The Pakthryxl Proxy 2

Alcades Personal Journal – Entry 11

When you sign up for a voyage like this you expect a certain amount of trouble, especially when traveling to a place like Azland, however we have faced many ordeals and we have not made much headway towards our destination.

Today in the early hours of the morning I was working in my lab with Falath and Kia when we noticed something off. A chill in the air and the sound of silence on the ship which is normally welcomed but for some reason it seemed off.

The silence was broken once again with the sounds of combat above decks. It seems like we are under constant attack from either the elements or dangers that reside in the areas we have travel. Knowing some of the things I have found out about the crew it makes me wonder if it is the journey itself or the makeup of the crew that attracts these attacks. I respect the Archdean to no end, but next time I am screening those that I journey with.

As I came out of the lab to see what type of insolence was attacking us this time I smelt something foul. A smell as if the sea itself had died. I noticed Yigorin engaging the foul being that was generating the stench. It looked to be a Draugr which is an unnatural inhabitant of the sea and something that warranted my attention in being removed from existence.

I joined Yigorin in the fray as more and more Draugr attacked the ship and came at us below decks. Ikeda then joined in the defense of the ship and from the portholes I could see Araris on his griffon shooting at those that were trying to board helping to buy us some time.

We were successful in defending the ship and defeating the Draugr but it was not an easy victory.

After meeting up with the rest of the team we decided to pursue our attackers and split into two teams. Unfortunately out team was too late and the other team comprised of Papa, Weyland and the Captain had struck a deal with the living avatar of Besmara.

We are now charged with taking the ghost captain of the ship that attacked us with us, retrieve the Treasure of Besmara, strike down the false Pirate Queen and deliver the Treasure of Besmara to Besmara… and we got to live…

The group was able to find the treasure and retrieve it. It was a living rune that now resides in Papa’s armpit bag, as if he needed more outside forces potentially clouding his mind.

This will not end well, but at least we made it to Voshgurvaghol in one piece.


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