The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 20

That night we went to Harbor Masters home for dinner. It was not an affair suited to my tastes and the culture here is revolting. To think that it is ok to own someone because you perceive them to be lessor than you is nauseating.

After dinner we were presented slaves of opposite sex, but same race behind us. The audacity of this man to make such a bold gesture! I was set to by mine but could not think clearly enough to negotiate, my only thoughts were ending this man’s miserable life and making the world a better place in the process. I let Araris negotiate for me as it is his specialty and he managed to roll her cost in with some other business he was conducting with him.

The Harbor Master offered us a room for the night and other luxuries but I could not stand to give him the pleasure. I learned the former slaves name was Namawyn, a beautiful creature wrongfully imprisoned as someone’s property. She was now free, but I felt the need to get her away from this place to aid in her reorientation to her freedom.

I took Namawyn back to the ship to show her the dragon turtle. Now that thoughts have come to rest I notice that I have not named my dragon turtle… I shall call him Tokka. Namawyn was impressed by Tokka and seemed friendly towards him. I then told her of the choice I needed her to make. I gave her the option of traveling with me and helping take care of Tokka or going to an Undine City to stay with some friendly people that would help her get back on her feet. I did not accept her initial answers of “Whatever you command master” and insisted she tell me what she wished for more. She elected to go live among the Undine in my village and I was happy to grant her request.

The next morning Papa, Araris, Namawyn and I set out to teleport back to Magnamar so we could conduct some business. We decided to meet the next morning at the Order of the Nail and I bid Papa and Araris good day as Namawyn and I set out to swim to my home land.

When we arrived at my home all was as I left it, my mother must still be stopping over to clean periodically. I then went to my parents’ home to bring them up to speed on what I have been doing, introduce them to Namawyn and see if they would be willing to aid in her rehabilitation.

When I walked in with a female Undine my parents jumped to the logical conclusion that I had found someone to settle down with. It broke their hearts when I explained to them that it was not the case. While my true reason for bringing her here was noble, it was not what they had been wishing for when I returned.

I explained to them that Namawyn had been made a slave in Sedeq and I could not sit by while someone held an Undine as their property. I introduced Namawyn to them and told her of their backgrounds and of the high regard they were held in the community.

We devised a plan to help her get reoriented to her freedom while trying to help her save face in the community. We would tell people that she was an intern of mine come to stay with them to aid in the writing of a book on my life. Since most of the Undine in my community rarely leave, unless it is to trade, my exploits are a thing of legend to them so this should provide an adequate cover for her. I know that my parents can give her the love, attention and freedom it will take to give Namawyn her will back. It is more a matter of time at this point.

That night we sat down to a home cooked meal and I told them all a few stories from my travels, some of the less outlandish ones. I don’t need them fearing for my safety while I am gone. That night I slept in my own bed, this was a treasure to be sure. My quarters on the ship are nice, but nothing beats the bed you are used too.

That morning I said my goodbyes, something that has become far too common recently. I bid Namawyn good luck and told her I would be back to check on her progress. I don’t think she understands the grandness of that gift I have given her, but that is to be expected after all that she went though.

As I left I slipped some gold in my mother’s pocket. They would never accept such a thing but I have far more than I need and they are doing a total stranger a huge favor. Sometimes good deeds should be rewarded.

When I returned to Magnimar I went to the Arcanamirium and investigated the names “The Auditor” and “Iketa Crane”. I found out that “The Auditor” showed up at the Arcanamiruim 70 years ago to audit their accounts. The name “The Auditor” might just be a role that someone fills. I found nothing more on these names meaning that they do not have ties to the magical community, or at least not the organized communities.

We left Magnimar a short while later to return to Sedeq. On the way we stopped in Chiliax and decided to spend some time there. Both Araris and I had business to attend to but poor Papa seemed board by this journey. Then he rather bluntly announced that he was going to go off and get high. So much potential wasted in his debauchery.

I proceeded to the Arcanamirium to meet with the Arch Dean Lady Darchana, report in on all that I have encountered and get some insight into what is going on. To my surprise Master Toth was still at the school. He was very excited to see me and thanked me for this opportunity. He said he was enjoying teaching here and getting away from the day to day affairs of the Golem Works.

Master Toth then asked about the Maelstrom and I told him of its current state as well as the enhancements that Vila Sol had given the ship. He was very interested in these new improvements. I asked him if he could come with us back to the ship to aid in its repair but alas he had a class to teach later in the afternoon and there was no way we could get him back here in time. I would never expect him to leave the teachings of young minds to aid me in repairing a ship, such selfishness is left for the less learned minds.

After Master Toth and I exchanged a few more pleasantries he took leave and I was left alone with Lady Darchana. She has been a trusted acquaintance for many years and someone I knew I could confide in and ask advice of. She asked how my studies have been going and how Falath’s education was progressing. I told her that we had both learned far more than we set out to learn. I then told her all that we had done on our adventure, leaving no detail out. She took notes as we talked and I gave her a copy of this journal and asked that she compare the two to make sure that no detail had been missed before it became a matter of record.

I then asked that she not publish any of my findings yet as some events are still in motion and would be better left unknown until they had run their course. She agreed to hold off on adding these to our records.

She then made mention that my sponsor would be pleased with all that I had learned. I was not sure what she meant as I thought she was my sponsor. She then said that I had an anonymous scholarship granter that was also the person that recommended me for the mission. I was completely unaware of this as well. I told Lady Darchana that I thought it was her that had done these things and asked who this sponsor was. She replied that they had sponsored many promising young mages over the years but could not reveal who they were. I told her I understood and trusted her judgment, but asked that she use discretion when updating him on our all that I had done or am in the process of doing. She agreed to use her discretion.

Lady Darchana then asked if I was ready to take the test to advance in the Arcanamirium, I told her absolutely I was. I took the test and did quite well, earning the second highest rank in the school, Constente. If I had a little more time I am sure that I would have scored perfect on the test. Still this was not a bad score for stopping in to take the test, but far from a good gage of the wealth of knowledge I possess.

Shortly after I finished my test I met back up with Araris and what was let of Papa after his indulgent and we teleported back to Sedeq.

When we arrived Araris went about his business with the order of the nail. We went back to the Church of Abadar to help him get some property for a legitimate order. I then went with Araris to the current Order of the Nail to watch him knock out the former leader of the pathetic order and establish his control over it. He replaced the people there with some of this own people and began to work on improvements to the order.

While he was busying himself with these improvments I met with Tebreleth to see if she found any information on The Auditor or Iketa. She told me of a house in the middle of town that had a hole blasted into the wall. It was rummered that it was the former home of Igoran Slate. I had not choice but to go investigate.

From the crowd I gathered that:
The owner was gone for too long, he was a slaver that dealt in genies, someone finally robbed the place, and that a cannon had to have been used to make this hole?

I then went inside after distracting the guards and found:
Old oil lamps, pictures were missing from the walls, all the drawers had been rifled through, signs of a literate person, broken caster equipment, found paper that was similar to the paper I gave to Slate earlier. I then opened it and confirmed that it was the paper his niece sent to him, an Ashen Silloex.

I then thought that the landlord of the building may have more information on this residence. I went to meet him and he was less than hospitable. He told me that the home did indeed belong to an Igoran Slate and would tell me little else.

I then decided to try to use a tactic I had seen work many times for Araris and employee the Hell Knights to leverage his attitude towards me. I told him that this was a matter of importance and that I wanted to talk to him one on one and get answers before the Hell Knights had to be brought in for answers. He scoffed at the concept of Hell Knights, a testament to how low the order here had fallen.

I then told him that I did not want to see harm come to him and that all I sought were simple answers to simple questions. How long he had lived there, if there was any odd activity and if he remembered anything Slate did while he was there that stood out. He again refused and told me not to waste his time.

This irritated me, so I turned him into a turtle with a Baelful Polymorph spell.

I then asked him the same questions, once he stopped yelling, and he opened up quite quickly. He told me that:
Slate was looking for a specific Genie, the wish granting type, Slate was dripping with money and that he had lived there for 4-5 years and was reclusive

I then asked him if those simple answers were worth getting turned into a turtle over, a question I did not think I would be uttering in my lifetime. He then demanded that I turn him back into a human, and was not pleased when I told him I wasn’t sure I could.

I went back to the Order of the Nail and introduced Araris to the Turtle and told him I needed someone to break the enchantment. We found a spell in town that I learned to break it. I tipped him for the inconvenience but he was less then grateful. This ordeal could come back to haunt me, but he seemed fairly content to no longer be a turtle. Hopefully he will be more receptive if I should need further information from him.

When we returned to the ship Papa was telling us of a recon that he did a recon of a ship laden with the dead. He mentioned that there was a ton of treasure inside and we discussed taking it down.

Mid conversation Iketa tried to lobby a preemptive lie to us about her debts and the Auditor, Araris, Papa and myself tried to talk her into coming clean about all of it and she continued to lie. She said it was a mistake and that he had her mistaken her with someone else, yet another lie. I told her in her native language of Tien, the same language that she scribed her true name on the Obelisk that “sometimes it is better to come clean” and she still denied it to be true. Maybe we need to get The Auditor and Iketa in the same place and just sort this “mistaken Identity” out once and for all.

Later that night I went to the bar with Papa, Weyland and Iketa and saw Ashen Silloex at the bar. The three of them seemed intent on engaging in debauchery which is to be expected of Papa but the other two seemed out of place. A short while later I heard Weyland crying in the next room… It was an oddity to be sure.

I approached Ashen at the bar and asked if I could speak with her in another room. She declined immediately. I then said the matter involved her uncle. She then asked several questions and I told her this is why I wanted to speak in private.

We went into a side room and she asked if Slate was ok an accomplished his goals. I told her that he was in fact ok and his goals seemed to be accomplished. Said told me that Ternockifel was Slate’s employer and her grandfather and that they share common goals. She went on to tell me that Slate should not have went on this journey alone. I asked about his next stops, so we could meet up with him and before she could answer Papa, and Weyland came in.

Iketa entered a few moments later and aggravated her when they mentioned the Dredline and the bones in their ships. Iketa then calmed her and we talked some more. She asked if we supported Slates plan and I told her “I do not approve of oppressions” Weyland put his hand on her shoulder and said he feels her pain and she broke down.

I asked again about Slates next few destinations but she did not elaborate. We were able to get her to revile her true form which is an impressive one. She is a Daphire Black Dragon of the Bard variety. If we are going to take down the Sunken Galley she pilots with the dead we will need a very good plan.

I returned to the ship and told the others of my conversation with Ashen. Hopefully we can devise a plan for both issues we face and get through the next few days unscathed…


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