The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 19

After the night of the great fall we are still trying to pick up the pieces. The night was rough on almost everyone. The crew spent the night bailing water in an effort to keep us afloat. Weyland and Atts spent most of the night trying to repair what they could of the ship in an effort to make it port to get proper repairs. After a night that would not end we managed to keep the ship above water and began our slow trip to port.

As we neared port we noticed a ship approaching us in the fog. As we prepared for combat we noticed the ship sail right passed us without giving us notice.

Araris thought we should give the ship a fly by and scouted it. He noted that the ship was powered by the dead and was a source of evil.

In our current condition we could not risk a battle at sea so we did not pursue the ship, although there was discussion of doing just that.

A short while later we noticed another ship approaching in the distance. This one appeared to be on a line right at us. Araris and I went ahead to scout the ship and while above it discussed what to do. I suggested that we just land on the ship and parley with them. He loved that idea and we quickly landed, catching the entire crew off guard.

Araris began talking to them and weaving his words while I took in the sights on the ship. Slavers… If not for the condition of our ship I would seek to wipe this ship off the map.

The captain of this ship agreed to speak with Captain Boniva as long as someone stayed behind as collateral. He suggested me and I told him that I would be elated to stay behind with your crew. He then said I would have to go below decks with the slaves as I look like a good swimmer. I told him that probably wouldn’t be a good idea if he wants to see his crew down there alive again. Araris then spoke up and said that he would stay. This might be the first time someone thought I was more menacing than Araris.

As the captain began to mount Araris’s Griffon to fly over to the ship I touched him and teleported us there. He was not happy about this action but I thought it would send a message to the rest of his crew on the off chance they were thinking of trying to take Araris out while I was gone.

Once on our ship I led him to Boniva’s quarters and they began to talk. I went back out to the deck of the ship and pondered going back over there with Weyland and Papa and slaughtering all the slavers onboard the ship while the captain talks with Boniva. Better sense took over and I let those thoughts leave me without action.

When the Captains emerged from his quarters he told us that they were going to be taking on a slave but quickly clarified that he would not remain a slave once we purchased him.

Once we purchased the slave Araris thought it a good idea to test his mettle in a duel. Not only would we get an idea what this guy can do we would also raise the crews spirits with some entertainment. As they fought I grew weary of the hide and seek game they played with swords so I asked Papa if he wanted to bet on this match. He agreed and then we made it interesting by adding some advantages for both sides. Easiest 50 gold I have ever made.

When we finally reached port the Harbor Master talked to Captain Boniva about his cargo of which we have none. He then agreed to discuss the docking fees and a favor later in the evening at dinner.

Now that we were at port it seemed everyone had an agenda to pursue. As discussed prior Araris and I went to investigate the names The Auditor and Iketa Crane. We dispatched Tebrelith to use some of her contacts to investigate these names as well; she was more than willing since Iketa wants her dead over a perceived slight. Papa went to attend to other matters but would be brought back in the loop later.

Araris and I started with the Order of the Nail which I must say was a pathetic example of what a Hellknight can be after seeing all that Araris has accomplished under their flag. He took names and ensured them that he would be back. He was visibly upset, this does not bode well for them. Needless to say we were not able to find the information that we were looking for here.

After we left the Order of the Nail we went to the Church of Abidar to look for the information we sought. We spoke with a find gentlemen named Undahrak. I asked him about a great many things to mask my true intent, information on the Auditor. He told us that there were Auditors and then there is The Auditor. The Auditor is not to be trifold with. They live to balance debts and will seek people to the ends of the earth to do just that.

We then chatted about the architecture here and Araris brokered a deal to being a new, more refined, Hell Knight Order in to help the Bank. We had a drink and left to go back to the Harbor Masters home for dinner. I hope that Tebreleth was able to uncover just as much as we were.


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