The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 16

As we were sailing to Ras’s Lair we noticed an addition to our ship, a golden item attached to the mast of our ship. After some examination it seemed to be giving our ship the ability to levitate, which would explain how we got up here.

We arrived at Ras’s lair without incident, although several creatures brushed up against the ship as we sailed. I wanted to investigate the water life here but thought better of it given the colossal size of the snake and bear we encountered earlier.

Once in the lair Ras started listing off duties that he wanted us to do. Things like build a dock, fix broken magic items, audit his horde to make sure it is all there, clean the Wyvern excrement from the cave were listed with some being assigned. I lucked out and got to work on repairing broken magic items whereas The Captain and Carabas were ordered to gamble with Ras.

We completed all the tasks that Ras had assigned and he was pleased.

The next day Ras assigned virtually the same tasks to use with little variation. I deduced that he was either an idiot, lonely or keeping us busy.

Araris and I set out to go to town to sell the goods we had gathered. We managed to open up a small shop and spent about a week selling our wares. We were able to make more profit by doing it in this manner rather than just selling the wares to one vendor.

After a week of chores and tasks we decided to ask Ras what was going on. He told us that he had been directed to keep us around and out of trouble while they looked for Slate. We agreed to play along and he stopped giving us meaningless tasks to take up our time.

I decided to make use of my time to mentor Falath, repair some of Ras’s broken magic items and upgrade my headband to something more than it is now. It took some time but we were able to accomplish this grand undertaking with the help of Papa’s… friend… Gran.

A few weeks later we noticed a storm brewing in the west. Ras asked us if we wanted to ride on his back to go check it out. All of us with the exception of Araris partook in the opportunity to ride a dragon.

It was odd that the storm seemed genuine with thunder and lighting, but no rain. Then we noticed some funnel clouds touching down in the far west. Just then Vila Sol appeared next to Raz and said that “This isn’t natural” as we could see forms falling from the sky in the distance. They appeared to be the bodies of dragons either falling or flying down in the funnel clouds. However the dragons appeared to be of the undead variety.

As we drew nearer to the storm Ras fell asleep mid-flight causing us all to take evasive maneuvers to save ourselves. While we were heading for the ground we noticed the undead creatures heading for the water while others went for the city.

We were all able to make it to the ground in one piece but Ras crashed into a cathedral. It is of note that the crash did not awaken him. He seems to be in the same deep slumber that he was when we first encountered him.

We looked to regroup once we made it to the ground and quickly found ourselves surrounded by several undead dragons. Each one had a necklace around their massive necks. I turned the Captain invisible and had him steal one, hoping that it may hold the key to breaking their animation. Unfortunately it did not and his grabbing only preoccupied the dragon. We managed to defeat the dragons which gave me an opportunity to examine the necklaces up close. They were holy symbol of the evil dragon god Dahak.

While we were examining the bodies they began to speak in unison.

Afterwards we went to towards the City to see what we could do to help, and to take Ras back to his Lair. We dropped countless undead dragons while on our way there. We brought Ras back to his home and he thanked us and told us to take what we needed to figure out what is going on. Papa and I then talked about items we could use to make us better equipped to investigate this phenomenon. I made mention of wanting a Corset of Dire Witchcraft, but lacked the funds and he said he would see what he could do. Later that morning while we were in town he went into a shop and came out with the Corset I was looking for. He must have been quite the haggler to talk the shop keeper down that much.

Vila Sol told us that she had been following Slate this whole time and would show us where she had seen him. We decided to pursue her leads to find both Slate and what he is doing. We set out for the first location Vila Sol had mentioned to us, it was to be an interesting journey from where we were.

Later that day we found the edge of the land mass of this plane and the captain ordered us to sail the ship on over. After a few tense moments of terror the golden item on the ship kicked in and we began to levitate. This essentially allowed us to sail in the air, as long as the wind was cooperating. We called on Vial Sol to ask for her wind to aid us and she accommodated our request with haste as we sailed to pursue Slate.

We soon came across a landmass that had a dragon Burial ground on it that looked to have been recently traveled. We went in to investigate and noticed that all of the treasures were still intact however someone had made rubbing of the dragon names that appeared on the obelisks that appeared in the middle a room. We also noticed that something else had been left in one of the back rooms, it was a shrine to Dahak with a Nightstone of Sorrow on the Alter; the same item that was around the necks of the undead dragons we had encountered earlier. Araris destroyed the Alter however his actions triggered the guardian to attack us. We found out that a non-evil dragon can control the guardians but not before we destroyed it.

We took what we learned from that burial ground and used it at the others. I had Elliot talk to the guardians and ask them to destroy the shrines to Dahak themselves which they obliged after some consultation. This allowed them to remain there to guard the burial ground after we departed.

After several small islands with no further leads on Slate we came across an island that had six forty foot Obelisks floating above it. We noticed that the complete dragon genealogy is located on these obelisks for the Metallic and Chromatic dragons. What could Slate be doing with the names he is gathering and why is he in league with Dahak??


Oh thank goodness, adventure logs! Good work Brandon.

blakealandarst brandonmcquinn

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