The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 17

As we approached the island a haze set into my mind. I remember events but nothing clearly until we entered the tower. Maybe I am over worked or maybe this journey is getting the best of me…

I remember landing and seeing vortexes in the area but cannot remember how I got through unscathed. I remember seeing sleeping dragon’s outside but not how we got past them nor how we obtained a key. I know we entered the tower looking for Slate, but do not remember anything before we found a book on one of the floors. Everything after that point though is clear, as if a fog was lifted.

As I read from the draconic book a code began to appear that was guiding us out of the maze of rooms. Once we deciphered the code and started on our way out Weyland entered a room that had a Clockwork Dragon in it. He also noticed that the dragon had a keyhole in its back that looked the size of the key we had obtained earlier… however we got it.

Combat ensued and Papa snuck up behind it and jammed the key in and began winding it down. He would spend the majority of combat trying to get the dragon to fall. Moments later it breathed a noxious gas at us and I fell into a deep slumber. I had to have Elliot fill me in on what happened while I was out as it was for quite a while.

Apparently he noticed combat was not in our favor so he cast an Obscuring Mist to obscure the dragon’s vision and slow his assault. Even with the mist Weyland took a beating, he then helped save Weylands life as Weyland was near death and Elliot used his wand of healing to save him before death could take him. He said that after that he tried to reason with the beast and ask it to stop and leave us be. When it did not comply he took notice of the dragons caution around the books and papers and told the others of this, sparking them to throw papers and books around to buy some time while the mechanical marvel picked them up and avoided damaging others.

As combat resumed Elliot said that he then threatened the Construct by telling him he would destroy the books if he did not stand down. I think he may have been exaggerating as Elliot is about the smallest dragon you will even encounter but Papa corroborated his story.

Around that time I came to and let loose a fury of lightning, trying to destroy the clockwork creation and end this combat. I do not take kindly to being made prone. It shrugged off the first volley but the second volley landed solid doing massive damage him. We were not able to take it out fast enough as soon after it breathed again and I was again put to sleep. This is something I am used to doing to others not having done to me. I don’t like it and must research how Weyland is able to shrug these effects off.

Elliot told me that when he saw me fall again he covered me in books and paper to protect me from the dragon. I admired his fast thinking. The team was able to take the dragon out shortly thereafter and we were able to proceed after we came too.

Once we followed the remaining code we found ourselves in front of a portal. When we began to talk strategy Carabas decided to step thought. Followed by the Captain and then the rest of us. The portal took us to a new area that we then set out searching room by room.

In my room I found a lamp and once I set to stroking it a Genie appeared. It was Balijan, Vilya Sol’s love that was taken by Slate to use his wish powers. I asked him a few questions and he seemed hesitant to help me. I explained to him that I just wanted to get a few answers and after that I would set him free. He still seemed apprehensive so I told him that I understood that trust takes trust. I then told him I would make the first gesture and asked that he help us with some information as I handed him the lamp and broke his bond of servitude to it freeing him.

Balijan then opened up about Slate, as much as he could. Slate would write his wishes down with clauses to not leave loopholes and so Balijan could not share what he did. After I got the information I needed from him I called to the others in case they had questions to ask. Balijan was gracious enough to answer our questions and provide a feast for us in thanks. Carabas decided to exclaim that she was upset due to all the wishes that I had just cost us once again proving her character and reputation around the ship. Doing what is right comes with a cost but I could not abuse my cousins from the sky in that way, nor should anyone else.

We then followed the stairs to a lower level and found a void. It looks as if Slate either destroyed or became Dahak here. We are sure to find out what he is doing soon, but not soon enough.


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