The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 21

That night we returned to the Harbor Master’s manor Araris and I began to barter for shipping records with no luck, he was only interested in selling us more slaves or working out a deal where we buy a slave and get access to the records.

The next morning Araris came with me to the Bank of Abadar. I went to get location of Auditor, and to get the debt records for an Iketa Krane. We were informed that we would need to go to Absolom to find debt records at the church there. This was not much of an inconvienince as we were planning to travel thought there when we head to Chillax for Araris’s test later in the day.

We gathered at the ship and Weyland made mention of having some personal matters to attend to in Absolm so we took him with us on our Teleportation Vacation. First we dropped Weyland in Absolm and told him we would meet him here in several hours, then proceeded to Chillax for Araris’s test.

The Hell Knight capital looks like something out of a demons wet dream. It is as if they went out of their way to add demonic décor. Anyway Araris’s father and some Hell Knight nobles were on hand for his test. I checked out the barrier that was to keep the evil they were going to unleash inside and it was an impressive magical barrier. Araris then took his place in the arena to being the test against a Fallen One.

When the devil appeared you could tell that it knew why it had been brought here. It acted with precision and guerrilla tactics, trying to hide and strike from a distance while sending in his underlings to keep Araris busy. Araris make quick work of these devils and quickly took them down, shortly followed by the Fallen One. I defeating this devil he passed the test, then a contract devil appeared and Araris was told that this was the next part of the test. The Contract Devil wanted to make a deal for Araris’s soul in exchange for wishes, some back an forth as well as lots of contract reading pursued and by the end he had talked the devil into taking someone else’s soul in exchange for improving his bow.

Araris and his father exchanged some pleasentries in private; while they talked Papa and I talked with the Hell Night caster. Papa asked if he could drink her blood and she asked the same of him. Who are these people?!

We then we set off for Absolm again to go to the bank and meet up with Weyland. Once at the main bank of Abadar in Absolm we found out that Iketa owes10,000g plus incalculable more from her home land. The church was buying up this debt to consolidate it and then to go after Iketa. I asked where the Auditor was and the banker said he wasn’t sure. We were able to get documentation on that amount that is confirmed to be owed, the 10,000g. The banker said he would have us followed as this was a lead to Iketa. I told him that we understood, but did not confirm that we know this person or not and then asked for a minute alone to discuss this information. He agreed and gave us privacy. Araris wanted us to teleport away, I pointed out that this course of action would make us look like we were in league with Iketa as well as give him confirmation that we know where she is. Instead we thanked him for his time and this information and left thought the front door.

That night we bargained for a slave of Araris’s choosing and also secured permission to check the shipping records on Iketa and the auditor. We found one from Iketa’s father and someone else that someone (probably the Auditor via vision) took a copy off. The message said that it was safe for her to come home now indicating that she is not new to getting herself, and potentially others, into trouble.

When we returned to the ship Papa told Iketa what he found from his and our research and I told Iketa to get in fox form from now on since the bank may now know of her location and she declined. This was my last attempt to help this women help herself; anything that comes next is on her. It is foolish to remain in denial when we all know the truth.

Shortly thereafter we left to follow the dread line and seek out Ashen.

A few hours after we set out we encountered the Storm Fury that Iketa had insulted in the great fall costing us many lives. It was demanded an apology and for her to beg for forgiveness. In traditional fashion she half apologized and would not beg. I think the gravity of the situation is often lost on her.

The Fury then took over the ship and began increasing our speed. We went faster and faster until it finally deployed the side sails and we took flight. I made my way over to the Perl of Power in anticipation of needing to use it for a crash landing. As we started our decent I went to activate the Perl and the ship fought me off and threw me away from it. We were about to crash against the waves and lose most of the life on the ship. Iketa then feigned “begging’ the Fury for mercy and it transformed the ship into ta sperm whale and saved he ship from destruction. It was too close for comfort but typical of my adventuring with this crew.

I think that it is about time we renegotiate my contract with them.

We caught up to Ashen’s Ship a few hours later. Araris and I flew over to her ship and spoke with her. She invited us to follow her to the meeting location, but could not slow down to wait for our ship as she did not have time.

Hours later we ran into 2 ships that were meeting, from the distance we could tell that Slate and the scary guy from the other sunken galley were aboard. As we approached the crew wanted to fight and I asked that they keep the peace as these three were all formidable adversaries. They agreed to hold for the time being.

As we brought our ship even with theirs I went to great Slate, saw the Acortch and was immediatly feared below decks. From there I could see Slate and that he was showing off his new form proudly to the others. The Acortch told them only family can leave this place and when Iketa heard that she charged the Acortch. Iketa managed to swing at him once before he filleted her and removed her skin. He was standing over her exposed body holding her skin in his hand above her as if it were common place.

The team jumped into the fight as we realized that we were outside of the Mana Wastes and magic didn’t work here. This was a lost fight before it started but we fought on. We did manage to talk Ashen and Slate into staying on the sidelines rather than participate which was critical as their participation against us would have spelt doom for the entire crew.

Iketa managed to slip away from the Acortch but not before it hit her midair, knocking her prone. Araris swooped in on Scandragon and grabbed her and brought her back over to our ship when he dropped her in a bloody heap.

Araris found some success against the Acortch with his arrows and judgments and I was able to get a few spells to go off that seemed to hurt it. We faught for a few minutes before a ghost dragon flew from the Acortch’s ship and went inside of our ship. The screams that ensued were blood curdling.

Papa went below decks to check on the crew and I got off another lightning bolt before also going below decks to check on Falath and Tokka. The Captain called for an evacuation and the crew happily obliged. The ghost dragon seemed to be sinking our ship but not attacking anyone below decks.

Papa went back above deck to grab who he could and get out of here. He used a teleport to get Iketa back to the Pathfinder Society in Sedeq to try to save her, I fear her last breath was taken quite a while ago.

I got Falath and Tokka out of the ship and gathered what I could take with me as we evacuated the vessel. We went deep into the sea and watched as our ship sank into the depths. We stayed hidden for a while before venturing on to rejoin any survivors.

Things are always bleakest before the dawn, and this certainly looks very bleak.


I lOVE reading these things!

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