The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 22

We gathered on the beach. In silence we looked at one another wondering what to do next. We could see both sunken galleys in the distance, but not the maelstrom that now lay at the bottom of the sea. As we stood perplexed we noticed a form fly from the ship and landing near us, it was Slate. Slate began to tell us that “he doesn’t like the Ezgar and that he is his father’s minion. He also told us that he will purse us if we do not march into the Mana Wastes”.

The Ezgar wants us to head into the Mana Wastes, if we don’t go he will pursue us after what he did to Iketa we have seemingly little choice in this matter.

I asked Slate where he was heading next and he told us that he was heading North; he also mentioned that the Ezgar is interested in this spot and has sunk many ships here. Oddly enough Slate was more useful with the information that he provided this time, maybe he feels guilt over not aiding us on the ship. He told us that the “Infernal Line will be next, that Ashen and the Ezgar are heading to Gebb to purge the ghosts from the coins so they can use them in Katapesh to make a grand purchse for father.” Slate also revealed to me that he will not undermined his father’s plan; as this is all his father’s plan. (His father, Ashens Grandfather). It looks like until we get our strength back and a solid plan for the Ezgar we will need to watch out for his and Ashen’s ships once we escape the Mana Wastes.

As we made camp the first night Weyalnd woke me to show me some lights he noticed in the distance that were “Dancing and giggling”, they were Will o wisps and were accompanied by a witch fire. Weyland asked for me to parley with them, we woke Captain and we all went to investigate. The Wisps led us to some wreckage that was near the witch fire. In the wreckage we found a wig, an iron gauntlet and a part to a gun. Just then we heard some yipping in the distance and ran back, from the noises we assume that they were Gnolls.

We met up with Araris at camp and decided to go out to meet them before they got to camp, when they rounded the bend we could tell that they were mutated. There was also a Giant mutant Gnoll with a ships cannon for an arm. I loosed a fireball as soon as I saw them and must have hurt them badly as they returned some fire at me. One volley of bullets was enough to have me behind a rock taking a more strategic approach. I need to work on me defensive abilities, this was a real eye opener. The fight drew on and on due to the magic damper of the Mana Wastes. We managed to beat them but took a beating ourselves in the process. Papa, Iketa, and a stranger appeared via dimension door right in front of the Gnolls and aided in the combat. During the battle the giant Gnoll hit Papa in the arm with his cannon and Papa’s arm was shattered internally, well beyond the abilities of our healing. Iketa was covered in vile from one of the Gnolls and seemed to be succumbing to a mutation until Araris cured him.

After the conflict we returned to camp and found that the Fighter Collective was able to keep everyone clam and safe while we dealt with the Gnolls.

Just then someone noticed a Gunslinger silhouette in the distance. Araris flew ahead to meet him. The gunslinger could smell the dragon power inside of him. Araris said his name was Theodric, which we recalled was a name from the Obelisk, one of Absue’s chosen. He also noted that he was marooned there by Ezgar as well. Theodric asked to meet in the west in Palaver in 3 days.

We deduced that the 3 names from the obelisk are the Witch Fire, this Gunslinger and a grave knight based on the items found in the shipwreck and after speaking with Theodric.

I am about sick of these Mana Wastes, A place where magic fluctuates is positively idiotic. I am going to start documenting and tracking these “Mana Pockets” so we can move towards and into those pockets in the future on this journey as well as have some good data to send back to the Arcanamirium. This information will make good travel information for anyone else heading to this part of the world. No Magic… it is a sickening thought.

We journeyed 3 days to Palaber to meet the gunslinger and the others. We did manage to find a “Mana Pocket” on one of the days. This allowed us to resupply with created water as well as me using a few call animal’s to get us some fresh meat. I documented the length, and strength of the pocket. This one seemed to have increased properties, something I could get used to. We paused long enough to get our supplies up and get the data that I needed to look for more of these in the future. I hope the Arcanamirum can appreciate both the danger and time involved in gathering this data. Now I will just have to find a means of getting this information back to them when able. A bird token would be of no use at here so I will have to wait for another opportunity to send the information.

Anyway in Palaber we went into a building and met with the Pale Stranger (Gunslinger) and two others, a witch fire and a grave knight (we were right).

They told us that they had similar experiences to us. They were told to begin our search in Absolam. They said that the Lawful dragons will be taken through the infernal line, chaos were on the dreadline. They confirmed that the Ezgar is a necromancer and that Tranakafel is the oldest dragon around. Their next lead was to search Katapesch to see what the gold was for. The witch fire thinks he is looking for a Sun Orchid, in the interest of extending his life and clinging to life by any means.

We must make it to this wealthy auction in Katapesch for this Orchid to catch up with Ashen, Slate and the Ezgar and stop this sale.

The Pale Stranger offered to give us the power that Absue gave his trio, but said that we would have to prove ourselves by beating them in combat and that they would pick the terrain for the encounter. I asked if we would wait for a “Mana Pocket” and he replied that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

We waited for a “Mana Pocket” and the second it hit the Pale Stranger drew and began fire. He struck the captain from an impossible distance. Iketa charged to the bottom of the cliff our opponents were on. Araris grabbed Weland and took flight as did the Grave Knight. I went invisible and began my approach of the Pale Stranger.

Araris took out the Grave Knights mount which sent him plummeting to the earth and Araris peppered him with arrows.

I sent a fire ball at the group on the ground to take out the creatures that the Witch Fire had summoned and give Iketa some space and continued closing in on the Pale Stranger.

The Witch Fire mercilessly attacked Iketa as he was both singled out and an easy target. Iketa fell to the ground motionless. Araris dropped Weyland at the top of the cliff, near the Pale Stranger and went for Iketa. Papa swooped in and healed Iketa as did Araris to keep him alive.

Just then I was in range for a polymorph spell and used it to turn the Pale Stranger into a Pale Turtle. I then flew in and grabbed the turtle and Weyland, and dimension doored us in front of the Grave Knight where I dropped Weyland to engage him as I enjoyed the show.

Papa killed the Witch Fire, reducing her to dust and continued giving aid to Iketa, as did Araris.

Weyland struck the Grave Knight several times until he yielded. Once the fight was over I gave him the turtle and dispelled the polymorph turning him back into his proper form.

They asked if we had any questions, asked if he enjoyed being a turtle and got shot in the foot in return. I asked what would happen for them next, they told us that there will be nothing holding them here if we take on their mission. They gave us a route to get back out to sea.

They laid down and turned into dead, almost rubble. We took their power and recovered some items to help us on their quest.

Now to bandage my foot, and follow their directions to the next location on our quest and getting closer to solving this mystery.


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