attacked him. Araris and I fended it off but Papa was injured before we could act.

Just then the Kyton ripped Papa’s beard ripped off and put chains put in its place. She then told Papa to place his crippled arm in a vat of mutagen, he did and it ate his arm all the way to the socket. After which she summoned another creature, sat him down and began slowly cutting off his arm… she then attached it to Papa’s arm socket… I threw up, and continued to do so until the ground was a greyish color.

The Kyton then offered to trap its soul in one of the soul gems we had and haunt Papa’s mind. As part of the ritual Papa was to be beaten within an inch of his life, Weyland offered to help. I don’t think that was way Papa wanted him there… well actually with Papa I guess you never know.

When we tried to lend him aid for his wounds we were told that he would have to make it on his own and bear these scars. This was all part of a very sick, yet very interesting ritual. I was wary of attending something so dark but the knowledge gained will serve for some interesting studies at the Arcanamarium.

After this ritual was complete we went back to town.

When we returned I asked Rudhale about his amulet and what they were made of. He explained that they were meteorites that were found in the hills. I check his amulet and it gave off the same aura as the guy we had found in the river. I asked him how his health was doing, and if he had been feeling run down lately and he said he had been. I then told him to take it off as it was giving off the same Aura as the guy in the river and causing him to become ill, my theory is that these meteorites were causing people to turn into these yellow mutants we saw. He took it off and Papa cast visions on it. Papa had an indescribable experience, from his accounts it seemed as if he was flying through space and landing to earth.

Based on this information we decided to stay another day to use their telescope to look at space and see if we could gather any more information.

When I used their telescope, I could see a planetoid in the distance. It seemed to have a skull on it, however this could be because they told me that it had one on it, putting the idea in my mind to find it. Like a hidden meaning in a painting. Regardless this was very interesting to me, I had not seen this planetoid before.

The scholars here mentioned that they had thousands of years of records of the skies here, oh what I would give to have the luxury of time needed to go thought these records. People that document rocks falling from the sky and then pursuing them must have a wealth of knowledge to be explored.

I then noticed that most of the others in the room had the yellow rocks around their necks. I told them to take them off for the reasons mentioned before and some did some didn’t. I told the ones that did to keep their eyes on the ones that didn’t because they will soon begin to deteriorate in health and turn into mutants like the ones we saw in the river.

We were warned of a Chartreuse being that has been menacing the area that was rumored to come from the stars. In the morning we will again set sail and with luck will encounter this being. I can’t wait to ask him about his travels and where he comes from… if he is civilized that is.


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