The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal - Entry 13

While working on a new spell in the lab I was interrupted by a bird. It was the reply I had been waiting on from the Arcanamirum. I had sent a bird a while back asking for information on Vila Sol and Slate’s history. The Arcanamirum had no new information on them but did state that Slate had a relative looking for him and sent a note that had been left for him by a Ashen Silloex. I gave Slate the note and as he read it you could see his face melt. I asked some questions to see what was going on but as usual he was short in his answers. He then retreated to his room for quite a while.

Later that day Araris and I went out looking for a whale or other sea life to pull the ship as the winds had died down. It was also a chance to practice riding on his Griffon which has been a treat. While searching we found a small craft with five people in it, we cautiously approached them due to the previous experience with the hat.

After some questioning we determined that they were not a threat to us and were legitimately in distress. We brought the ship to them and brought them aboard where we began questioning them. We found out that they were sent away from the Pirate Queens vessel just a few days prior and inferred that they may still be in the area.

Araris and I went ahead to search the nearby area to see if we could locate the pirate queens ship. We were lucky enough to notice an encampment with a ship that fit the Pirate Queens vessels description from a far enough distance as to not be noticed. The location was several miles away from our ship so we went back with plans to do a more thorough scout after the fall of night.

Under the cover of darkness we approached the Pirate Queen’s camp. As we got closer I cast invisibility on us as well as the griffon so we could get closer without fear of being seen. We did a fly by on the ship to scout its defenses. On the second pass I slipped off and into the water to take a piece of their ship for Scrying, and checked the bottom of their ship for anything out of the ordinary.

We met up on a small island out of the way of the ship and started our return trip back to our ship, over the center of their camp. As we returned we noticed that Tebrelith we strapped to a pillar with a powder keg just at her feet. We knew we had to act fast as this was a very real danger. I told Araris that I would meet up with him a few hundred yards ahead and to meet me there. Then I flew off of the Griffon, touched Tebrelith’s shoulder and used Dimension Door to make our escape. We were in and out so fast that the Pirate Queen’s men did not have a clue she was gone until the chains dropped.

We got Tebrelith back to the ship and questioned her about how she got in that predicament. She told us what happened to her since she initially left us and the hardships that she endured while fighting for her life and her freedom. After hearing of her account of the ship and its defenses, as well as the information from our scouting, we decided to use our Peril to approach with the ship from underwater while Araris and I approach from the air.

Our plan started off without a hitch. Araris and I flew above and maintained a safe distance until the ship opened fire from below the sea. Combat began but after our ship fired, and we landed on the Pirate Queens vessel the crew gave up. Well minus one crewman that Araris took out. After securing the crew and waiting for our team to board to no avail I dove in to see what the holdup was. I noticed that there were actually two ships underwater and Papa was giving chase to three individuals that were getting away. I began pursuit and started loosing lightning Bolts and Steam Balls to slow their escape. We took them finished them off while Wayland brought the ship to the surface. Papa collected the bodies of those that passed and we all boarded the ship with the Pirate Queens remaining crew. Our Captain and Araris told the crew the conditions of their surrender and conversations started about what to do with the Pirate Queens officers that were dying.

My comrades do not value a life nearly as much as they should. They all seemed ok with letting these people die. All life is precious and should only be taken if no other option is plausible. While I agree that these people were not good people, neither are those in our crew so judging them on their actions alone seems illogical. While they spoke of letting them die, I healed them. I figure if they do put them to death I will have at least done all I could to help them and sway our captain.

My words must have found their mark as he put them in our holding cells instead of death. While they were being locked away I told them not to lose hope and that once Tebrelith was held in these cells and we found good in her. Hopefully that will lift their spirits and encourage them to remain captive until released instead of fearing for their lives.

Through this battle it was proven to me that Volla was indeed the Pirate Queen and she fell in out battle with her and her crew. I was told that some had thoughts of her being the pirate queen or at least in league with her but I held out hope that this was not the case.

I took her lifeless body to my lab and cast Speak with Dead on her to try to get some answers to put my mind at ease. She told me that she was the Pirate Queen before I took her and mentioned that she served the Pirate King, located in Shackles.

I understand her deceit but still do not know why we were targeted for it. I bought her from a slave trader along with two other Halflings with her, took them in, fed them, clothed them, gave them respect and directed my shipmates to do the same. I stuck my neck out for them to give them a new life and she repaid me with deceit. I guess some people are beyond seeing the good I people and the value of kindness. Or maybe she mistook that for weakness, but she now knows we are not weak and soon the Pirate King will know this as well.

A few days later we entered Azland to find that our ship shares my hatred of Sahuagin. It violently went off course to pursue them with extream prejudice when it knew they were in the area. The ship noticed a group on the shore line, sped ahead before coming to a complete stop to open fire with a full volley from the cannons. It then came around and loosed another volley from the other side of this ship.

This was extreme overkill to say the least, and quite expensive considering where we are and how difficult/expensive it could be to replace those cannon balls.

However in the distance I heard a voice calling out to us. I looked over and noticed a shape in the distance, it called out to us once again and I called back. I was shocked when another Undine stepped forward followed by several more. It turns out that the Sahuagin had been becoming more bold and had been encroaching on their land and our arrival, although unintended, may have saved their lives.

The leader of the Undine identified himself as Satrap Maakor graciously invited us to dine with his people and see their village. While there he spoke more on the troubles that they had seen recently; such as the drakes moving further inland and the Sahuagin encroaching on their land, venturing closer and closer to their village.

Araris offered up some of our surplus cannons to them and I insisted on a discount for my kin. The look on his face revealed his disdain for not being able to haggle to his fullest ability but he reluctantly agreed. When the issue of cannon balls and powder came up Araris offered up his Hell Knights to make deliveries of such items. I cautioned him on allowing the Hell Knights into his village as they have a tendency to not leave. He respectfully declined the service which I am sure Araris was not happy about.

After dinner Satrap said that he could be our guide for the journey ahead and we were elated to have his assistance. I suggested that we take a day to help them clear some of the Sahuagin from their land before we take Satrap with us since he is their primary protector. They agreed and tonight we set up to engage in some well-deserved genocide.


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