The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 24

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 24

The next morning we left town for Quantium, from there we would find a way to raise our boat and then head to Katapesh.

As we traveled the river we noticed several chartreuse corpses including some animals. As we rounded the bend we saw a huge chartreuse monstrous mutant on the shore line. For science Papa and I decided that we should investigate it as it seemed to still be breathing, however very faintly. When we made our intent known Weyland and Araris decided to come with us while Iketa and the Captain waited in the boat.

As we got closer we could see that his breathing was very laborious and it did not seem to notice us even though it appeared to be looking in our direction. From this distance it looks like this creature may have been a pachyderm at one time, before the mutation took over. From a cautious distance we made some noise to alert it to our presence to get its attention and gage it as a threat. When we did that the beast reared up and began to charge to attack us.

As soon as it started its charge Weyland sprinted up to it and in one movement cut the beast in half. It immediately burst into a fine chartreuse dust. When I saw this happen my first instinct was to get it off of him as quickly as possible as this chartreuse material had proven to be hazardous to others. I quickly hit him with a sharp gust of wind to blow all of the dust off of him before he could breathe any of it in.

Papa and I then examined the dust, along with the information that we had gathered from the prior corpses that littered the river we came to the conclusion that it had to be a Colour out of Space that was causing these problems. This Ooze gained strength as it fed off of your fear and emotions and this region has seemingly been its feeding ground.

From what we have seen if a creature is chartreuse it has been color blighted. If the creature is still alive it is very aggressive and yet lethargic.

I then took a look at myself and noted that a feeling of listlessness took over as we approached the shoreline, I had originally thought that this was caused by the mutant but it remains after it was destroyed. It was then that I realized that it was not caused by the creature we just killed and must be an effect from something else in the area. I then turned around to see the Captain chartreuse and slumping in the boat.

Iketa called out to him but the captain got upset and drew his fire arm. Papa approached him and tried to use Dominate Person but failed. I then put him to sleep but he got a shot off before he fell that struck Papa.

Out of the corner of my eyes saw a bright light sink into the ground. As I turned it was gone. Something odd was happening so I started looking again at the situation and noticed that despite what the situation and mystery before me, I was still feeling listless and not wanting to leave this area, however not because of the mystery. Odd…

Just then a chartreuse ooze emerged and Papa stepped up to engage it with parley before it got close to the group. The Ooze spoke to him in Aklo as they spoke on why it was here. The ooze slowly approached as they spoke and Papa stood his ground. The Ooze said that it was here to gain strength as we suspected and was near his departure. It also said that it had tagged the Captain as his next victim, which should be almost enough to allow him to leave this place and return to its home world.

Papa then offered up and alternative and as he did the Ooze tried to touch him. Papa floated back a few feet to avoid the lackadaisical attempt to touch him as contact with his skin could be hazardous. Papa offered for us to feed him emotions until he was full rather than him taking the Captain’s life. He agreed to try it and Papa began casting Papa Shared Memories, specifically of what he did with Weyland on their night of debauchery, after that he shared what he did the other night to regrow his arm.

After those memories it grew and said it was going back to the Diaspora. It then said that it wanted to see Papa and Weyland again, by name. In traditional Papa fashion he ignored this creepy advance and instead asked if he had seen any treasure left over from any of the lives he had taken. The Ooze then told us where there was treasure.

I then asked him to fix the Captain and he enveloped the boat and sucked the chartreuse color back in. The captain was still listless but alive and with better coloration.

The Captain’s will still seemed low and there is no way to tell what will happen with him,

The Ooze then told us that myself, the Captain and Papa cannot be affected by another alien ooze since he had affected us already. The Ooze then left by floating up into the sky until it was out of sight.

We then continued down river, looting unmanned ships along the way, presumably victims of the Ooze. As we journeyed the Captain spoke in Aklo and acted odd the majority of the trip. This was odd as the Captain did not know Aklo before this encounter. Maybe there will be some benefit from this encounter for him after all. I still plan to keep a watchful eye on the situation until he is back to his normal self.

The next morning we entered Quantium and as we neared the docks encountered the Quantium Golem. Araris flew ahead and spoke with it and it went back to a docile state. Once we made port we discussed what needed to be done. This was the first major town we had been in with magical capabilities in quite some time. We decided that Araris would take the Captain to Church of Abadar to get healed and Papa, Weyland and I would go to collect the reward for taking care of the “River Monster”.

As we walked to the city officials office it was apparent that the city pretty much destroys the water inland. They seem to dump magic and arcane run off into the water and I am told they have used this water to attack ships. This atrocity to nature shall not go unnoticed! I shall spend some time while we are here to see if I can help take care of this situation.

When we got to the city officials office to collect our reward, we spoke with someone who pointed us to the right line to claim the reward. It took over an hour in line but we were granted access to a city official who questioned the validity of our claim. Papa cast Shared Memories and showed him the memory of the Ooze leaving and returning to space. This was enough proof for the official and he offered us a reward. I recalled that more was offered and questioned him on it, he said “you can’t blame a guy for trying” and gave us the rest of the reward.

We then told him of our situation with our ship and he gave us the name of an inn near the docks to start our search for help raising the ship. He also said that the city will cover living expenses while we are here as a token of appreciation. He then asked that we stick around town until he verified that the menace had been taken care of and I told we would let him know when we left I also gave him our names as we were about to leave. He then asked where our ship was lost and told us the Miasmire is not a place you want a sunken boat, there is very nasty water there.

As with this city the water was polluted, possibly from this city. This is something else to look into.

After we left there I went to the Arcanamirium to send a ship to pick up the crew. Also sent a message to Lady Darchana on my findings in the Mana wastes and on the chartreuse creature.

I then teleported with Papa and Weyland to let the crew know that the boat is coming in two days and brought them some more supplies. While we were there I asked about the Sunken Galleys and they told us that they saw the Galleys go south to north on the infernal line. From this I realized that the sunken galleys might be in Quantium now based on when they saw the ship and could still be there or in the area. I thanked the crew for their information and for remaining strong and cohesive during these trying times. I will have to talk to Araris about rewarding the crew once we get our ship back.

We brought Ats back with us to help us track the ship and met the others at the moderately priced inn. Ats told us Ship was in a new position in the Meazmire. I theorized that the Personification of Fury may still be inhabiting the ship, but more information is needed.

Iketa then told us that that Azgar had been there wearing her skin and posing as her at the Pathfinder Society Lodge. I am not sure why he would do that as the Pathfinder Society accepts anyone and Iketa is not a person one could make look bad by impersonating.

Went then to the docks to look for the Sunken Galleys and saw a familiar ship with yellow sails. It was the slavers that we had encountered before we made port in Sedeq. We approached Captain Toefall and startled him. He said that he was following us and he was surprised we didn’t notice… It was apparent that he was following the ship and not us through the Mana Wastes. He told us he found our ship and it was unmanned, he thought we were all dead and jumped at the opportunity. Then the ship began attacking, firing at their ship, and then transforming into a giant squid and chasing them with storms and high winds. This lends credence to my theory that it was still possessed by the Fury.

Captain Toefall wouldn’t tell us why he was following us or who he was carrying on board, I tried to coerce him by asking him if he ever wondered what it was like to be a turtle. He said that he had heard of what I did in Sedeq and did not want the same done to him. I told him it was simple, tell the truth or be a turtle. He then tried to leave so I slept him and his crew came down from the ship to help him. The Navigator approached me and tried to charm me but I resisted. I explained to him that what I was asking was simple and did not need to lead to violence. He then told me the name of their passenger was Fortisku, the Bounty hunter from the Harbor Master in Sedeq. I am not sure why he was following us but inevitably we will run into him eventually and find out.

The next day I got set out for the City Offices before the sun was up and logged an official protest on the way that they treat their water. I then asked for a grant for the Arcanamirium from the city for funds to research and implement a device to combine Absorb Toxicity and a Chalice of Poison Weeping into a pump filter item to pump the cities water though to clean it. By my calculations this should work and be fairly inexpensive, plus it can give some students some hands on experience with monitoring and maintaining the unique item once its created. If this works for the city I will ask for a follow up grant to be used to craft a similar item for the Meazmire.

When I returned back to the Inn Araris confirmed that the Personification of Fury had in fact claimed and possessed our ship. He also said that it would trade an undisclosed favor for the Sultan or Air for the ship if we want. This seemed like the only real option to get the ship back. Apparently the ship could also shape change into sea life now, this was of great interest to me and would be exciting to examine. It said that it will safe guard most of the crew if we came back to talk about this proposal more, with the exception being Iketa.

We went out later that day to meet the Maelstrom/Personification of Fury. We were invited onboard and talked to the Fury about the fight with the pirates. He seemed to enjoy telling stories so I asked it about other things he knew more about than I. While it was speaking I noticed that the water around the ship is clean, yet the water further out is still polluted. Interesting…

While the rest of the team were debating the proposed deal I decided to ask about the use of one of its aspects for the cleaning mechanism I was designing. It said no, but did mention that my design would work. Validation!!

It then offered Iketa a gift for her favor, she said maybe and he released the river boat, struck it with lightning and afterwards it glowed magic. He seemed to put the Maelstrom’s essence in the smaller boat and made it bigger, almost a regular ships size and the ship is now very fast.

We finally struck a deal with the Personification of Fury to get the ship back, it would be allowed to leave an aspect inside to monitor us and we would take on its favor to the Sultan of Air. The Maelstrom is now the smaller boat and the larger boat is now known as the Fury.

When we returned to Quantium I had word waiting for me at the Inn that I got the grant for the water purification system. This should help increase the notoriety of the Arcanamarium in these parts while helping the environment here, a true win win.

In the morning we set out for Katapesh and made it there without incident. The crew was happy to be back aboard our ship, back in their normal cabins and although the ship now smelt from being underwater for so long, it was good to be back aboard.

Now that we are in Katapesh all we need to sell some items, find the auction for the sun orchid and stop the sale to the Dragons and defeat them.

When we made port we found the sunken galleys, and noticed that they were no longer sunken. They must have cleaned all those cursed coins for the auction.

Once we were settled Kaladeth, Weyland and Araris set out to find the auction and to get Kaladeth atoned. She mentioned that she needed her carriage cleaned so she could fit the part of a priestess so Papa and I washed it; Iketa took a nap.

Kaladeth told us that she could get some investors to help us outbid the dragons for the flower but she needs atonement to do this. I then volunteered to take Kaladeth to Druma

Expenses Log
Cost Days Total
Inn 25 SP 5 125 SP
Laundry, magic 2 GP 2 4 GP
Bath 18 CP 3 54 CP
Soap 1 CP 1 1 CP
Meals 45 SP 15 675 SP
Tea 20 CP 10 200 CP
Milk 25 CP 5 125 CP
Wine 10 SP 5 50 SP

12 GP Total
53 SP
80 CP


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